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My Dream.

I was sitting there, opening night of Star Wars Episode VII: A New Dawn. On my belt I had my limited edition lightsaber, an exact replica of Anakin Skywalker's. I was in the perfect seat, the second from the top in the middle. The screen was wide and the speakers were everywhere, because it was IMAX. I was shaking in anticipation. I was wearing my Revan cosplay, and all around me were fellow nerds in their own costumes.

The lights begin to die and the previews begin to roll. My hands are sweating in anticipation. I can barley stop shaking, the movie is almost starting. I give off heavy breaths, unable to contain all my excitement. I don't even consider taking a drink or eating any of my popcorn, I don't want to miss any minute.

The lights die completely, signaling the movie was beginning. However, something goes wrong. Instead of the intro we are all so used to. Instead of the iconic LucasArts logo, something different occurs. A large palace is in the distance and a starfighter flies over, turning it into a Star Wars warped Disney Logo.... I die a little on the inside. All hope of the movie is lost and I consider leaving. Around me I can hear the same sighs that I gave off. I can hardly believe Lucas wasn't there...

But then, hope...

And then it happens. The intro music plays, blasting in the theater. Nothing is different. Just like every other Star Wars film, there is the intro crawl. As the music plays and the text scrolls, I shed a tear. It's here, Star Wars Episode VII. But the text is blurred. I cannot read it. Before the music can fade and the movie begins, I wake up.

Sweating and breathing heavy, I look around and sigh. It was just a dream... Hopefully it can be a reality...

So... who else thinks they will loose their minds when that intro plays on the big screen?

Emily Vani

The only reason I have faith is because Lucas is still in on it, as well as the fact that John Williams is scoring it AND J.J. Abrams is pretty good. Just gotta watch out on the radical cinematography. All-in-all. I'm freaking excited.