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Approved Planet Nalrobi

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Intent: To create a new, interesting place to RP, and to create a homeworld for a new species of sentients
​Image Credit: Green Planet by DaShadeE
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Planet Name: Nalrobi
Demonym: Nalrobian
Region: Unknown Regions
System Name: Nalrobi System
System Features:
- Suns: 1- Gorhan (Yellow Star)
- Moons: Thousands, in a tilted ring around the planet
- Other Planets: N/A
- Length of Day: 23 Standard Hours
- Length of Year: 349 Nalrobian Days in a Year. Dry Season lasts 134 days, and Wet Season lasts 215 days.

Coordinates: (18, 3)
Major Imports: Weapons, Foodstuffs
Major Exports: Precious Gems, Neodymium, Large Creatures

Gravity: Standard
Climate: Dynamic. During the Dry Season, most of the planet is arid and dry except for the poles, which are tropical. During the Wet Season, most of the planet is tropical and humid except for the equator, which is arid.
Primary Terrain: Rainforests, Swamps, and Deserts

Major Locations:
Cipac, City of the Stars
Source: Aztec City by 7leipnir
The capital city of Cipac lies on the Apian River, the longest running river on Nalrobi. It is where the majority of Humans and Trandoshans reside on the planet, as most of the Suchur live in tribes in the wilds. This city was built by the natives on top of an Imperial stronghold, as a place for non-Suchur to reside peacefully on the planet. Cipac is led by a Governor, who is basically the leader of the planet in galactic terms. By galactic standards, Cipac has a small population of about 40,000, but it is the largest city on the planet.

The residents consist mostly of Humans who make a living trading with the Suchur, or Trandoshan hunting parties, content with hunting the planet’s wild creatures with the native’s permission. The Apian River is a central part of both of these, as non-Suchur are forbidden from entering the jungles surrounding it.

The Black Pyramid of Motlatbasq
Source: Black Pyramid by gsemkow
A truly ancient ruin, Motlatbasq consists of a single, giant pyramid that stretches hundreds of feet in the air. It is a site of great reverence for all Suchur, as it is the tomb of the ancient Suchuri Witch, Grammama Odie, who was killed during a war long forgotten. The pyramid resounds with a faint Dark-Side aura, and the glowing pillars at each point are extremely magnetic, and are super-heated. Scholars today think they were most likely alchemized by a powerful Force-User. If any metal comes within 100 feet of a pillar, it will begin to gravitate towards the top, eventually flying up to become stuck and burn away.
This place is extremely holy for the Suchur, and is where they would go should the planet be in a crisis. Trespassers found will be killed and butchered.

The Atlai Forest
The Atlai Forest, known simply as the “All-Forest” by the native Suchur, is a singular tropical rainforest that encompasses most of the land of Nalrobi. Many exotic and large plants grow in the Altai Forest, all of which are adapted to survive in both the planet’s Wet Season and Dry Season. In each season, the forest is a drastically different place.

In the Wet Season, the place is a tropical swamp. Rain constantly drizzles, and the ground is often obscured by at least a foot of water. Plants and flowers bloom, and fruits of all kinds grow large. Trees tower above the water, hiding birds and snakes from view. Tribes of Suchur construct small stone structures that rise from the water, and commonly swim to collect prey and supplies.

In the Dry Season, the rain has all but left. The ground is usually packed tight, robbed of moisture. Most smaller plants die out, and many sources of food whither. The trees, however, hold water reserves in their massive trunks, so they still stand tall in the baking heat. Suchur have learned to extract this water, thereby ensuring their survival.

Native Species: Suchur
Immigrated Species: Humans, Trandoshans
Population: Minimally Populated
Demographics: 92% Suchur, 4% Human, 2% Trandoshan, 2% Other
Primary Languages: Galactic Basic and Suchuri
Culture: There are two dominant cultures on Nalrobi: the lives of the Non-Suchur, and the lives of the Suchur.

The Non-Suchur, mostly Humans and Trandoshans, congregate in the city of Cipac, content with trading with both the Suchur and the rest of the galaxy. Trandoshans in particular enjoy hunting the large creatures of Nalrobi, careful to keep away from the forests.

Nalrobian Humans tend to have tan skin, and warm brown eyes. Their culture is all about trade, as it is the major reason Cipac is on the map at all. They usually act as middle-men between the tribal Suchur and the outside world.

The Suchur live in tribes called Basqs, ranging all across the Altai forest. They have a strong hunter-gatherer society, and live in relative peace with each other, apart from the odd confrontation over food or territory. They have a severe distrust of Force-Users, due to ancient wars against Suchuri Witches.

Both sets of Nalrobians tend to worship the planet itself, a dead deity known as Nalrobi. They erect shrines and sacred places for the planet, and offer gifts

- Federal Republic (Cipac)
- Tribal Societies

Affiliation: N/A
Wealth: Low, due to a low population of civilized cities
Stability: Low- The residents of Cipac and the Suchuri natives live in relative peace, although some tribes detest the non-natives. Coincidentally, these tribes also sometimes war against their fellow Suchur. Travelers beware, and make sure to follow the rules.
Freedom & Oppression: Cipac is led by an elected Governor, and has a reasonable code of law, but the forests are under the martial law of the Suchur. There, what they say goes, as the ancient treaties between the galactic residents and the Suchur spell out. Travelers are forbidden from entry into the forest, under the threat of death and dismemberment.

Military: Minimal. The planet is not united under one banner, and therefore has no standing army. During large threats to the planet, the Suchur will create massive armies to go to war, but even then, they do not have starships or large vehicles, their most complicated weaponry being the slugthrowers they get from Cipac. The Nalrobi people rely on the Suchur tribes to protect them with superior ferocity and numbers, as they excel at both open warfare and guerilla tactics.
Technology: Cipac is average, as it is a somewhat-cosmopolitan colony city, but the Suchur tribes are severely behind the rest of the galaxy. As stated, their most advanced weaponry is the slugthrower.


Before the written history of the native Suchur, not much is known. It seemed the Suchur had always arranged themselves into tribes, and dispersed across the lands. What historians can tell from interviewing various tribes is that there was a series of wars against an army of Gris and their followers, led by a massive Suchur Witchdoctor known as Grammama Odie. Odie and her forces were eventually defeated, and historians believe this is where the Suchur’s general distrust of Force-Users came to be.

The Suchur remained relatively unchanged until they were discovered by the the Old Republic in 1145 BBY. The Republic sent diplomats, who, due to bad past experiences with ancient hunters and smugglers, were promptly killed and butchered. The Republic sent soldiers, who, due to the Suchur’s home advantage and tactics, were promptly killed and butchered. The Two Month War was aptly named, as after two months, the Old Republic was fed up with the war, and abandoned the effort, too concerned with other things. Because of this, the planet was labeled dangerous, and forgotten about for some time.

The next time they had contact with the outside world was during the Galactic Civil War. Stormtroopers were dispatched to establish an outpost. They were promptly killed and butchered. This time, instead of turning tale, the Empire tightened their grip, using superior air support to subjugate the Suchur. They were rebellious, but were sucessfully enslaved until the planet was liberated by the Galactic Alliance.

The Suchur accepted their aid, letting them set up small settlements in the more moderate areas of Nalrobi. They were taught Galactic Basic, although they mostly kept to themselves, trading precious minerals and Neodynium for weapons and learning materials.

Then there was the darkness.

The Gulag Plague devastated the Suchur, dropping their numbers to dangerous levels. Cipac became severely depopulated, and trade fell to a standstill. The remaining Suchur retreated into the more dangerous areas of Nalrobi, to recover and pray to the planet. Eventually, they began to repopulate, and things seemed to go back to normal, although the religious zealots of the Suchur blamed the Plague on the Jedi they had aligned themselves with.

Throughout the warrings of the galaxy, Nalrobi and the Suchur remained generally untouched, almost forgotten to all but big game hunters and explorers. But that was soon to change.

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Easily one of the best planet subs I've seen. Please source all your images according to Codex citation standards and it's a yes from me.
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