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Morally Questionable/Good Citizens Do Their Part (OOC)

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& anyone else interested in joining in the festivities

In case anyone is interested in joining later on in the thread, I thought that I'd make a discussion post instead of PM'ing everyone the details.

Summary: A team of hunters has assembled to end a corrupt politician on the planet of Lok.

Current Objective/Plot points: Land and find Senator Horib Leman in his marvelous maze in his marvelous jungle maze which is now on fire.

Join in Progress Idea for the Idea-less: Write yourself in as a bounty hunter under-cover as a camera man for Senator Horib Leman's worldwide broadcasting team, or as a bounty hunter who had reached their target and was watching the broadcast on location.

Target Information: Here is the factory thread for our dashing antagonist if anyone is interested in reading up on him pre-fight:

Link to IC thread:
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