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Mohc Extractives


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Corporation Name: Mohc Extractives, formerly Minerals and Metals Inc. (M’n’M)
Headquarters: Gromas 16

Locations: Alderaan, Val’hala, Dantooine, Serpena, Asahi, and prospecting throughout former Sith Empire space, Fringe space, Black Sun space, Protectorate space, Levantine Sanctum space, Mandalorian space, and Republic space.

Operations: Rare metals casting and limited weapons manufacturing, rare materials mining and prospecting.

Rationale: Current ownership is as follows.
  • 53.34% Jared Ovmar
  • 46.00% Danger Arceneau
  • 00.67% Warren Valik (under a pseudonym)

Tier: III

Description: Mohc Extractives is primarily invested in phrikite mining and refinement. It is also active in gemstone prospecting. Mohc Extractives operates phrikite mines on Gromas and Val’hala, and obtains its tydirium from a number of private contractors and public suppliers. Refining and casting operations take place on a number of worlds.

Mohc’s operations are somewhat decentralized, meant to support roving teams of prospectors -- one of the few holdovers from the JAC administration. The difference is that, when M’n’M once focused entirely on small-scale prospectors to produce a few bars of precious metals, it is now a serious operation in its own right. Mohc sells refined phrik and other metals in ingot and sheet form. Its assets include nimble shuttles and very fast armed escorts; a Mohc shipment’s heavy gun load-out may cut into the company’s profit margins, but assaulting a Mohc convoy is a fast way to look foolish.

An auction sold Rave Merrill's portion, with the new owners as listed.

With the Mandalorian clans steadily moving in an expansionist mode, Danger Arceneau saw just what she needed to do to 'get done' what she needed to get done.

Needless to say, the Trade Queen went fit to purchase stock from Mrrew, Darth Odium and a portion of Valik's (under a psydonomyn)

Pertient Development Threads:
  • [Link] - Purchased stock from Valik
  • [Link] - Purchased stock from Darth Odium and Mrrew
  • [Link] - Acquired stock from Ayden Cater
  • [Link] - Acquired stock from Dissero
  • [Link] - Acquired stock from Valik
Two things:

  • I'd like to see an expanded description here, detailing what exactly this 'crew' is and what about their process of work makes them so good. Who are they? Why are they good? Just telling me they are good doesn't give me much incentive to believe you. Also, in the expanded description, describe the company itself. The current desc. is quite vague, and about all I can gather is that the company mines minerals, is some kind of subsidiary of James Armor Co. and it has a crew which, presumably, mines stuff.
  • What does "Rationale: Made" mean, exactly?

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