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Mud and Blood

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
From the loading ramp of his vessel, Milo watched the land about him. Rain fell down upon the muddy earth with a tenacity that would make even the hardiest sentient shudder and wish to be indoors. The Sith, however, used the discomfort to his advantage. His black robes grew darker as they absorbed water, and his hood kept most of it away from his yellow eyes. The man's view was fixed upon a lone settlement in the distance, where barely-visible smoke floated up against the beating precipitation.

That was their target.

An unknown world in the Unknown Regions was home to a reclusive Jedi, one of great renown, who could be a threat to the Sith's future plans if he chose to take part in galactic affairs again. That was why he had to be eliminated. But that task was not for the former Ren. Instead, the assassination was delegated to his budding pupil and lover, Zesiro, who stood next to him, her body merely more irresistible in the cold rain. She had learned well in the time the Sith had trained her, and he believed that she was ready to accomplish a task on her own.

"Listen. I have kept the details of this task a secret from you until now. In the hut about a mile from us, there is a man who must be dealt with. His name is Cinnic. He was a Jedi, a powerful one, and can never be allowed to enter the galaxy again. This is your first task that you will attend to alone, without my supervision. Deal with him in whatever means you deem fit. However, plan your course wisely. I will not assist you if he proves too much for you. If you die, you will fail me, and you don't want that, do you, my love?"

Milo placed a gloved hand on the side of Zesiro's face, stroking her cheek. He believed that she would pull through, and she knew it.

"When you are ready, go forth and kill him. Bring me his saber as proof of the deed."

Zesiro both loved and hated the man standing next to her. Her master and lover, Milo. He had started over the training where her original master had failed. He had died by her hand. As the time had passed, Milo had turned more dark and twisted, reminding her of her master. She had loved and hated him too. The power she had gained under Milo's tutelage though was much greater than she had when they met. Though he still controlled her, keeping something back...always making her want to do more and gain that little bit more.

She leaned into his stroke, wanting more of it, but knowing now it would just ignite the anger in him. Listening to the details of what is going to be her first solo mission for him, Zesiro nods.

"I will not fail you, Milo."

Reaching her own hand up to place it on top of his, her other she raises to his cheek and stands on her toes to give him a passionate kiss.

"A taste of what's to come after I accomplish this mission."

She set off into the downpour, the chill barely bothering her. Soon she was soaked to the skin. Luckily, the walk wasn't too far and only took about twenty minutes. Along the way, Zesiro took a look at the surroundings, the land, if there were any other settlements around (there were not) and for other ways in and out of the small building that was her target.

Cautiously, she approached the door and knocked. After a few short minutes, an older man answered the door. His hair was greying, but cut short. Eyes were as blue as spring morning's and filled with intelligence. He would not be an easy man to fool.

He looked at her, head to foot and back up and just shook his head.

"Come in, lost one."

[member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
With studious eyes, the Sith watched Zesiro leave into the distance. She wouldn't fail. Not yet, anyways. There would be a time where he would have to set her up for failure. It was inevitable. But for now she was useful as a weapon, a tool.


The older man wasn't expecting guests. It had been a long time since he had anyone over at the hut that he called home. Still, it was relatively clean. Cinnic didn't have many items. He was decidedly against having too many items, as these vanities would simply distract him. It was a simple one room, with a bed in the right corner, a fireplace against one of the sparse walls, and a crude wooden table with two worn seats. A small footlocker under the bed housed all the man's belongings.

Now, to attend to the surprise visitor.

"Come in, lost one."

What the female before him was doing all the way out here was unknown to him. She was soaking wet, cold, and looked lost. Cinnic ignored her physical attraction. Such thoughts were far from the mind of the former Jedi. He had tried romance once, and vowed to never again take a woman's hand once he lost her. He instead grabbed one of the seats and moved it next to the fireplace, his blue eyes sparkling in the reflection of the flames.

"Have a seat. You can dry off until the rain stops."

The former Jedi ran a hand through his greying crew cut. There was a nagging thought in the back of his head. Something was off about this. The nearest major population center was miles and miles away. What would someone be doing out here, all by themselves? Well, whatever the reason, Cinnic hadn't lost his sense of generosity. He may not have been a Jedi any longer, but many of the tenements still stuck to him.

"What brings you here?"

There was something else about this woman that he just couldn't put his finger on. A flicker of shadow danced in the edge of his mind. His intuition was trying to tell him something, but what it was was unknown to the man. He would find out soon enough, though. The entire situation was Cinnic's mind instinctively turned to the lightsaber in his footlocker, the one that he hadn't used in years. Cinnic had no reason to use it. His days of hacking down countless Sith and evildoers throughout the galaxy were over. Still, it never hurt to have it around.

Zesiro nodded and pretending to be a lost, cold and wet travellor, followed Cinnic into his hut. She nodded as he pointed to a stool he set in front of the fire to dry her off and warm her up.

Taking the time, she noticed he did not have his lightsaber on his hip nor was it anywhere that she could see. There were very few individual items in the hut, though this was a home, it didn't feel like one to her. It was so devoid of any personality and emotion. It felt alien to her.

Her thoughts and observations sent a little chill down her spine and she shivered next to the fire. The Jedi, of course would hopefully attribute that shiver to her just warming up from being outside and chilled in the downpour.

She stretched her long legs out in front of the fire to assist in drying off her pants, kept her eyes always on the Jedi and saw he glanced at the case under the bed. While he may not yet have figured out she was Sith, he must feel something is off about the whole thing.

"My ship came down about a mile and half from here and your was the closest settlement I saw."

Her words were truth so if he would somehow scan her for lies, there were none in her statement to be found. As she was drying off, she kept her lightsaber hidden the best she could. She didn't want to reveal that aspect so soon.

[member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert

Cinnic glanced at the woman drying herself by the fire and shivering. His somewhat permanent scowl shifted just slightly in sympathy at her plight. A downed ship in this part of the galaxy was rather unfortunate. Still, he couldn't help out much. The former Jedi had experience with repairs, but without the right parts, his knowledge was almost useless. He saw as the stranger glanced around his sparse hut and became somewhat self conscious of his home. It was nearly completely void of personality, minus a small doll that sat at the foot of his bed, which seemed almost out of place amid the plain hut.

"Nearest town is about 30 miles east of here. They might have the parts you need to get your ship spaceworthy again."

His voice was as gritty and rough as the man himself. The feeling that he had earlier was growing stronger. Internally, Cinnic growled. There was something very off about this. Why had he not heard the ship coming down? His eyes squinted slightly in distrust. He'd get to the bottom of it, and if she posed a threat...

The Jedi spoke of the nearest town and that it might have the parts needed to repair her downed ship.

"How long do you think this rain will last?"

On her walk in, the entire sky had been covered in clouds with no sign of lightning up soon.

She stood up, stretched slightly, showing off the natural curves she possessed.

"If the sky was any indication, it'll be a while."

Pointing upward as she spoke, she looked up and back at the old man.

She had been sent here to kill him, but she really had no idea how to go about doing it. Best course of action would probably be to just attack him with her saber and make it quick. But perhaps there was a less bloody way.

Turning her back to the fire now, Zesiro sat back down to allow that part of her clothing to dry. Her legs and front were done as well as her hair. The Jedi now had a clear view of her revealing clothes.

[member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert

The older man grunted at Zesiro. She was obviously flaunting what she had, but the former Jedi was trained to resist those types of temptations. Besides, he wasn't interested, in her or any woman. He was getting too old for chasing skirts and one-night stands. But it did confirm something. She wasn't showing off her body for no reason, after all. The likelihood of her being attracted to the short, gruff, and grey-haired man wasn't especially high. Cinnic scoffed at the implication she had made about the rain. It would be a while until it let up, but he sure wasn't going to be doing anything with a strange woman with a fishy backstory that would've made a Quarren cover up it's nose. No, there was something else here...

"I don't know who you are, lady. I sure as hell didn't hear any ship crash. What do you want? Money? I don't have any. You a pirate? There's nothing of value here. It'd be better for everyone if you just went right out the way you came."

Then he saw it. It was hidden from his sight when she was seated, but now, with her facing him and the minimal amount of clothing revealing all, it wasn't hard to spot the outline of the lightsaber that wasn't hidden well enough for the crusty Jedi to miss.

The shadow in his mind flickered, plain as day, and was now before him.


All the hair on the back of his neck stood up now. There was no doubt about it. The woman before him, who he had welcomed into his home, was here to kill him.

That wasn't going to happen.

"It was only a matter of time, I suppose..."

Bursting into motion, Cinnic picked up the stool that he had been next to while talking to the woman and flung it at her with a force that was surprising to see from a man of his stature and age. He didn't want to kill her, but if it came down to that, he'd defend his home with his life.

As soon as Cinnic figured out her ploy it was obvious. He spoke and threw the well made stool at her rather forcefully. Before it could connect, she had her lightsaber out. It sliced the stool in half as it came. Instead of hitting her with full force, only part of it did. Striking her on the leg. That would leave a nasty bruise.

Growling at the old man, she moved in on him.

"I don't know what you have done in the past old man or what you might do, but I'm here to stop it now."

Her eyes now glowing ever so slightly, she raised her saber would bring it down to slash from his left shoulder to his right hip.

[member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert

"What I did? I killed evil little puppets like you."

Cinnic strafed across the small hut, narrowly dodging the slice that was meant for him. The table got it instead. Reaching out with the Force, he pulled a piece of the broken wood and flung it, aiming at Zesiro's head.

"I stopped scum from turning this galaxy into a wretched hive of darkness!"

He was next to his bed now. With a sense of urgency, the old man reached down to his footlocker, moving the bed in the process. The worn doll at the foot of the mattress fell to the floor with a silent thud as Cinnic rose back up, activating his lightsaber with a blue blaze of energy.

"I don't wanna kill you, girl. All I wanted was to be left alone!"

The famed Guardian took up a Soresu posture, prepared to deflect any incoming attacks and strike back with ferocity, although with an intent to disarm, not kill.

The old Jedi moved surprisingly fast and was able to dodge her slash. Instead it sliced the table, as it crashed to the floor, Cinnic threw one its heavy legs at her head. Zesiro ducked her head, but got hit in the shoulder. Letting out a grunt of pain and unable to prevent him reaching his chest under the bed, when the pain subsided, she now faced the armed Jedi.

Saber fighting was not something Zesiro was good at, so any blows she sent his direction, he easily parried and deflected. In her turn of defense, she either moved out of the way or clumsily blocked his disarming attacks.

"There's no chance of being left alone anymore, Jedi."

Moving in again, she attempted to attack him again. Fruitless of course, but she did try.

Using the Force to lift the same leg he had thrown at her, Zesiro attacks from the front and aims that leg at the back of his head. He was able to block her attack, and duck out of the way of the leg. She had been near enough that it almost hit her in passing.

A few more back and forth moves with their sabers, like testing the waters. He never got aggressive with her, only tried to disarm. None of her attacks got close to him though his defense was too strong and secure.

"How many innocent have died by the Jedi? You say stopped the galaxy from becoming a hive of darkness. That's impossible, there will always be darkness."

Conversely there will always be light. She did not bother to point this out to him.

The door opened and a young girl walked in. She looked between Zesiro and Cinnic. This provided the opportunity Zesiro needed.

The Jedi looked up at the girl, for the moment his attention was on the newcomer. Zesrio moved in with her lightsaber and thrust it into his stomach. He would have clutched at it, but fell from the blade and to the floor of the hut. To make sure her job was complete, Zesiro decapitated him and deactivated her saber.


The girl ran to the fallen warrior, but it was too late. She looked up in fear at the woman standing above her started moving away. Zesiro allowed her to reach the wall and there she ever so gently placed a hold on her with the Force, much like Milo had done to her when first started training her. Bending over she picked up the lightsaber hilt of the Jedi and looked again at the child.

"Come with me unless you want to meet the same fate."

Zesiro took her own saber out again, activating the blade and walked to the still open door. She released the girl and waited to see what actions she decided on.

[member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert

"Run," the older man would yell to his daughter. His love Treya was the only vestige of his wife left. To lose her would give Cinnic no reason to live anymore. He had left the Jedi Order to keep her safe, after all. It was a cruel irony that trouble would seek them out even after his departure.

His concentration slipped for a moment, and that was all the assassin needed.

Her red blade pierced through his chest. The old Jedi had never felt so free before. So weightless. He could see everything around him, the assassin's cruel face and his daughter, looking on in terror. A few more words escaped from his mouth before he fell to the floor.


Then the red blade took off his head, and he was no more.



Her efforts were fruitless. Her father was dead. She had just returned from the woods, a small animal over her shoulder from her hunt, to find what looked to be utter chaos in her home. Almost all the furniture was broken, and embers were slowly creeping up against the walls, threatening to burst into flames. Then, she couldn't move. The woman moved up to her and spoke, threatening her with death if she didn't join her. Then she was released. With bitter tears running down her face, the 13 year old croaked out in pain.

"I'll never go with you, schutta!"

A hunting dagger was in her grasp. Where it came from was unknown to Zesiro. The girl ran forward and attempted to stab the Sith in the thigh in a rage.

Zesiro saw the anger rise in the girl and smiled. Such fuel the little one gave her.

Stopping the child was no issue for the Sith initiate. Using the Force again, she stopped the girl almost mid step and mezzed her mind, casing her black out. She caught the child before she fell to the ground. The knife falling from the small warrior's hand.

Picking the girl up, Zesiro threw her over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes and left the hut which would soon burn to the ground, leaving nothing behind.

With the added weight of the child, it took a little longer for Zesrio to return to Milo and by the time she did, the sun was setting and they were both soaked. If the girl started waking up at all during the trip, Zesiro would just mezz the child again, keeping her docile.

[member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
Milo stood against the ramp of his ship, in the exact same position he was in when Zesiro had first left. He could see her now, hauling something over her shoulder. It was too far to see what it was then, but as she grew closer the Sith's face grew into a scowl.

It was a girl.

Rushing forward to meet her halfway, the Sith's anger was palpable as he stormed to his protege, demanding answers.

"Why do you have a girl with you? Who is she? Why is she not dead along with the Jedi?"

Being tired and worn out from the hike, Zesiro looked up at Milo, a cold gleam in her eyes. He asked who the girl was and she wasn't dead. Changing position slightly and now cradling the child in her arms for him to see.

"She was his daughter. As for why she is not dead...well I was taken at this age and turned into what I am now. Perhaps, we can do the same to her, if she can even use the Force."

Shrugging her shoulders as a second thought crossed her mind.

"If that proves futile then we can kill her."

Zesiro felt the anger emanating from him, but was not afraid. He had taught her well and she used it to feed herself and give her just that more energy to finish the trip up and into the waiting ship.

[member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
Milo was taken aback. A daughter? He had no idea that Cinnic had any children. From his records, it was implied that the Jedi was a rough individual, with little time to spare on things such as companionship. A daughter of one of the most powerful swordsmen in their time may prove to be something useful.

"A daughter? Interesting. Put her aboard. I will tend to her myself once she awakens. As for yourself, recover. You look like a haggard mess."

With that, the Sith marched up into his vessel, awaiting his pupil and their captive in tow.

Zesiro went up and into the ship. Her hair and clothes dripping wet on the floor. Taking the sleeping girl, she put her on one of the bunks. If Milo wanted her someplace else, he could move her.

She went into her room, got out of her soaking clothes and went into the refresher to shower off and get warm. Taking her time, when she was done, she got dressed again and headed to the galley to make them some food.

"Milo, would like some dinner?"

Making up enough for three now, she sat down to eat her share of the food and waited to see if he would join her.

[member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert

Milo spoke lowly, to not disturb the child he was sitting next to. The Sith was waiting for her to wake up. First impressions were important, after all. Even in his low volume, the Sith still managed to stir the child, who woke up with a start, looking about at the unfamiliar surroundings.

"Papa! Papa!"

Milo's yellow eyes shown with interest as he put on a friendly smile. Although his face had been worn down and aged over the months, he still had his good looks, and now appeared to be a kind, older man, albeit with eyes that glowed and radiated in a mixture of yellow, red, and bright green.

"Shhh, child. It's ok. No one is going to hurt you here."

Milo played the part of a kind man well. Part of it wasn't an act. He still had a caring side underneath, and the fact that a child had to witness the death of her father wasn't missed on the Sith. It was regrettable, and he would make sure that Zesiro was punished for her carelessness in the matter.

The child bought the act. At least she wasn't being aggressive or demanding where she was. At the moment, the girl was clutching her knees and rocking back and forth, sobbing uncontrollably.

"There, there. I'm sorry this happened to you."

Milo pulled out a handkerchief from one of his robes' pockets and dabbed at the girl's cheeks, wiping away the tears that ran freely.

"What is your name, child?"


"What a beautiful name. You're safe here, Freya. I swear to you that."

" I?"

"You're aboard my ship. Safe."

"She...she killed him!"

"Yes, yes. She did. It was rather unfortunate that you had to see that. But it was necessary. Your father was a bad man. He killed many good people, some of them friends of mine. He had to be stopped before he hurt anyone else."

"You''re a liar..."

Milo pushed his will upon her, to have Freya see in the same way he did. It didn't convince her immediately that her father's murder was justified or good, but it would at least keep her open to suggestions and lull her into a more cooperative mood.

", I'm not. He had to be stopped, Freya. It was the only way. You didn't know him like I did."

The child's eyes grew hazy as the mind trick took hold. It would be difficult to break such a strong emotional wall, but Milo had plenty of time to make her see things his way.

The two would talk for hours, the girl remaining on the bed while the Sith sat next to it on a chair, using his silver tongue to trick and deceive Freya...

Zesiro did not interrupt Milo as he sat and talked to the girl. His treatment of child was certainly different than how she had been treated at that age. Almost feeling a little jealous, she did bring the food and set it outside the door of the chamber the other two were in.

When she got tired, she went to bed and slept. She slept like rock and did not stir until several hours had passed. Waking up, she went to the refresher, rinsed off her face and replaced the tail she always had her hair up in.

Making food again, she did not move to approach Milo or the girl in case she would be interrupting something he was doing.

Sitting on the table in front of her was the old Jedi's lightsaber. The forgotten items to indicate she had killed him.

[member="Milo Ren"]

Milo Ren

A Howling Voice in the Desert
Milo left the room with Treya behind him, tentatively shadowing the Sith. In the few hours he had spoken to her, Milo had made some decent progress. Still, it would be months before she truly trusted the man.

The two entered the dining room and Treya saw Zesiro, her father's killer. Instantly, she started screaming and picked up the nearest object, a steak knife, and threw it at the assassin with frightening speed and accuracy. Milo stepped back and watched the ensuing scene with fascination. The way she handled the was as if she were trained to do that. Had the old man taught her how to fight? Interesting

Zesiro heard Milo approaching as she finished eating her food. The girl followed in his shadow. When Freya saw her though, her face filled with rage and a scream emerged. The child picked up a knife and threw it quite accurately at Zesiro who was already on the move.

Using Force enhanced reflexes, Zesiro was out of her seat and avoided the knife thrown. Her momentum carried her to the girl in seconds and she backhanded the child hard enough to knock her to the ground. Standing over the prone form, she wanted to do to her what her first master had done and lock her up. That wasn't going to be Milo's approach though and instead left the room, her eyes glowing from her anger at the girl.

They could get their own food to eat.

[member="Milo Ren"]

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