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Approved Species Nairisiqsa - Fear Demon


Several Nairisiqsa summoned by Darth Arcanix​

  • Name: Nairisiqsa - High Sith for Fear Demon
  • Designation: Semi-sentient
  • Origins: Amaltanna
  • Average Lifespan: As they are spirits/demons, they are already dead/didn't have a true life. They will linger within the material world for as long as the summoner lives or as long as the ritual that brought them into the physical world is able to draw upon ambient Force energies to fuel itself.
  • Estimated Population: Rare
  • Description: At a distance, the Nairisiqsa appears to be a beautiful near translucent woman or handsome man gliding along the surface. However, as one draws closer, it quickly becomes apparent of her corrupted nature as their looks melt away into a terrifying visage of blazing eyes, distorted features, and a scream that can strike at a being's very soul.
  • Breathes: As they are spirits/demons, they do not have any need to breathe and can survive in any environment.
  • Average Height of Adults: 1.75 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: As they are spirits, they do not have skin, but their forms can vary between a very faint blue to a very faint lilac.
  • Hair color: White
  • Distinctions: The most distinctive physical trait of the creatures, besides the fact they are spirits and their outward good looks, is their eyes that appear to blaze with all the collected energy they have absorbed from their victims. Wisps of fog that crackle with dark power follow their forms, and serve to enhance both their etherealness from a distance and their horrifying visage when they near their prey.
  • Races: No other races
  • Force Sensitivity: All
  • Nairisiqsa cannot be injured or damaged by any sort of normal weapon or substance. Blasters, kinetic slugthrowers, melee weapons have no effect, and even lightsaber blades will pass through without harm unless a Solari crystal is contained within the hilt. Weapons imbued with the light side will damage them, however.
  • The scream of a Nairisiqsa are extremely potent and powerful, as they use them to cause both physical damage and to attack the life forces of their prey. Weaker willed beings will have their souls shredded and then absorbed by the creature, while those with stronger willpower can resist the effect, but still feel as though their very essence is under attack and being drained slowly.
  • Nairisiqsa constantly emit a field of Force Fear around themselves in a roughly five meter radius that effects any beings that they are not linked to by their summoning. Any being within the radius will see the image of the spirit distort into a nightmarish vision that preys upon deep set fear.
  • The living cannot hide from a Nairisiqsa. Not only can they pass through solid objects as they are spirits, but they can feel the very essence that they always want to consume, no matter how small and will relentlessly hunt them down.
  • Force Barrier can protect against the impact of the creature's scream, and if an enemy has a way to silence an area, it will completely nullify its ability to scream and drain the life from its prey.
  • Just like with its scream, if a being has a strong enough willpower or mastery in the Force, they can resist or completely resist the Force Fear aura the creature emits around itself.
  • Ysalamir bubbles and void stone fields will permanently banish the Nairisiqsa back to the Netherworld, no matter how strong of a binding was placed on it or who it serves.
  • Direct applications of Force Light and other purifying light side techniques can banish the spirit back to the Netherworld. Imbued weapons of the light can also severely harm or banish them.
  • Diet: Life and Force energies
  • Communication: They cannot communicate through spoken language, but can pass emotions through telepathy. They are also linked to their summoner, while they live, and can be issued commands by the summoner through that link.
  • Technology level: No technology level
  • Religion/Beliefs: No religion or belief system
  • General behavior:
    • Nairisiqsa both despise and are drawn to life. They need to consume it, to drain a life's vitality and gain power, and yet it reminds them of something they have never had before. When left to their own devices, or if the ritual binding them to the physical world lingers even after their summoner's death, Nairisiqsa will generally lay claim to a range of territory that they will wander and hunt within. Typically, the spirits will choose catacombs or other ruined or dark locations near a greater concentration of souls as their haunting grounds or a location that will draw treasure hunters and such to them.
    • When bound to an individual, they will serve its every telepathic command without question or even desire to even attempt to break free. The binding ritual used in their summoning prevents their allegiances from changing while the summoner is alive, but if a strong dark side Force user encounters an unbound Nairisiqsa, they can attempt to bind them with Sith magic and change the structure of the original binding spell.

In developing and pushing the boundaries of Sith sorcery, Darth Arcanix had been curious off and on with studying the summoning and binding of spirits into different forms. One such creation, done in tandem with Darth Prazutis Darth Prazutis , were the Virmse ra Dvasia, which were an evolution and enhancement of the smoke demons that Sith had been able to summon since antiquity. In her experiments in altering the summoning ritual for spirits and demons, Arcanix was able to summon a new type of spirit. The new spirit, as it appeared, was of a ghostly woman of lilac that at first appeared beautiful, but Arcanix could sense how the alterations were attempting to presson her mind and effect her perceptions. She quickly added a new binding layer to her ritual, forcing the newly summoned spirit to serve her and not affect her with its abilities, whatever they might be.

Testing the capabilities of the new creature, and seeing how some of her subordinate sorcerers handled the summoning of the creatures she had dubbed Nairisiqsa, or Fear Demon in ur-Kittat, she was impressed by what she saw. However, she observed that those Nairisiqsa summoned by male sorcerers took on a male appearance. The creature's screams could draw the life from its victims, a pair of hapless of pirates that had been captured, and she had been able to observe before the creature wailed that the pirates had been entranced and then horrified by some sort of Force Fear aura. She was pleasantly surprised to see it could pass through solid objects and surfaces and that it had an innate sense of detecting life. Arcanix even tested to see if it could sense her presence when it was shrunken down to microscopic size as in use with Art of the Small and obscured from physical sight, and it had followed her movements.
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Under Review Taeli Raaf Taeli Raaf

As usual, this is a nicely put-together submission with well-written components. However, it's functionally identical to a banshee from DnD / Irish myth; change a couple of words, and this could be an entry in the Monster Manual. I discussed this with the Codex team, and they agree that it runs afoul of the "No Crossover" rule, which we've been looking at closely during this wave of DnD Sithspawn.

That said, the Codex team rarely rejects anything outright. What we'd like to see is a way to Star Wars this up, making it more distinct from a traditional fantasy banshee. If you want to keep the wail and the fear aura, that's fine, but please find a way to make this more your own. The look and feel of Jedi was heavily inspired by samurai, but they've got enough of a sci-fi coat of paint on them to be their own thing.

There are three components here that, all put together, make this a banshee:
  • Undead / Spirit monster
  • Appears in beautiful female form
  • Kills with a wail that saps life energy

Changing at least one of those would help avoid the "No Crossover" rule. So would adding some other Star Wars details separate from the traditional myths of the banshee.
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Taeli Raaf Taeli Raaf

What is the status of this submission? I can move it back to Pre-Codex if you need more time to work on it. Otherwise, it will soon be archived for inactivity. The Codex will shut down for a holiday break on December 1st.