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Approved Starship Neeran-class Raider Frigate

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The Admiralty

  • Intent: Create a wide-spread marauder frigate that can be used by pirate crews, slavers, raiders and the sort.
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  • Restricted Missions: /
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  • Classification: Raider Frigate
  • Length: 500 meters.
  • Width: 150 meters.
  • Height: 150 meters.
  • Armament: High
    Null-burst projectors.
  • Connor nets.
  • Ion cannons.
  • Turbolasers.
  • Ion Torpedos.

[*]Defenses: Moderate
[*]Hangar: Low
  • Squadron (1)
  • Boarding Shuttles (10)
  • Gunships (6)

[*]Maneuverability Rating: Low
[*]Speed Rating: Average
[*]Hyperdrive Class: Average: 1
Has the common features a pirate ship this size needs to function properly, such as:

  • Universal Energy Cages
  • Force Cages.
  • Copycat Pods.
  • Standard military deflector shields.
  • Comm-scan.
  • Standard life support
  • Standard navigation
  • Standard sublight engines
  • Standard repulsorlifts
  • Standard subspace and hyperspace communications
  • Standard landing gear
  • Gravity wells: Has two dedicated gravity well projectors allowing the frigate to yank incoming ships out of hyperspace, establish blockades and otherwise prey on the hyperlanes.
  • Advanced tractor beams: Powerful tractor beams that have the potential to trap enemy ships with advanced sensors that could possibly counter counter-measures such as the Shroud.
  • Powerful: Capable of both disabling enemy crew and dishing out damage in equal measures.
  • Defenses: Military-grade shielding and a strong hull makes the raider good at taking a hit.
  • Limited hangar: Can only field a single squadron, because of hangar space reserved for boarding vehicles and gunship support.
  • Maneuverability: Distinctly less capable of maneuvering in space compared to ships its own class.
  • Acid: While the Teno Alloy is a very durable substance it has a distinct weakness against several damage types. One of which is acid, space-based acid weaponry will be very effective against the hull at prolonged exposure.
Description: The Neeran-class Raider Frigate was the answer to the needs of privateers and other customers in the Galaxy. With the aging market there was a desire for revitalizing a design centered around a (relatively) compact ship that can dish out a punch, establish control and raid important targets. With this in mind the Frigate has enough space in its hangar to accommodate a single squadron, the rest of which is reserved for boarding vehicles and supportive gunships.

Room has been reserved for holding cells and the Neeran even has an assortment of universal energy cages for high-priority prisoners that might pose a problem in regular confinement. Focused mainly on raiding and capture the Neeran has a lot of cargo space for prioritization of acquired goods.

Would be a shame to leave valuable cargo behind, because the ship doesn't have room anymore, eh?

Its armament levels out a competent frigate that can switch between dishing out real damage with its torpedos and turbolasers, while maintaining the ability to potentially disable its target (and crew in tow), if that is more desirable.
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