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My first week in post (pun intended)

Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?
OK, a week on and I’ve hopefully allowed the right amount of dust to settle as the transition from Thurion and Coci continues. Hopefully it will have appeared a seamless one — given it was always the plan to maintain the status quo.

It was a week in which the Sith decided to attack our capital (more on that later) and of course we had the Easter break too for many of us.

In allowing things to simply happen, it has given me the time to reflect on what changes have been suggested and requested and what therefore needs to be addressed and clarified.

The first point is the role of Master of the Order. I have listened to the feedback I’ve received and so the plans are laid out here, but will be posted in their own thread for maximum visibility.

  1. To organise this OOC. It would be nice to make this an IC story but not practical. So to attempt to cover both options, there will be no story thread but the decision will be arrived at by IC rationale.
  2. To ask the Jedi Masters to decide via a nominations and voting process.

I’ll share more details on the thread itself, but if you’re wondering why only Masters and not the whole faction, it is because IC that would be the group that decides. Much as Thurion chose Sorel to be the new GM.

Now to the skirmish.

I pride this faction on being true to its ideals on being light-sided and on a focus on the story and not the map-game. And I hope that never changes. So when someone wants to write with us - be it an individual, an organisation or a faction, we should embrace the opportunity to be part of their story and make it part of ours.

The attack on Voss is a prime example. We should focus on having a great time writing, not pointing out OOC or even IC inaccuracies. If they are significant, point them out to the Faction Leadership team and we can quietly take them up with whoever is necessary.

And we will also be brave and honest enough to say ‘no’ at times if we feel we are being stretched or pulled in too many directions at once. But respect works both ways, so let’s continue to give it and we’ll continue to earn it.

I’ll leave you with a teaser that you should expect some exciting news in the next week, so make sure you check in regularly to find out what’s planned.

Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?
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