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NPC Review Moethus Security Force

Eira Dwynwen

The Best Dancer

  • Unit Name: Moethus Security Force
  • Affiliation: Eira Dwynwen Eira Dwynwen
  • Classification: Security Force
  • Description: The Moethus Security Force is trained soldiers now working as a security detail on the luxury cruiser, Moethus 1. They are highly trained, skilled and intimidating force, this was required to ensure that guests for the cruiser enjoy their time, don't cheat the casinos on the cruiser and most importantly that they stay away from Eira's hidden spy den. Their job is to also deal with potential pirates and raiders who attempt to rob or take over the unarmed vessel. The Moethus Security Force is diverse mix of alien races and abilities, they are meant to be balanced as a unit and they all report to Eira as their commanding officer.
COMBAT INFORMATION: The combination of Unit Size and Availability below is the indicator of how numerous your unit is. Stormtroopers for instance would be considered Large/Common, while Rogue Squadron would be a Small/Unique unit. Majority Force User Units are prohibited from being Common or Large. The stronger and more specialized your unit is (FU or NFU), the smaller and less common it should be.
  • Unit Size: Medium
  • Unit Availability: Unique
  • Unit Experience: Veteran
  • Equipment: Matrix Armour, Armourweave and DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System (DC-17m ICWS)
  • Combat Function: While most of the job that the Moethus Security Force is part of is intimidation and ensuring that peace is maintained on the Moethus Luxury Cruiser. There also needs to be combat experience and astute awareness of surroundings and ensuring collateral damage is kept to a minimum. While they could work well as a supportive unit due to their size, they are a private military force that is very small designed to work as a security detail, not made to be used in large wars or combat fields. They are all competent soldiers and they join the job highly recommended as well as being discrete about the secret spy operation that Eira runs on the ship.
  • Armed and well trained means they can be deadly when the occasion arises
  • Intimidating presence means that most civilians do not attempt arguing or fighting
  • Small unit means that infiltrations are difficult since everyone knows everyone on the squad
  • Focus on secrecy, members of the squad are impossible to interrogate outside of Mind Trick
  • Small unit means that they can be overwhelmed by large forces
  • Having to be well trained and elite force means that it is difficult to find replacements when members die
  • Is often looked down upon as a basic bouncer position by most
  • Very susceptible to Force Powers
With the construction of the Moethus Luxury cruiser, Eira Dwynwen realised that she needed to have a tight, well trained security team in case customers got too drunk, aggressive or were cheating the house out of credits and needed to be forcibly removed. It was also crucial that Eira had a security team to ensure that those who might have been too curious about her underground operations do not discover her spy operation located on the ship. So patrolling and blocking off the staff only sections was deemed vital in maintaining Eira's operation. To discover members that would be most suitable for her security team, Eira decided to hire highly skilled veterans who were looking for a well paid security job. The team was built to be tough, intimidating and capable of working as a strong unit. Once built, the security team was introduced to the members and the vessel that they would be guarding, it was large for the team but there was certain sections that Eira made clear were more important than others when it came to patrols and guarding.