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Approved Location Naval Station Humbarine

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  • Intent: To establish Humbarine’s primary supply point.
  • Image: Citadel from Eve Online
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  • Population: Heavily Populated
  • Demographics: About half of the staff of the naval station are humanoid and the other half are a mix of aliens that can be regularly found within the Core Worlds of the Galaxy. The visitors are a heavy mix of aliens and humanoids that can be compared to Mos Eisley in term of diversification.
  • Accessibility: It is very easy to find as it is a center of trade and commerce within the Humbarine Reach. The interior is mostly accessible to the public with some obvious exceptions like security outposts and control centers.
  • Description: Naval Station Humbarine is a commercial and trade hub within the greater sector of the Humbarine Rule. It serves as a point of refueling, refitting and restocking for ships moving through the sector, but also houses the capability of fielding military starships from Humbarine’s Sector Fleet.

Naval Station Validusia has no inherent offensive or defensive capabilities, besides the occasional point defense systems placed across the surface of the hull. Other than that it has to rely on the fleets of outside actors, be that the corporate fleet of Fa Holdings or the fleets of the Humbarine Sector to be defended. The interior has standard security checkpoints near choke points and important zones, these checkpoints have various scanners to detect weaponry and the sort. Basic turret grids are installed at these outposts as well.


To accommodate the sheer enormity of the place Fa Holdings has divided the station up into several large sectors that share similar functionalities. They will be referred to by the common letters in the Aurebesh alphabet. Examples follow.

  • Designation Aurek: Validusia has an enormous amount of hangar bays to allow the passage and storage of freighters, shuttles and other ships that are in need of minor repairs or have some sort of business on the station itself. For this reason some of these bays are more uniformed in their approach with wide spaces and plenty of room to store multiple ships, while others are specialized and focused in their approach. The larger bays usually have direct access to storage facilities and warehouses that can be used for the storage of trade wares or similar things.
  • Designation Besh: Besh is made up of the various merchant districts, shops and stores where the visitors of Validusia can resupply themselves, sell off their goods or buy anything they might need, from weapons to foodstuffs and other important commodities. Most of them are officially sanctioned by Humbarine, but as often is the case with large populations and little oversight, black market suppliers have cropped up amongst them. In the corners and alleyways you might find illegal pharmaceuticals, outlawed gen-modifications and other unsavory goods.
  • Designation Cresh: The nerve center of Validusia is separated into decentralized hubs that directly administer the various docking platforms for the ships arriving to be refueled, repaired or refitted, while a central zone within the station itself administers the station’s internal security system, sensory equipment, hyperdrive preparation and other crucial systems.
  • Designation Dorn: Contrary to the other zones Dorn signifies the internal railway system that allows the visitors and workers of the station to move back and forth between different locations. This streamlines the efficiency of movement and ensures that people don’t need to spend too much time traveling, very important on a station this size.

In the days before the Gulag Plague and the fall of the Galactic Empire the Validusia Naval Station was one of many supply, refueling and refitting stations spread out through the great territories of the Empire.It was large enough to be capable of hosting numerous warships with little issue and did so on numerous occasions. It was in places like these that the starships came to be refueled when they were low on fuel, repaired when they were substantially damaged in combat or even updated if this was necessary for them.

Of course the Gulag Plague and other conflicts caused most of these grand stations to be either destroyed, dismantled or lost to time. Validusia has been privy to rapid infestation of pirates, smugglers, imperial elements and other entities throughout the years.

In recent years it was an elaborate pirate group that made its home and base there.

Sadly their luck ran out once they decided to interfere in the salvage import to Humbarine and involved the Thirriken in their business. Tai found out that they had slaughtered and/or sold his personnel to slavery, destroyed their ships and stole the salvage hauls.

This was not something that Tai could simply let go.

He amassed a substantial fleet of warships and together with his new apprentice @Vanja Del’Vaan they broke the pirate’s hold over the station. Once it was all over the Thirriken saw the potential in the station and decided it was possible to restore it back to glory.

It was outfitted with emergency hyperdrives and transported to the Humbarine Reach, where substantial repairs went into it. There it would serve as a main supply point of the Humbarine Reach.

A grand trade and haul outpost in space.
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  • Accessibility: [Describe logistical information on how easy it is to find/access this location. Is it hidden? Is it isolated from society deep in space or is it in the middle of civilization near busy hyperlanes and star systms? Is it guarded? Open to the public or private access only?]
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