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Approved NPC Nan'eth'illa

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  • Age: 19.
  • Force Sensitivity: Sith Knight.
  • Species: Chiss.
  • Appearance: Cybernetic left arm, right leg, left eye, vocal cords, and parts of cranium. The cybernetics are mostly on open display. She is of a lithe and lean build, with blue skin adorned several markings in different shades of blue as well as black lines reminiscent of a mix between Sith tattoos and technical blueprints. She has a shaved head and too much attitude. Often, Nethil clad in a purple leather suit that affords her good manoeuvrability and stylish design.
  • Name: Nan'eth'illa (Aka: Nethil), Darth Filiae, Shadow of the Pale
  • Loyalties: Darth Ophidia, Sith Order, Sith Assassins.
  • Wealth: Average.
  • Notable Possessions:
    Lightsabre: Standard issue lightsabre, red blade.
  • Cybernetic arm: Provides superior strength. Features a compartment in the upper arm area where she can hide small objects such as an important data-chip or a vial of poison. The palm of her cybernetic hand functions as a shock glove.
  • Cybernetic leg: Features two hidden compartments in the thigh area and one in the lower leg.
  • Cybernetic eye: Her cybernetic eye see into the infrared spectrum and give heat readings.
  • Implanted com-unit: Nethil can tap into com signals through her cranial implants.
  • Cybernetic vocal cords gives her an extended range of sounds, making her able to copy voices and sou
  • Journal of a mechu-deru user, with her own notes.


[*]Personality: Nethil is a very aggressive, bordering on reckless, apprentice. Through Ophidia's training, she has survived enough life threatening situations for her to develop an "angel syndrome" (I can survive anything). She is envious of others and sometimes sees insult where there is none. In the end, she is utterly devoted to her master, Darth Ophidia, and constantly seeks her approval through dastardly deeds. Raised to believe in the Sith Code and adjoining philosophies, she can sometimes be seen as a bit of a zealot.

In her spare time, she tends to experiment with electronics, fusing her mechu-deru with her Chiss expertise in technology. The features of her cybernetic enhancements are a testament to her creativity. One would not think it, but Nethil is in fact quite well-read and can converse for several hours about basic topics of science and art. She likes Nautolani jazz music and sour drinks.
  • Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber, cybernetics, the Force.
  • Combat Function: Nethil relies on her assassin training and her cybernetic expertise in combat. However, her reckless nature makes her prone to taking on more than she can handle.
  • Assassin: Trained in stealth and striking from the shadows. It is difficult to see her coming.
  • Techspertise: From her uprbringing in Chiss society, her skill in slicing and understanding of mechu-deru, Nethil has become very tech-savvy.
  • Cybernetics: Having metal limbs gives her one feth of a punch. The implanted shock glove improves her hand-to-hand combat and her cybernetic eye gives her superior visual abilities.
  • Not a warrior: Assassins do not belong in the middle of a battlefield. She is easily overpowered by numbers.
  • Tech-Dependent: An EMP could not only remove her greatest asset (mechu-deru), but shut off her cybernetics entirely. As these encompass most of her body, she will be unable to move and effectively defenceless.
  • Recklessness: Nethil is prone to putting herself in risky situations, gambling life, limb, and mission.
  • Insult = Injury: Prone to petty vengeance against those who insult her.

Darth Ophidia was a Knight when The One Sith took the Chiss world of Csilla and she, among others, often turned to the Chiss for technological advancements. As such, it was only a matter of time before she would find other prospects on the ice planet.

It was a rumour that brought the Pale Assassin's eye to Nethil. She was investigating another Chiss child for his potential affinity with the Force and usefulness to the Sith Order. However, she found that while he got all the attention, it was Nethil who was the source of their paranormal experiences. She was a thin girl, playing with a old toy speeder and Ophidia saw that, while she held the remote, she never moved a finger to steer the toy. Yet, it whirred about in her proximity. Upon inquiry, she learned that Nethil's parents had died in the initial attack, but the girl had no recollection of who killed them.

Darth Ophidia adopted Nan'eth'illa and paid the orphanage handsomely to not write any records. She took the chiss girl to Mindabaal, where the Pale Assassin was preparing to make her home and base. There, she had the child given a private education, including hiring Chiss tutors to teach her. When she was not learning to build, she learned to employ the Force. Many of Ophidia's lessons were disguised as playtime, and her bedtimes stories reflected the principles of Sith Philosophy. When she was old enough, Nan'eth'illa went to the Sith Academy on Glee Anselm to be given rudimentary training as a Sith, in addition to Ophidia's private tutoring.

It was in this time that Nethil got her first cybernetic replacement. During a sparring match with a fellow Sith acolyte, she was stabbed in the eye. While the sabres were non-lethal, they were more than strong enough to permanently disable her vision. That was the first time she ever experienced Ophidia's disappointment.

Nethil lost her leg in the Galactic Alliance's sacking of Coruscant during the Invasion of Contruum. As they crashed a ship into the city, she was trapped and her organic leg crushed. Her left arm was lost during her first ever mission alone. She was tasked to eliminate a Jedi Shadow who had caught the scent of one of their informants and closing in. While Nethil lost her left arm, she won the fight and earned her knighthood. Darth Ophidia dubbed her Darth Filiae

Among the Jedi Shadow's belongings was a series of records concerning the use and dangers of mechu-deru. Deciphering these texts, she was able to teach herself the art. Thanks to her slicing and education, she was able to access records about its more nefarious uses. Darth Filiae knew this would be the key to one day surpassing her adopted mother, Darth Ophidia.

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