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Approved Tech Multi-Weapon Elite Model

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Intent: A Weapon for Special Forces Operatives
Image Source: Here
Canon Link: Multi-Weapon
Restricted Missions: RM Specialization
Primary Source: Not Applicable

Manufacturer: ArmaTech Industries
Model: Multi-Weapon
Affiliation: Closed Market
Modularity: No
Production: Semi-Unique
Material: Beskar

Classification: Club, Dagger, Slicewire
Size: One Handed
  • Extended: 66 Centimeters
  • Compressed: 22 Centimeters
Weight: 1.35 Kilograms

Detailed Special Features:
  • Baton: The weapon’s primary function is that of a weighted club to cause blunt force trauma.
  • Puncture Dagger: With a twist, the opposite end can extend into a twisted tri-edged knife designed for armor penetration and maximizing internal trauma and bloodloss on its victims.
  • Slicewire: The weapon has a coil of Slicewire that can be extended and used to quickly and quietly disable guards and soldiers.
  • Molecular Compression Technology: The weapon can extend and compress to limit its size for concealing it and comfort during carry.
  • Three Weapons: The Multi-Weapon is three weapons in one, lowering the need to carry multiple weapons and is small enough to be concealed.
  • Mundane: None of the weapons are enhanced with vibro, stun, or other such technology limiting its effectiveness against high grade armors and defenses.
  • Reach: At just barely half a meter, the Multi-Weapon is fairly short compared to swords, maces, and lightsabers.
Simple and Effective.

The ATI Multi-Weapon Elite Model is effectively merely a beskar version of the classic Multi-Weapon. Using Molecular compression technology the weapon is able to compress into half its normal size allowing it to be easily worn or concealed.

Combining three combat capable weapons into one, it uses a weighted club for delivering heavy kinetic strikes to opposition. It is effective for heavily armored foes as most armors provide only minor protection from blunt force trauma.

The second weapon is an extendable tri-edged dagger designed for penetrating medium and light armors with relative ease. The twisted tri-edge causes maximum internal trauma to allow for blood loss. Most injuries caused by this weapon will likely require medical attention in order to stop bleeding, which makes it excellent for disabling enemy troopers.
The final weapon is a length of slicewire, known for its capability of slicing most materials with enough pressure. It is often used as a garrote or a lash.
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