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New Rulers in town

@[member="Tyrin Ardik"]

Alli had came to where ever it was this man set up his office, and arrived with her body guards and droids in toll. She smirked as she waited to see the Emperor of the Sith Empire. After all he was about to conquer the planet she had just built on and already owned another. So it was time to see what she could build him. She was here to begin negotiations between the Sith Empire and Baktoid Industrial Systems better known as Baktoid Industries. She was here to ensure that she provided the largest empire with plenty of things. So here she was hoping to made a deal of the century.
Derisive Umbaran

@[member="Alli Wren"]

Tyrin sat at his desk, dressed in the the comfortable attire typical of businessmen as opposed to his flashy armor and mask he wore when he needed to look the part of a powerful Emperor. There was a lot on his mind and a lot of paperwork on his desk. Since some very important relics had been pilfered from under his nose by a once-trusted individual, he had been devoting a great deal of time to figuring out exactly where it went and how he could get it back. Velok had threatened to destroy it all, and that in itself was a claim that kept him up at night. He couldn't dwell on it forever, though. There were still other things to take care of, such as a meeting with Baktoid's Chief Executive Officer. Tyrin was always happy to make deals with the private sector, especially one with as many automated products as Baktoid.

When the CEO entered, Tyrin looked up, but did not rise. He swept aside some of the papers on his desk and greeted Alli. "Ms. Wren, I've been expecting you. Come, please, sit down."
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@[member="Tyrin Ardik"]

Alli smiled though was surprised he used actual paper for his business. She took a seat and presented a datapad. " Nice to see you, I have long wanted to to business with more than the stray sith lord. I have a couple proposals, I offer of course any and all my products. I also mine Cortosis, and am sure the Sith would find it's properties useful. I mainly came here to secure a contract to replace and maintain your Holonet Satellite network in Sith Space. I will have to open up some new factories and with your space's size I will have my special fleet of ships out in space in no time, automated and efficent making sure that every planet has the Holonet, and just as much of the Holonet as you would wish your people to have. I of course have no qualms working with you to determine any special filters you might want in place. So what do you think? I can also design anything else you might need. I understand everyone needs something different.
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