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Vanator here.

I joined this character into the CIS. There are too many little Sith factions for any of them to make well on the situation, the Republic are being greedy expleives xD and everyone else either wants to kill you or invade your neighbors for me to remotely want to join. Thus far this is the only cozy little self-interested Major faction left right now.

I'm primarily an alchemist and Dark side user. Please don't kill me. x.x


That one kid
@[member="Særa Ayña Savan"] why kill you? You're more useful alive to the faction.
Alchemy, eh? Can't say that I don't like, but Strask has never seen a force-user in action. I wouldn't know what's going on.


Saera is the apprentice of several Dark Side masters and is the student of a weapon master. I don't think she'll be too worried about a blaster or a few punches. After all, looks can be decieving and one should never judge a book by it's cover. You judge it by the huge Sith Staff it's holding to your throat. :D

CC-420 "Doc"

@[member="Særa Ayña Savan"]
You will when you can't sense them like you're used to. ;)

That's the tricky part with us vong shaped, we were bred to fight forcies and the like.