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Multiple Restricted Materials & Semi-Unique Production

Due to unforeseen complications with the Semi-Unique production rating, we will be changing the wording from a maximum of ten characters to a single small unit, squad, or squadron. This notation change was done to accommodate squadron sizes, but also to get away from hard numbers. Please note that a unit consisting of 50+ NPCs does not equate to Semi-Unique. These numbers should still be kept low, beneath entire units, full companies, or faction groups. That production level is limited.

This will take some time to adjust the templates and cookie cutters, however, as of now assume this is the case going forward.

Additionally, the following has been edited and added into the Restricted Materials rules in order to give a measure of flexibility regarding the inclusion of two Restricted Materials per submission.

Please review these changes in full carefully, as there are limitations to what may be done. All of this information can be found in the complete factory standardized rules located here.

Any questions please ask, otherwise enjoy.


Restricted & Banned Items
This list is subject to change without notice. Changes will not affect previously approved submissions.
Restricted Items
Submissions including restricted materials will be reviewed by both Factory and Role-Play Judges for balance and fairness and may be declined based upon review.
  1. Restricted Material Missions no longer apply for anything other than SSD / Dreadnoughts (Via the SSD / Dreadnought Dominion Rules).
  2. Restricted Materials have been separated into two categories: Type A and Type B. This is to allow submissions a degree of flexibility to include two restricted materials per submission.
  3. Submissions which include two restricted materials may never exceed Semi-Unique.
  4. Restricted Materials may not be combined to create new alloys under any circumstance.
  5. Submissions including materials from the list of Type A may include another Type A material, or a Type B material.
  6. Submissions may not include two materials from the list of Type B.
Restricted Materials

Type A:
Type B:
It's Real to Pretend
Well, in my perpetuating lightsaber submission, due to the semi-unique limits on lightsabers and the restriction on semi-unique items at the time, I made 10 of them. With the changes to how semi-unique works, would I be able to make more or less of these types of lightsabers in a new submission given the new semi-unique rules?

[member="Jamie Pyne"]
Son of Triam
[member="Jamie Pyne"] question on the semi-unique change, I like it, but I'm also curious for how this would work with "gift" items. I know that [member="Velok the Younger"] produced a few books that went out to specific characters that are by no means connected by squad/squadron/etc.. Is this still possible? Do you have the option to only produce a specific amount, and allot it specifically to person x, person y, person etc.?

Mishka Larraq

Farmer's Daughter
Quick question about alloys [member="Jamie Pyne"]

In a lot of Beskar'gam submissions, I know that it's popular to mix Beskar with other minerals to do simple stuff like cut down on weight a bit, at the expense of making the metal a bit more likely to bend or dent. It's a canon thing that was done in Bobba Fett's armor and a lot of people on Chaos have copied the trend.

In regard to the rules about alloys, is that barring the creation of any alloy that includes a restricted material in its construction, or is the rule to bar mixing two restricted materials together to create a new alloy incorporating attributes of both metals?

And... If you can now mix Restricted Material A (Beskar) and Restricted Material B (Force Imbued Blade) in a submission to make magic beskar swords and such (yay), would you or would you not be allowed to create that mixing of materials via creating an alloy?

More specifically, (and TLDR I guess) I wanna make some magic swords by mixing Beskar (the ore) and Soul-Steel (metal, forged similarly to Beskar, but made of force imbued iron ore) as an alloy. Any chance that'd be acceptable under the current rules? It seemed plausible to me (since magic force stuff and such), but it also seemed like it might cut a little close to the line (depending on how a judge views Soul-Steel), so I figured I'd ask here to get some clarity (where other people can also see the answer).
[member="Mishka Larraq"]

Restricted materials may not be combined together to make new alloys. You can mix regular metals into an RM to your hearts content, but it may not exceed the strength of the original RM, and no two RM's can be mixed to create anything more powerful. This is essentially the Factory 3.0/4.0 rules back in place as they were before.

Two RM's can exist in parallel in a single submission, that is essentially what this rule covers. IE: Phrik gauntlets, Cortosis boots, or a Beskar Sith Sword, or something of that nature.