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Approved Tech Modular General Labor Droid (MGL-Series)

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Captain Larraq


Credit: Image found on Scifiideas website. Original author unknown. Credit for image belongs to whoever Scifiideas website obtained image from.
Intent: To create a general purpose labor droid capable of handling specialist tasks with the assistance of modular specialized equipment.

Development Thread: NA
Manufacturer: Mandal Hypernautics
Model: Modular General Labor Droid (MGL-Series)
Affiliation: Open Market
Modularity: Modular Labor Equipment
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel, Duraplast, other materials.

More expensive than a basic General Labor Droid, but cheaper than buying multiple Labor Specialist droids, the MGL class General Labor Droid was designed to fill the role of numerous Labor Specialist droids with a single mass-producible droid. This was accomplished by creating a general labor droid with the basic framework and programming required for general labor tasks, but with modular hardware and software in mind. With the purchase and application of various 'upgrade packages' available for sale on the open marked, this droid can be easily modified with numerous specialized equipment packages that include both the hardware required for the specific task and a software upgrade disk to ensure that the droid is as capable and competent at the specific labor task as a labor specialist droid would be.

Classification: Class Five General Labor Droid
Weight: 2 tons
Height: 3 meters
Movement: Bipedal
Armaments: None Standard
Misc. Equipment: Sound and Particulate Sensor System, Variable Spectrum Optics,


Null Prime
Two things:

1) Can you provide a citation/source for the image please?

2) What's the approximate cost of one of these droids? The cost can be an actual number or a generic "It's as much as a starfighter/cheap as a blaster pistol" description.

Please tag me in your reply. Thanks!

Captain Larraq

@[member="Asemir Lor'kora"]

Submission updated. Credit given as best I could. 'General' cost is included in description now. "More expensive than a 'basic' General Labor Droid, but cheaper than multiple Labor Specialist Droids."
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