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Approved Tech Neurotransponder

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Mishel Kryze



  • Manufacturer: First Imperial Medical Services, [SIZE=11pt]FOCIE[/SIZE]

  • Model: NTP-SCC1 “Spinal Cord Coordinator”

  • Affiliation: First Order | Open Market [Contract Thread Required]

  • Modularity: No.

  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Cybernetic Components, Medical Equipment

  • Acts as part of the spine, or in this case as part of Mishel’s spinal cord relaying information to and from her lower extremities and brain. It was designed for Mishel’s unique physiology and will not respond to anyone else.


  • [+] Walking: This device enables Mishel to walk, run and act as a normal human would. Without it, she is [SIZE=11pt]paralyzed[/SIZE] from the waist down.
Weaknesses :

  • [-] Water: It is not however completely water resistant, at least not yet. Mishel cannot wear this and be in the water at the same time.

  • [-] Temporary: The [SIZE=11pt]neurotransponder[/SIZE] at this time works to help Mishel walk for six hour durations and then it must be removed so that her body can relax. Any longer than this would end up doing more harm than good.

After Mustafar, Mishel was found at the [SIZE=11pt]base of[/SIZE] Vader’s Castle. Barely clinging to life, [member="Hazel Zanteres"] took the girl back to Monastery where she was treated for her extensive injuries. While Dr. Zanteres saved her life with force healing, her body still bore the scars of the battle. A blaster bolt to her back, damaged much of spine and while the surgical team at the Sanctuary were able to repair much of the damage, there was still a lot left to be done.

The body can only take so much and so her next surgery will be scheduled once the doctors have determined she is healthy enough to do so. For now, the [SIZE=11pt]neurotransponder[/SIZE] will work to get Mishel walking and running again. Created by FIMS with the help of the FOCIE and the Order of the Sacred Lotus (who were able to feed Mishel’s medical records to FIMS on Victoria, Dosuun).

The [SIZE=11pt]neurotransponder[/SIZE] cannot be on her body for any longer than six hours, any longer and it will only do more harm than good. Additionally because it was ordered to be completed so quickly, it lacks any true water resistance. The teams will reconvene to create the second neurotransponder, until then they have trained several of Mishel’s closest friends and relatives with how to install and uninstall the neurotransponder from her body.
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