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Private My Knowledge gives me my strength.

Viathae Qarmast

Mandalorian Exile Jedi of Clan Qarmast
Has she been wrong?

On the time she had been spending with her wife on Acht-to, Viathae has been pondering the thoughts about the views of the Jedi. Collecting texts from the varying temples on Coruscant, Tython, Kashyyyk, and various of other worlds, she had been reading them carefully, and begun to ponder on something that has been bothering her.

A long time ago, a force user by the name of Kreia, once had a very interesting philosophy. A philosophy that where that it didn't matter if the light nor the dark exist. Jedi or Sith, and all that there is, is a never ending cycle. As long as The Force existed, there is no true balance. There will always be Jedi and Sith rising, and fighting eachother, bringing ruin every time. Viathae pondered on these events that had unfolded for millennia. Every era, is a new war, and a new war, brings more innocents to be killed. But at what cost? In the end, the Jedi apparently achieved nothing. The Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Republic, even the Sith with their varying empires, their various reincarnations, and the downfalls of their systems. Now a new emerging Sith Empire appeared, and the Silver Jedi are still holding on to whatever they have atleast. A New Republic forming in Corellia, and an Imperium on Coruscant.

Perhaps it was time to finally bring forth what Kreia wanted what was best for the Galaxy? No matter how inhumane it may sound, it might just be it... No, there had to be something else to bring Serenity to the Galaxy. She had to learn more about what she was trying to say, and maybe, just maybe, she could start her own order, and teach some people about this philosophy.

Viathae glanced outside of a balcony of the castle, overlooking the large vast sea of the planet from her meditation, feeling disturbed from her thoughts.

Nico Minuro Ike Nico Minuro Ike

Nico Minuro Ike

The Wayward of Clan Qarmast
Viathae Qarmast Viathae Qarmast

A tremor in the force... Nico moved, her hands out... her hips sashaying and swaying to the cadance of the music around her. The planet was something beautiful and it had tens of millions of scattered islands that were connected loosely in places by the caretakers and their villages that used rustic boats. Nico arms moved with it and she had been working with some of the islanders learning their forms of dance... or at least what they presented. The grass skirt that had been cut, stripped and treated with a lacquer to preserve it. The texture was rough but flexible and it didn't irritate the skin, the flowers in her hair were beautiful if questionable where they came from.

Her copper skin gleamed with the scented jasmine oils and black hair that curtained down her back reaching her ankles when her hands came up with thin slivers of aurodium chain going from the small rings at the tips of her fingers to larger rings at the base of her fingers ... then trailing to her wrists and wrapping around to give several that connected to rings at her elbows. It wasn't exactly a practical look... more for show and as the force connection with Via came to her alerting the jedi master she hadn't been able to sense anything else around them... which meant there wasn't a random attack coming... or something being dangerous.

"I shall return." Nico stopped and looked at the dancer who was there with her... short and more round... the caretakers weren't the most alluring in the galaxy but the jedi master wasn't worried about the looks she liked to learn the different dances from across the galaxy and smiled bowing while she was walking. The shimmer silk top gleaming a little in the light and around her neck a necklace was tight but not suffocating when she walked through the halls of the home they had. The white marble was designed with an intricate interlocking technique that made it look like a solid slab instead of hundreds of smaller stones. The gleam and reflective nature of the polished stone.

"Via." She said it and walked into the room looking for the woman. Black pools from her eyes that reflected the light but Nico knew that when some looked close enough there were small fleks of silver in her eyes like starlight. The white of her eyes smaller but still there when she raised her carefully trimmed and cared for eyebrows finding the mandalorian jedi. It had been a quiet ceremony... few aside from her family and one or two would have care enough to congratulate them but she didn't need the entire galaxy to know. It wasn't the point it was just something that had happened and Nico smiled going towards her seeing that everything was alright. "What is troubling you my love."