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Approved Species Nàrrans

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Image: from here.

  • Name: Nàrrans

  • Designation: Sentient

  • Homeworld: Crystalsong

  • Language: Crystalsong Standard, Nàrran Ephicat

  • Average length of adults: 6 metres

  • Skin colour: Blue, transparent, black

  • Hair colour: None.

  • Breathes: Type I, able to breathe Type II

  • Strengths:
Massive Size - body of a Nàrran is considerably big compared to humanoid species. Getting stepped on by a Nàrran is fatal to most species.
Technological Advantages - Nàrrans, being the most technologically advanced species on Crystalsong, are most likely to become a serious enemy in case anyone ever decides to start a war against them again. It’s unknown, how much more powerful they are when fighting with the rest of the galaxy, though.
Shape-shifting - most powerful Nàrrans, Force-sensitive ones, often have the ability to seem like someone else to other people. Most of the times, their actual body stays the same, but people just see them differently, but some have developed it even further, being able to change their shape completely, not only as an illusion, but in the reality.

  • Weaknesses:
Uncovered Bones - Nàrrans don’t have any skin or any meat covering their bones. It makes them quite weak. The bones which cover their stomach are not very thick, meaning, that it’s easy for one to destroy them in case they manage to get close enough to a Nàrran.
Body - Nàrran body is not very good at anything which defines sentient species. Since most sentient species are humanoid or something close to that, Nàrrans have an obvious disadvantage. They are able to move their legs to use different devices and move objects (which they also do with their heads or tail), etc., but their leg movement is limited, making it impossible to wield a weapon and use it effectively.

  • Distinctions: Skeletal flying creatures, have two horns coming out of their heads, a long tail which comes from their spine. They have bones covering their stomach area, so their internal organs won’t fall off.

  • Average Lifespan: 150 years

  • Races: None.

  • Diet: They are carnivores, eating smaller creatures, only rarely consume sentient beings. Eating plants directly can have fatal effects.

  • Communication: Holocommunication, verbal, telepathical (only utilized by the current tribe rulers who all happen to be Force-sensitives), written. The Crystalsong Standard is a modified version of the Galactic Basic Standard, though it’s unsure why it’s so. There are a few hundred new words, about a thousand removed ones (which the inhabitants of Crystalsong don’t need) and many modified ones. Letters are almost the same as they are in GBS. Nàrran Ephicat is a modified version of an old, extinct language Nàrrans had. Possibly the only strange thing about this language is, that the first letter ‘a’ in words is pronounced longer than normally.

  • Culture: If Ulki didn’t have common culture, Nàrrans don’t have culture at all. They are emotionless people who basically have no morality. They don’t think anything about family; for them it’s just a stupid thing no one should care about. Thus, they don’t have families. Like said before, they formally have an elected monarch who actually has no power. Traditions don’t exist. Force-sensitivity does exist, but it’s up to the Force-sensitive to decide what they think about it.

  • Technology level: Surprisingly high. They are the most technologically advanced species on the planet, though it may be hard to believe it. They are slightly above average. In order to make technology easier to use, Nàrrans have taken modern technology and modified their design. For example, some things (especially holocomms) have been made larger. They have also made them attachable to their legs or shoulder areas to make them more comfortable to use. Their advancements are actually the following: making already made things easier to use for Nàrrans while the overall use of technology remains the same, making technology more powerful and durable. Nàrrans haven't made their own technology, but have developed currently existing ones to match their needs.

  • General behavior: Like stated before, Nàrrans are cold-hearted. They don’t think much about anything besides themselves. Most of them love hunting for food, but sometimes the enjoy killing people for fun. They are not afraid of anything, though they should be. They are also quite stubborn, selfish, and their ego may seem infinite. Being bigger than average sentient species, they often think they are better, so they don't understand if they go against morality. One may consider it childish and primitive, but Nàrrans normally fight against their species-mates just for fun or to get attention of a female species-mate. Another way to be noticed is to sing a melody to female Nàrran, though their singing sounds more like screaming.

  • History:
10,559 BBY - the first recorded history of Nàrrans.
10,558 BBY - the First Nation of Nàrrans is formed. Its capital is Nàto H’àrmo and people elect Hàk the Powerful to be their monarch.
10,555 BBY - Gato Nermo, a Mankarii tribe, starts war against the First Nation of Nàrrans.
10,549 BBY - Kaphé, the High Priestess of Gato Nermo, officially starts a war against the First Nation of Nàrrans.
10,547 BBY - Kaphé and Hélet, Mankarii priests, form an alliance to fight against the First Nation of Nàrrans and Crystal Caves.
10,546 BBY - Hélet is betrayed by Kaphé. The war ends with the death of her (killed by Kaphé). Peace treaty is signed by Kaphé, Net Bi and Hàk the Powerful.
10,535 BBY - the era of peace starts. Not much happens besides leadership changes, various rebellions, destructions, new cities forming and technology advancing.
428 ABY - the Gulag Virus reaches Crystalsong. Thousands of innocent souls die due to the powerful plague.
430 ABY - the First Nation of Nàrrans is dissolved. The Second Nation of Nàrrans is made. People elect Fàn the Supreme to be their leader. Crystal Seas, a Niok tribe, establishes a trade route with Nàare Càpt.
436 ABY - the Second Nation of Nàrrans closes their trade routes to avoid the plague.
450 ABY - the Second Nation of Nàrrans falls to the Gulag Virus almost overnight.
708 ABY - the Second Nation of Nàrrans is destroyed.
709 ABY - Nàrrans form the Kingdom of Nàrdanhect. People elect Nàr to become their leader. The former Supreme Law’s original copy is destroyed and all copies are destroyed. Laws don’t exist for them anymore.
740 ABY - Anarchy reigns in Nàrdanhect.
761 ABY - The Gulag Plague is completely gone. Crystalsong returns to its former beauty.

800 ABY - Larriks, Nioks and Mankarii combine forces to fight against the Tatooine colony which has grown bigger than Ulkirammor and has gained much influence. Ulkirammor and Nàrdanhect don’t choose sides in that war, though Nàrrans still analyze the war and predict, who’s going to win.
807 ABY - the war against Tatooine colony ends with the colony almost destroyed.
836 ABY - adventurers of Coruscant arrive to Crystalsong. Anarchy reigns in Nàrdanhect and the human colony quickly becomes one of the major powers on Crystalsong, becoming a threat for Nàrrans.

  • Notable Player-Characters: None.
Intent: I am trying to make this species to have a new, a bit different species in Chaos. It would bring new storylines and possibilities and also hopefully a new faction.

Matila Arkh

who knows?
@[member="Darth Malificete"]
Very interesting, for once this is not OP for a dragon, not in the slightest, given the scale of their weaknesses.

I do need to ask, however: if they cannot use things other sentients can, due to the structure of their bodies, how can they possibly use things like holocomms and advanced technology?

Clear this up, add some extra information to General Behaviour and we'll see where to go from there.

Matila Arkh

who knows?
@[member="Darth Malificete"]
Okay so they've been made to be bigger to account for the size of the species, and checking out the image their front legs/'hands' seem like they could viably use the tech. If you add in that they themselves did not MAKE (they can have developed it) the technology, given that it requires a high level of dexterity, we'll be fine.
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