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Need Money? I Have Some!

Melvand Zrimmir

Generic Neimoidian #459
As you certainly do not know, I run the company, Zrimmir Universal Banking Union, ZUBU, which is a commercial and investment banking institution, as well as an insurer corporation. Meaning, if you need a savings account, checking account, loan, financial capital (Similar to a loan but different, trust me), financial mediator, or insurer, just ring us.

More seriously, I'm a financial institution looking to do contracts or just threads with anyone, be it a company, individual, organization, or faction, I'm open to anyone and anything. Although I do not currently have a marketplace thread up, I'm in the process of making one but for now, my company submission will have to suffice.

Jedi Hotelier
[member="Melvand Zrimmir"] Maybe a thread about you booking a room in my hotel in an attempt to get my hotel to change the bank it's operating with. She feels a little hamstrung by the bank account having unsatisfactory interest rates.

Melvand Zrimmir

Generic Neimoidian #459
Thats perfect! I'd love to do a thread like that with you.

Could you start the thread? Right now I'm writing a few replies so it might be a while before I could do it.

[member="Varindar Asyt"]

Macharius Solaire

[member="Melvand Zrimmir"]

Could use a loan to jump my company up to tier three expansion. Wanna negotiate a contract with Denon Stahl Arms?