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Factory Denied Nadesico-class Patrol Cruiser

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[*]Defenses: Moderate

[*]Hangar: Low: 1 squadron
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
[*]Speed Rating: High
[*]Hyperdrive Class: Moderate: 1.0
Corellia Digital CD-9 Subspace Radio
Corellia Digital CHX 2.1 SoundLink (Internal Modular Communications System)
Standard Life Support Systems
Standard Starship Medical Systems
Standard Starship Sensors
Hoersch-Kessel Ion Drivehttp://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Hoersch-Kessel_ion_drive
Standard Navigation Computer
Standard Hyperdrive
Hansen FeatherTouch

220-SIG Tactical Sensor Jamming Device
Communication Encryption Module
Advanced Targeting Computer

  • Propulsion. The Nadesico-class featured a main drive design that produced a substantial thrust-to-mass radio, resulting in exceptional speed for a vessel of its size.
  • Maneuvering. The Nadesico-class design incorporated strategic placement of its maneuvering thrusters, resulting in ship handling that was better-than-average for a vessel of its size.
  • Jack-of-all-Trades. The Nadesico-class design is balanced so to be capable of performing in a variety of mission profiles, from system defense to scientific exploration to electronic warfare or humanitarian relief operations.
  • Unique Electromagnetic Signature. Atrisian vessels use a unique Hoersch-Kessel ion drive design for their main propulsion. The resulting engine wash is faintly radioactive. This electromagnetic signature was distinguishable from background cosmic radiation and allowed Atrisian vessels to be tracked or detected.
  • Single Hyperdrive Design. Because the Nadesico-class was envisioned for patrol and defense of the Atrisian Sector only, it lacked a backup hyperdrive. A Nadesico-class vessel whose hyperdrive became damage would be restricted to sublight speed only until replacement components could be flown out to the vessel.
  • Jack-of-all-Trade. The Nadesico-class being balanced as a multi-role cruiser means that it does not excel in any of particular role or capacity. It's evacuation capacity is restricted by the space required for its combat systems, it's offensive capabilities are limited into just one type of energy or projectile weapon, and its defensive capabilities are overly reliant on point-defense and up-rated hull armor. In a severe humanitarian crisis, its medical bays would be understaffed. In a protracted battle, its staying power would be diminished over time, and its strategic options in an engagement are extremely limited.
  • No Planetfall Capability. The Nadesico-class design uses sweeping arches that give the ship a distinctive Atrisian appearance; however, those arches are not designed to withstand the structural rigors of planetary gravity or the gravimetric sheer that occurs during terrestrial landing. As such, this is an orbital and interstellar space only star cruiser.

The Nadesico-class star cruiser is the principle military defense vehicle of the Atrisian Commonwealth. Rather than rely on the First Order Navy for system or sector defense, the Atrisian Government operates the Atrisian Naval Corps as a form of "Coast Guard" concurrent to deployment of First Order assets across the star systems of the Atrisian Commonwealth. Consistent with that mandate, the Nadesico-class design is balanced for multi-role operations involving scientific exploration and humanitarian aid relief in addition to military patrol and defense options.

Construction of the Nadesico-class took place at the orbital fleet yards over the planet Frisal. There were 6 hulls constructed as of 853 ABY, with 2 more undergoing construction at the Frisal Fleet Yards. The prototype, HMS Nadesico, was initially launched in 851 ABY. The most recent construction, HMS Xiaolang, was completed in 853 ABY and undergoing final space trials in preparation for its inaugural deployment, planned for 854 ABY.

HMS Nadesico
HMS Kahoshi
HMS Xiwangmu
HMS Kansai
HMS Quan'Lo
HMS Xiaolang
Nadesico-type hull 7 (projected completion 855 ABY)
Nadesico-type hull 8 (projected completion 855 ABY)
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