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New Business

Some time had passed since he had left the IE for business for his company. Now that he had returned, the former Sith Knight decided it was time to make the armor he had promised for an old colleague of his(@Malok). He hadn't had access to his records, although he had made sure to keep himself up to date via quantum encryption channels he had ordered his stuff to create.

It had been nice for him to get a mining company. Now that he co-shared it with Astril Nova, the Broken General decided to head to Arkania. It was where the location of the phrik mine he wanted was, and he had ordered for an operation to occur, wishing to use the mine to create the armor that he had promised his old colleague long ago.

Using some of his old connections, Krayzen had decided to secretly travel across the planet in order to get the phrik his company mined, hoping to get as much as he could.
The Dark Knight arrived on Arkania, seeing the planet for the first time in a while. He had wanted to visit the planet while he was a member of the defunct One Sith. Krayzen had heard of the Sith Ascendancy that had recently risen. The Anzat had expected this, knowing full well his former brethren would not die quickly. Any historian would now by now that the Sith could not be extinct, no matter how much people tried.

That however could be seen as the same thing for his former enemies the Jedi. The Silver Sanctum Coalition, while a still a giant on its own right, unfortunately faced its own problems with the Resurgent Empire that had opened up close to it. The Dark Knight believed they would work along with the Sith Ascendancy. Soon however, they would fight among each other if their united goal was fulfilled, a common thing among the Sith.

Soon, Krayzen ship arrived on the planet. The Major General then bowed down to the people that had welcomed him, ready to go to the mine immediately.
Krayzen decided to use his speeder. After some time, he arrived at Nova Corp's mine. The Anzat then nodded at the manager of the mine, seeing that the mine employed local citizens, in accordance with Nova Corp's policy on supporting local workers, as well as local industry.

As he entered the complex, he could see a small camp had been set up, full of modern housing, etc. Being in the mining business was perhaps the most expensive business that he was in, but the Dark Knight knew that the latest expansion into Nova Corp would hopefully mitigate that.

"How have things been going?" he asked, curious as to see the latest developments here.
The Dark Knight then analyzed the records that he was provided, seeing if they matched the ones that he had.

From what he could see, it seemed that the mine had expanded. Furthermore, the profits had doubled since he had been here, as well as the fact that new security personnel had been added.

What worried him the most however was if any gangs, or hostile forces in general attempted to raid his mine. He found that it was not the case, and Krayzen was happy to see that. He was also happy to see that the safety standards were being met, with local / government/ independent inspectors allowed on a periodic basis.

"Shall we go and begin the meeting?"
Krayzen and the manager then went to the meeting, nodding at the up and coming employee, before closing the downs, and making sure no one would listen.

"There is an important reason why I came here." Krayzen said.

"Why sir?" the manager asked.

"I am producing a product for an important employee. In order to do that, I must do something I said I would do for him. That requires phrik for a prototype armor that I have been working on for quite a while. Please deliver it asap. I want you to make it a top priority. Move us up the order list if you have to." he said.

"But sir, our other customers may get mad if they get small delays." he said.

The Anzat then said he would help finance more personnel if he need to, seeing from the records they had enough money to do that.
Krayzen then so the man nod. They discussed more things, such as the expansion of more mines, as well as the establishment of new structures to help create a strong foundation if any expansion was necessary.

He then left the meeting. Krayzen decided it was time to leave. He had done what he needed to be, completing the objectives that he had when he decided that he wanted to come to Arkania. The Anzat quickly left the mine, soon arriving at his ship, and exiting the gravity well of Arkania.

Soon, he would jump to hyperspace, his trip over, and other matters now occupying his attention.
A Few Months Later
A few months had passed. The Anzat was at Drakos System's manufacturing facilities. He knew all to well what today was: today was the day the first batch of phrik would arrive. After today, they could begin producing what would be a fine armor.

"Are all the workers ready? " he asked. Krayzen had put monthly notices that this day would be an important one. He had made sure that the managers be aware of what to do, including having some of the workers take some extended breaks, in order for them to begin a few weeks of long work.

"Sir, the shipment has left Arkadia." an employee said.

"Thank you. I will be waiting for it." he said.
A part of him wondered who the potential buyers would be. He hoped that he could sell the knew armor he made to the Iron Empire, making to contact [member="Isamu Baelor"] if need be. Krayzen made sure to remind himself that any Sith companies would not purchase the armor, or companies with dark-side affiliations. He wondered if the Silver Sanctum Coalition would also be interested in it, although they most likely had something similar based on his own knowledge.

Speaking of the Sith, he wondered if they still had the Darr-Itah Battle-cruiser that his old colleague, Cyrus had made. Krayzen had heard that the Darr-Itah he had brought to the Iron Empire had been retrofitted, something that he approved. He hoped as he developed new products, he would make a battle-cruiser that was unique only to him, and develop a class of ships that would serve his purposes well.

"The deliver ship just came out of hyperspace sir." an employee said.

'I'll be on my way then."
The dark-sider arrived, seeing the ship that had the phrik that he had been waiting for for months. As many, many designs for armors came out, Krayzen could see that it would be redundant in picking the same old design. He therefore tried to be a little more 'unique' with his design, the armor featuring phrik. There were other unique features that made it better than most armors in his own biased opinion, ut ultimately, it would be its sales that would determine if the project was worthwhile.

The ship landed, and the people who were responsible for the deliver of minerals went about their business, doing what they were paid to do. When this happened, Krayzen decided to go to the meeting room, in order to remind the people one more time on what the armor would be.
The armor would comprise primarily of phrik, and alchemized duraplast, Krayzen taking influence from the DKS-401 Armor, a design that primarily had been used for the One Sith. It did not feature the dark-side nexus, but it was more modular, Krayzen choosing ot focus on having the wrist weapons, and a portable shoulder missile launcher being added.

As always, the armor featured the same features as many armors. It featured a HUD with many of the same functions other HUDs have. Krayzen had a faraday mesh be added to it, as well as combat deionizers in order to make the armor less prone to EMP attacks.

Many of the galaxy's standard comm systems on armors could have their encryption be modified. The armor's comm system however was not modified. Armed with a team of experienced cryptographers, he made sure that the encryption was one of the best that was out there, using encryption methods used in various fields, and some that would soon featuer in Drakos Systems' future products.

He mentioned some other things in the meeting, but all in all, he had made sure to remind them. They knew what to do.

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