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Need RP ideas

Old Man

Okay so it seems that this alt is near fizzling.

I'd like that to not happen, his story arc is supposed to be pretty interesting.

So basically what he is supposed to be is a force sensitive (I'd like to pretend he is already a Master) who refuses to use it because he thinks it will make life boring. He is a darksider who sows conflict and confusion wherever he goes. I started him on Coruscant on a public thread and he got as far as reaching the Jedi Temple. Later he crash lands on Vjun to find a bunch of Darksiders and then follows them for awhile until mysteriously the order is completely disbanded. I'm not sure what happened in between, which one happened first, or what to do next.

Is there anyone willing to toss some ideas around with me so he can get back into shape?

Captain Larraq

What are your characters skills? What are his goals? So far, you just made him sound like Samurai-X. (Ruroni Kenshin?)

Sometimes I feel that I have the most fun with my characters when I set a goal for them and launch a crusade to achieve it. It focuses the direction my roleplays go in and helps me come up with ideas here and there.

Try thinking outside the box. Take your grumpy old man of a character and send him out into the darkness. Go find 'hope' in the Sith Territories. Go find darkness in the heart of the Jedi.