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Approved Tech MN-B Darkhold Custom

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Jedi Princess

Intent: Laira’s Jedi armor and suit

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Canon Link: Thinsuit | Bodyglove

Permissions: None

Primary Source: AE-AS3 Infiltrator | Spidersilk Elastex

Manufacturer: Min-Dal Company

Affiliation: Laira Darkhold
Model: Darkhold Custom
Modularity: Yes
Production: Unique

Classification: Stealth Thinsuit

Weight: Very Low | 1 Kilogram
  • Plasma: High
  • Kinetic: Very Low
  • Blade: Average
  • Lightsabers: Low
  • Environmental: Very High
  • Elemental: Very High

  • Enviro-Suit: The MN-B is designed more to protect its wearer from hostile environments and effects than to turn them into armored tanks. It provides excellent insulation against heat, cold to regulate the wearer’s temperature, defenses against high-gravity and gravitic distortions, radiation, chemicals, acids, and other elements. It can be used as an Extra-vehicular suit for pilots in extreme situations but only for a short time if the wearer has a breathing apparatus.
  • J1 Utility Belt
  • Omnigoggles
  • Shape-Shifter: The armor can be stretched, pulled, or gathered up to shift its shape covering more or less of the body at the wearer’s discretion. This means it can be worn under clothes like shorts, tank tops, strapless dresses or skirts and pulled to be hidden beneath these with ease. It can also be quickly pulled to cover the wearer from neck to toe and seal around them.
  • Undetected: The suit itself and a single small pocket is undetectable on scanners or sensors like those used at customs, hand-held ones, or other such devices. However, the wearer themselves does not benefit from any of these stealth features. Basically it can be worn and unless given a cavity search it won’t be found or seen.
  • Blunt Force: The suit provides almost no defense against solid slugs, strike weapons, and blunt force trauma since it is a skin tight suit with no solid parts. It may not be penetrated in some cases, but it offers practically nothing to dissipate the kinetic impact.
The Min-Dal Bodyglove is less designed as a stealth suit like its predecessors but instead as a less obvious form of personal armor for its wearers. While originally intended to be distributed to operatives as a defensive measure when in public, its abilities as a discrete personnel armor for independent operators, freighter captains, smugglers, and even the wealthy and noble people of the galaxy could not be overlooked. Laira Darkhold acquired several black ones and modified them with some of her basic Jedi equipment, such as her belt, goggles. Sometimes she pairs it with spacers clothing worn over top, sometimes with just a camouflage poncho depending on the situation. She also included a front zipper that is usually not in the original model.

The suit is made from skin tight, flexible fibers similar to shell spidersilk, and its derivative Spidersilk Elastax, it provides a decent level of energy weapon resistance along with excellent environmental defenses and protections, and some stab/puncture resistant qualities. Also like Spidersilk Elastex the material is able to be stretched and pulled to cover a being of roughly humanoid proportions as well as forming into sleeves where there previously were none and even into gloves, sealing itself together until it is taken off. Where it differs is its ability to collapse into a smaller version of itself such as gathering up the legs or arms which collapse and condense into a wrinkleless article of clothing. It can be formed into something as small as boxer-briefs and then pulled into a full body-stocking at will, provided the wearer is able to manually do so. This allows the suit to be worn under clothing such as tank tops, strapless dresses, shorts, and the like without notice or seams. Some have dubbed them “Armor-Spanx” due to this quality.

Unique to it, the suit itself is undetectable by scans, sensors, security, or other such measures due to any of a variety of sensor blocking substances used in its construction. Anything other than physically seeing the suit is generally considered to be unable to detect it. However, this applies only to the suit and not the person wearing it or anything they may have attempted to conceal inside it.
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