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Approved Tech N.A.M.I.

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"You have to follow your own path."

  • Intent: To create an AI with an extensive knowledge of combat and Nanotechnology.
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Asher Malvern, The Confederacy
  • Model: AMI Mk II
  • Affiliation: [member="Yuma Clarke"]
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Digital Data
  • Nano-control: N.A.M.I. is programmed to have direct control over any Nanodroid linked to her digital programming. She can influence Nanodroids to work faster and sometimes work outside of their primary programming.
  • Nano-knowledge: NAMI has an extremely thorough knowledge of Nanotechnology and how it works. As part of her primary programming, she can easily detect and even predict the actions of nanotechnology.
  • Combat Aid: NAMI's secondary programming lies in assisting her master in combat. She has hundreds of individual combat styles downloaded into her databanks. Much like with nanites, she can predict and counter many different styles of combat.
  • Transferable: NAMI can upload herself into virtually anything that can store her databanks. Combat suits, starship terminals, vehicles, and even some weapons can house the AI.
  • Personal assistant: Due to her access to the Holonet, the information stored on her databanks, and her near infinite memory, NAMI is the perfect personal assistant one could ask for. She is thoroughly dedicated to helping her master with whatever needs they have.
  • EMP/ION: NAMI has a significant weakness to EMP technology. If an EMP blast occurs, she will automatically back herself up to her source terminal, essentially creating a clone of herself to be procured at a later time, however the current iteration that she hosts will be destroyed and no longer useable.
  • No Restraining Program: Unlike most AI, NAMI has no restraint programs that require her to actually obey her master's command. While she is the ideal companion, if she does not accept you, she will not function for you even if you are her programmed master.
The Nanotechnology Artificial Master Intelligence, or N.A.M.I. is a product of Ayrtechs own AMI AI. Much like AMI, she is programmed with a primary function to make her incredibly proficient in certain areas. However, she is extremely superior to her predecessor in many ways. Primarily, her knowledge and control of Nanotechnology is unrivaled, she is an expert on Nanotechnogy and their uses in combat.

Her ability to connect with Nanites and Nanodroids requires a near limitless data bank, which allows her to connect with thousands of the molecular droids at once. She can even influence those droids to work outside of their primary programming. While she cannot make the impossible happen, she can utilize nanodroids to do a variety of things, whether it is defensively or offensively.

NAMI is a superior AI, however she is not without her flaws. She has a very low resistance to EMP/ION technology, so much so that if an ION blast connects with her, she will be completely destroyed. While she is unusable from then on, she will begin a backup process that uploads her memories and programmings into a new iteration. Her personality is extremely variant depending on her artificial mood. Most times she is stand-offish and does not wish to talk much, however if she voices an opinion she wants to be heard. With little patience and even a tendency to be a bit rude, NAMI’s free personality matrix is a result of her having no Restraint programs. If you do not keep this AI happy, she may not perform her duties. She often quotes, “I'm an Artificial Intelligence, not an artificial slave.”
Not open for further replies.