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Naming of the Lord Protectorate

Drox was named the Lord Protectorate of the Dominion for his bravery and contribution to the expansion of the nations boarder. This was an honor to be rewarded for both his family name and personally as he was loyal to what the Dominion stood for and to the Archlord himself. As his first mission as on of the new Military Leadership of the Dominion Military, he was sent to his long time family friend within the boarders of the First Order. Viceroy and First Order Governor of Conglomerate Prime, @Jaster of clan Award had asked that the trade alliance between the Trade Conglomerate and the Dominion be renewed and official.

The new Lord Protectorate stood atop the bridge of his Battlecruiser, the Anaxes, the current flagship of the Ash Army. Drox was now orbiting a neutral world away from the First Order boarders as to not disturb the peace the two nations had. In the spirit of friendship, the two friends would bring gifts to one another so as to present a personal peace offering.

The Flagship would meet with the Viceroy over the planet of Ryloth, a planet that is neutral to all conflict in the area. He opened a channel to the Hammerhead Cruiser that was the pride and joy of Jasters. "Governor, it is a pleasure to see you again."
Jaster was a close friend of the Royal Fuga Family, he had signed a contract between the Phoenix Legions and the the Trade Conglomerate. Since then he upped the supply and new contracts were opening up between his company and the Dominion. He was a weapons manufacturing, and since the First Order protected his world, the planet no longer needed the military support that was there before. This contract would keep the UTC afloat for the next quarter.

He walked aboard his friends ship, to think a year ago this boy was a political refugee after his fathers death. Jaster financed his come back, and now that the bet payed off, he was now reaping the reward. To appease the boy he brought a gift from the Corporation. He walked to the meeting hall were he was to meet the new Lord Protectorate.

He walked in and two Conglomerate Employees followed him in. They both placed a chest at the foot of the table and walked over to the younger man, embracing the man in a mechanical hung.

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