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Approved Planet Mnencheiasus

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Image from Lava Planet, Daz3D

Sikune (Greater Moon)
Image from Mass Effect 3, BioWare

Name: Mnencheiasüs

Region: The Unknown
System: Sol Umbra System
Suns: Two; Sol Umbra, Blue Class F-IV; Arodai, Red Class M-V
Orbital Position: 182,500,000 kilometers (1.134e8 mi.); Second System Planet
Moons: Sikune, Deira-Ün-Aloku
Coordinates: G5
Rotational Period: 27.629 E. Hours
Orbital Period: 425.2 E. Days

Class: Terrestrial, former Garden World
Diameter: 14525.88 kilometers (9025.96 mi.)
Atmosphere: Type II, 2.09 atm.
Climate: Sub-Tropical
Gravity: 1.09 G.
Primary Terrain: Oceanic, Badlands, Forest.

Native species: Mnenchei (Sentient)
Immigrated species: Human
Primary languages: Mnenchalis, Galactic Standard Basic
Government: Dynastic Monarchy
Population: 252,450,000 on Sikune
Demonym: Mnencheiasunian
Major cities: Exodus Prime, Sikune
Major imports: Ships, Computer Systems, Weapons
Major exports: Refined Metals, Solid Blades, Metalwork
Affiliation: Mnenchei Dominion

Culture: Sikune, the last remaining remnant of native civilization of Mnencheiasus, resides on the larger moon Sikune, primarily in Sikune’s capital Exodus Prime. This moon, which always contained the necessary prerequisites for agriculture including a trace atmosphere, was atmospherically engineered over time to have a rough equivalent of pre-tectonic-event Mnencheiasus. Sikune has a Type II breathable atmosphere and is mostly covered in spread out food farms. The capital Exodus Prime is a large semi-modern city which houses most of the quarter-billion population on Sikune. It is also home to the thirteen current Odei (shamans) of the Mnenchei species and most of the royal family.
Technology: Mnencheian technology is far from advanced, barely exceeding that of the late medieval to early rennaisance period. In many cases, it is even less so as it is stunted by their tendency to choose a natural method over a synthetic one. However, since their pilgrimage off of their doomed world, the Mnenchei have adopted space age technology from nearby sapient species including humankind. This technology is limited, as they have only been able to practice it for less than a century. Most of their naval technology is limited to freighters and frigates of moderate size.
On the surface, hundreds of mining outposts and roadways mine the ore-rich crust of the planet’s surface, even more so exposed by its recent natural events. These raw metals and materials are then freighted to Sikune where they are refined, used by the natives with the remainder exported as raw materials or rare trade goods.
History: The Mnenchei once lived on the terrestrial rainforest/alpine world of Mnencheiasüs, approximately 1.14 times the size of real-world Earth with an 87% ocean. However, since a global tectonic event that submerged most of the vegetation and split the lands, they have been forced to migrate to nearby systems while their former now-uninhabitable and intraversible homeworld churns with magma geysers and slowly burns its own atmosphere away. The largest portion of the remaining Mnenchei population (apx. 1,009,800,000) resides on nearby Ansion on the edge of the Unknown. Mnencheiasüs remains uncharted and obscured on the greater galactic scale. It is sparingly mined for raw metals.

Notable Locations:


[SIZE=large][ E X O D U S _ P R I M E ][/SIZE]
Exodus Prime is the capital of both Mnencheiasus and the Mnenchei Monarchy. Located in the largest of three moons of Sikune, Exodus Prime is the pinnacle of Mnenchei perseverance and society. The city itself is rather large, so great in size in fact, it is just barely able to reach a curvature due to the small circumference of the moon. It, like most of Sikune, has an artificially engineered atmosphere that is retained to the surface of the small moon via small gravity wells. At the heart of it all is the Castle-Monastery of the Ankai, the home of the Queen, the Royal Clan and the Royal Guard and political assistants. It is a grand structure large in scope, renaissance in form but modern in integrity, built by only the finest Mnenchei artisans and smiths. The treasury vaults are located under the castle-monastery and smaller, more numerous vaults exist in secure locations throughout the city to house vast quantities of Kalestat, the highly valued crystal of Mnencheiasus. The city itself is incredibly defensible, manned under the rule of Ankai Alachei Mnemenos by approximately 100,000 trained militant police officials who have access to light walkers, tanks and high-grade firearms. Many starports and dry docks also line the outer walls of the city, once used to house part of the Royal Navy now more often than not vacant, seeing only a few dozen privately-owned or Republic passerby military vessels on all of Sikune at any given time. An embassy with included Senate office was established adjacent to the the castle-monastery and outside of its gates in light of the recent annex under the Galactic Republic umbrella, though without the need for a Senate staff with an acting Ankai in place, it sees no use.


[ R I ' E S S _ M O N A S T E R Y ]
The Monastery of Ri'ess is a moderately modernized but old-fashioned structure predating the Mnenchei Dominion and even the current Dynasty. As old as the shaman sect themselves, the original had always stood as a homestead for those in service to the goddess and secretly to the Enclave. After the cataclysm that wrought Mnencheiasus and emerged vast quantities of Kalestat Crystal, it was all but destroyed. Not too far from the original (uninhabitable and treasureless) monastery now stands the new one, nestled deep within a high mountain valley where magma is known to surface and flow into one of the many lava seas now blotting the surface of the once-elegant world. The monastery has many amenities, including comfortable housing for up to a hundred (though largely unused), training and meditation centers, a hidden hangar virtually never used and a private mine with an underground hot spring lake. Only the Justiciary, the Ankai and the Enclave know its existence or whereabouts; even then, it is largely kept in the dark and not known to exist to the rest of the galaxy, even the Republic. Items considered relics of the Royal Clan or of divine significance via Ri'ess are kept here safely in chambers made to be even lava resistant.

Notable PC's:

Intent: To put the Mnenchei race on the map. Literally.
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