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New Battleship WIP


Feel free to make comments.
@[member="Selena Halcyon"]

Intent: To phase out the Salvation-class Star Defender. Specialized carrier to come.
Development Thread: N/A. This is a Nebula-class Star Destroyer with slightly adjusted stats.

Model: Kol-class Star Defender
Classification: Star Destroyer
Role: Battleship
Affiliation: The Galactic Republic

Manufacturer: Republic Engineering Corporation
Modularity: None
Production: Mass-production
Material: Durasteel

Height: 382 meters
Width: 832 meters
Length: 1,040 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Hypermatter Annihilator Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating:
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 10
Minimum Crew:
  • 2,265 crew
Optimal Crew:
  • 6,795 crew
  • 244 gunners
  • Heavy dual turbolasers (40)
  • Turbolasers (40)
  • Heavy dual ion cannons (20)
  • Assault concussion missile tubes (8, turreted)
    30 missiles each

[*]Tractor beam projectors (8)
  • 60 Starfighters
  • 12 Shuttles or gunships
Non-Combative Attachments:
  • Navcomputer equipped
  • 2 Shield generator domes
  • Targeting systems
  • Life support systems
  • Communication systems with military-grade encryption/decryption for subspace, Holonet, and realspace transmissions
  • Sufficient amounts of escape pods
  • Sensor systems
Passenger Capacity:
  • 1,600 troops
Cargo Capacity:
  • 15,000 metric tons
  • 6 months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 7

As part of a new effort to attain technological superiority in the galaxy, the Galactic Republic launched the Hope Program in 836 ABY.

The Kol-class Star Defender was the largest, most powerful warship of the Hope Program. Its name came from Kol Skywalker, who had a valiant last stand against the Sith ages before the ship's creation. Ships of this class were typically named after Jedi from the period of time near the Sith-Imperial War and Second Imperial Civil War.

The ship was designed by the government owned Republic Engineering Corporation. Just as with any other major project, the Republic Engineering Corporation outsourced certain parts of the ship to other companies to expedite its design and production. Kuat Drive Yards helped with the engines while other companies helped with weapon, communication, and other systems.

The wedge design, similar to many Imperial designs, was due to the efficiency of its shape. The dagger-like design allowed for maximum firepower with low exposure to enemy fire. The Kol-class was designed for frontal assaults on enemy capital ships, thus allowing it to exploit this design philosophy to its fullest. Just as other wedge and dagger design ships though, enemy ships can mitigate the advantage through flanking attacks.

The small design of the ship allowed for several major advantages. First, the production of the ship was considerably less taxing to the Republic's resources than that of 2,000 meter ships that were common for other galactic nations to attempt to manufacture. The crew requirements were also considerably lower than that of other battleships used by other galactic nations. This meant that the Kol-class could have been produced and deployed at a faster rate than competing battleships. However, the monetary cost of the ship rivaled that of the largest of Star Destroyers, meaning that the Republic could not produce an extremely high amount without sufficient credit. This became increasingly hard to maintain as the Intergalactic Banking Clan in 836 ABY feared punishment from the Sith Empire if it seemed to favor the Republic over the Empire.

The second advantage of its size benefited the two shield generators of the ship. At 65% the size of the historic Imperial Star Destroyer yet with over 20% more power output, the shields of the Kol-class Star Defender rivaled that of ships meant for larger sizes. With the shields covering a much smaller surface area than compared to Imperial Star Destroyers, the effective strength of the Kol-class's shields allowed it to endure considerable abuse before the shields failed. The shield generators could also generate particle-shields, yet this was normally down except during emergencies due to not being able to safely launch starfighters or fire its weapons while it was up.

The third advantage of the Kol-class's size was its increased maneuverability compared to battleships. The exponentially less mass of the starship compared to battleships of 1,600 meters to 2,000 meters meant that the ship required much less force to accelerate at the same speeds of such ships. With powerful engines that rivaled any other battleship, this meant that the Kol-class could accelerate to high speeds extremely fast when compared to Star Destroyers. Also, the ship featured lateral thrust vents that allowed for high agility for a Star Destroyer.

A fourth advantage to the ship's size was that it could descend into the atmosphere without breaking apart. It could land on a planet and unload the small amount of troops and vehicles it could carry. However, its ability to land on most planets of standard gravity mostly meant that the ship could resupply itself on nearly an planet with life. With the starship not intended to be out in constant combat for more than a couple months, this allowed for the ship to spare precious cargo space on consumables. The ability to land on planets also meant that repair jobs could be done while away from a planet with an orbital shipyard.

With the lack of point-defense guns, the Kol-class was susceptible to attack from starfighters and bombers. However, its five squadrons of starfighters were meant to provide support against enemy fighters when the ship acted alone.

Overall, the Kol-class, alone, was meant to effectively fight against one Star Destroyer, two Heavy Cruisers, or even an entire line of smaller starships. It even mounted defenses and firepower strong enough to resist capital ships up to 5,000 meters long. In a fleet, especially with other Kol-class Star Defender, the ships could adequately combat against enemy fleets. It represented the Galactic Republic's answer to the increasing size of warships in other galactic nations.


The Galactic Republic will not be offended if an individual or Minor Faction procures this ship if the following conditions are met:
  • The ship was introduced in a thread open to the entire Republic by a Galactic Republic character in a situation that would reasonably require the ship's presence.
  • The individual or Minor Faction successfully gains control of the ship in that situation, and also allows for adequate chance for Republic characters to impede their progress.
  • The ship was not, in-character, freely given or sold by a Republic character unless the Writer of such character understands just the attempts of such actions will result in their character being arrested, executed, or banished from the Republic.

If the Galactic Republic feels that any party has unfairly acquired this ship, a Role-Play Judge will be contacted.

Any Republic character is free to reasonably use this ship. Understand that this type of ship is owned strictly by the Galactic Republic's military. Attempts by Republic characters to go rogue with this ship will end with the Republic attempting to forcibly reclaim or destroy the ship.
The Cyan Blade
I just have a question and striving to a recommendation:

Shouldn't there be also Interceptors and Bombers and not just starfighters? Or by starfighters you mean a mix of the classes as a whole?

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
Starfighters is a generic term.

I for one always find it dumb when ships post what specific fighters they carry, because hanger space is hanger space.


Vexander Graves said:
Shouldn't there be also Interceptors and Bombers and not just starfighters? Or by starfighters you mean a mix of the classes as a whole?
This is not a carrier, and Selena is correct. It's a generic placeholder. I'll specify it a size limit


On second though, a size limit probably is getting too specific, especially when the starfighters are wider than long.

I'll add something about other companies though.