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Mulak Chren

Mulak Chren


NAME: Mulak Chren
FACTION: The One Sith
RANK: Sith Apprentice
AGE: 28
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 160 pounds
EYES: Orange
SKIN: Dark


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Trained Eye - After his many years of combat, Mulak has became well versed in it. As such, he has learned what kind of details to look for.. The most likely places for where a chink in the armour may be.

Patient - He is able to wait for long periods of time in just one spot, not requiring to move at all. His years of being a pirate have aided him in this endeavor when he wished to ambush people that had counter-boarded their ship.

Natural melee fighter - He is a skilled fighter at close range, seemingly able to work with any object and turn it into a weapon to be feared.

Hopeless ranged fighter - He is more likely to hit himself with a blaster than he is to hit the enemy, no matter the amount of training he is given.

Prideful - If he hears a few ill tossen words about himself or his species, he will be unable to restrain himself from acts of peace and will attempt to harm the individual with much vicious intent, or at the very least, make them revoke their words.

Arrogant - If he sees someone he believes to be lower than himself, he will often insult them, but will always look down at them.

Cruelty - Mulak seems to relish in the pain and torture of another living thing. He's often drawn out a fight just to see the fleeting emotions of a passing soul.

Untrusting - He is unable to trust in anothers word unless he has been among them many a time, often requiring a deep bonding to be forged.

Born on Iridonia to a family of five, it was noted from a young age that Mulak seemed to inherit some form of evil desire. He was often out 'playing' with other Zabrak children, although their form of playing had been beating Hugglepups until they were no longer able to be discerned from a red mark on the surface. Along his years the child grew into a more heartless figure, a few rumours even spreading about him pushing a friend into a pool of acid just to see how quick he would dissolve. Soon after this, his father, not wanting his son to be forced to listen to these vicious 'rumours' and perhaps, somewhat, wanting to rid himself of this son, gave the young boy his shuttle. Naturally, Mulak was excited! He was going to do some cool stuff in space! Like, like.. find more hugglepups! Given the basic flying instructions by his father, he flew up into the atmosphere before he noticed something quite weird; a starcruiser appeared to have just been waiting there. Unable to travel any further, Mulak was left at the mercy of the ship that had put him in the hangar bay.. A single pirate dragged him out of the shuttle, though of course, the pride of Mulak would not allow such a disrespectful show of himself! He was not a rag doll! So naturally, he bit the fellows hands. Yelping, a few of his companions rushed over in order to pry the feral lad from him, though it was to be of no use unless they wished to rip off a part of their buddy, so they instead chose the next best thing; they beat the young Zabrak until the stains on the floor were as crimson as a sun nearing the end of it's life.

Years of being used as a slave by the pirate group had enabled him to learn more about melee combat.. It was quite interesting, really. Well, it was when he was not being fed scraps of meat hanging from the bone through the bars of a cage that was now his home. He seldomly had small chats with the people that decided to feed him, one of them even tossing around a few words which could suggest his father had planned for this to happen, even hinting at a sum being paid. Unable to cope with such a wild suggestion, the boy had once more returned to being mute. Another year of being treated like a slave bought Mulak some form of freedom with the pirates.. They now saw fit to use him as something more than an entertaining pet. They sought to use him as a meatshield in their battles. On his first fight he was given a simple vibro-axe. He did not like the feel of the weapon, but it beat having to live in a cage. Upon boarding the merchant vehicle he was issued to with the other pirates, he went to work quickly and slashed as much as he could, not caring much for whether it was pirate, trader or guard. A few screams and a lot of shouting alerted Maluk to stop his little uncontrolled attack. After the ship was looted he was taken back to the ship, though this time he was allowed to join in with a feast they were having! It was great, lots of meat was served and he loved meat.. He ate a lot of it, he had to get bigger and stronger, right? After years of training with the pirates, they came into contact with an enemy they could not best.. It appeared that slavers had better guns and men than them. Having been boarded by them, he had hidden to the best of his ability behind a potted plant in the corner of a room, two jagged vibroblades as his arsenal. When the doors to the chamber opened and a small squadron of armed soldiers entered, he continued to hide.. Biding his time, it did not take long until he saw a weakness.. All but one of them had turned their backs to him as they searched the room. Leaping forward, he activated the vibroblades and gave the guard looking at him a new smile.. One in his neck, to be precise. The whining of the blades alerted the others quickly but he jumped around like a skilled gymnast, bouncing off from the walls when need be in order to continue his symphony of slashing. It did not take him long but he knew he could not stay, the rest of the pirate scum were dead and he was now going to be killed if caught.. Sneaking along the ship until he got to the hangar bay, he was quite surprised that there were no restraints on the exit.. Interesting. Jumping into the closest starfighter, he started it and left as quickly as he could, descending down to the planet that was beneath them.. Korriban. Once he landed, he explored and was greeted by a male that could sense something.. desirable within him. Sent to the nearest Sith Academy, he was took on and trained, the experiences he had had in life seeming to have forged a warrior out of him yet.

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