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Approved Starship Modified Liberté-class Light Corvette

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Zef Halo

Good Ol' Scoundrel


  • Intent: To retrofit the Liberte-class Corvette to accodomate Jedi needs and beliefs.

  • Image Source: Star Citizen's Polaris Corvette, image modifications by yours truly

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: Liberte-class Light Corvette
  • Manufacturer: Lucerne Labs, also retrofitted and modified by Lucerne Labs.
  • Model: Modified Liberté-class Light Corvette [Jedi Mk]
  • Affiliation: The Jedi Praxeum
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Titanium armor plating, Durasteel-Trimantium laminated hull, starship components

Classification: Light Corvette
Length: 50 meters
Width: 30 meters
Height: 17 meters
Armament: Low

Defenses: Moderate
Hangar: 0 Squadrons
Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
Speed Rating: Moderate
Hyperdrive Class: 1




Fast: The Liberté is generally faster than most other capital ships on the battlefield, especially when engaging the Nimble-5 Engines boost function.

Adaptable Subsystems: The Liberté is exceptionally average in most of its raw performance. However, several of its subsystems, such as its communications and shield systems, have secondary modes that allow a degree of flexibility in adapting to different situations.


Exposed Bridge: The Liberté has fairly exposed bridge at the front, which makes it a tempting target, especially when the corvette is stationary.

Vulnerable Rear: The Liberté has an exceptionally large engine block for its size, which makes it an abnormally large, unarmored target on the vessel.This is compounded by the fact that only a single quad laser cannon and Sentinel-class can bring in any firepower to the rear, and even, they do not have complete coverage from all approach vectors because of the large, lateral sublight engine nacelles.



Shield Power: The addition of an improved power generator has led to a more resilient Aspis-class Shield System

Maneuvering jets: The addition of maneuvering jets has increased the maneuverability of the corvette slightly.


Armament: The significant reduction of armament to fit the Jedi vision, practices and beliefs have taken a toll on the ship's destructive capabilities.

Description: The Liberté is fast, agile starship designed to fill the gap between conventional starfighters and larger warships. To this end, the Liberté was designed with greater speed and agility than most conventional capital ships, but more endurance and armament than most starfighters. These qualities have made it a popular and affordable choice as a patrol ship, especially with smaller government. The same traits have also made it a popular raiding and strike craft with many larger militaries. A portion of the Liberte has been modified to fit Jedi belief system and donated to the Jedi Praxeum. [Proof]

Technical Explanations

Crew: The Liberté's bridge is more of a cockpit, with an arrangement of eight stations set at the ship's bow, giving the crew a panoramic view of the space in front of them, which allows the ship's pilot to make the most use of the vessel's speed and agility. The stock Liberté requires two people to fly at bare minimum: a pilot and a co-pilot to manage additional systems. In reality, most Libertés have several dozen people to effectively run all of the systems, especially the weapons.

Engine Systems: Nearly a third of the craft is occupied by an oversized bank of Nimble-5 Ion Engines, which provides the vessel with sufficient speed to escape or pursue its enemies, especially when the Nimble-5's boost function is utilized. The ship otherwise carries a typical x1 hyperdrive. It is not uncommon for Libertés in private hands to come with modified hyperdrives to give them greater speed or range. The inclusion of maneuvering jets has improved the ship's maneuvering capabilities.

Shielding Systems: The Liberté is the first vessel to come with Lucerne Lab's Aspis-class Shield System as stock. While only average in terms of outright strength, the Aspis is particularly liked by Liberté crews because it automatically reacts to its environment, whether the ship is in the thick of a battle or navigating through a particularly dense asteroid belt. With the new, improved power generator supplying the ship, the Aspis shield system's defensive capacity has been increased.

Hull: To ease production of the ship, the Liberté's internal compartments are prefabricated as entire and complete units in a factory. Each durasteel-cased compartment is then joined together via mol-welding and then laminated as whole unit with thin layers of Trimantium to better resist tensile stresses on the hull during flight. This hull is then covered in Titanium armor plating. The cockpit or bridge of the vessel and the viewports are layered in thick ceraglass. This provides the Liberté's hull with average durability, as while most of the hull is rather thin, the material that is there is exceptionally strong and well-integrated.

Weapons: The Liberté sports a diversified set of weapons capable of taking a variety of threats at a variety of ranges. The general purpose nature of this armament makes it a jack of all trades, master of none combatant. It is equally effective lobbing long-range slugs and plasma energy torpedoes at a star destroyer as it is beating back waves of swarm fighters with clouds of shrapnel and vibrant streams of point defense energy fire. While previously a jack of all trades with good armament to tackle a wide array of foes, the modification of the Liberte has led to a significant reduction of arsenal. The weaponry stripped off and hull welded has given the Liberte a bigger space for passengers, thus turning some of these new 'open spaces' into living quarters. This has resulted in almost double incline of passenger capacity. The modification sees a focus on disabling weaponry such as automated ion cannons.

Carrying Capacity: The Liberté is not a dedicated transport craft, but it still has the carrying capacity of a small transport, allowing it to move small numbers of passengers and cargo. Most Libertés in military service carry several squads of marines and their equipment for planetside raids or boarding operations. As stated earlier - the removal of a large portion of the armament has increased the cargo and passenger space by almost a double.
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