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Mission Impossible

Coruscant, the hub of Lightside activity - the perfect place for a darker soul to wander undetected. One might have thought it otherwise, but with Ashla dominating the Force Presences there, one tiny spec of Bogan was swamped, pulled under by the tide so to speak. And so it was that Saeldar and @[member='Thyrian Ashborn'] were able to fly a covered speeder down over the flight paths through the Financial Districts of Coruscant's Upper Levels. Master and Apprentice, Mistress and Subordinate, quite an odd pairing, all things considered. The smaller was a child of fourteen, still only an Apprentice - to the Emperor himself, none the less - yet the Master of the taller, an alchemical creature-of-a-man, borne of flames and ash, a living furnace, subjugated to her will. Definitely an odd pairing, yet for whatever reason it worked.

As the speeder descended the girl turned her sights to the man-of-Ash in the modified passenger seat. She had been successfully able to subdue him to the point where only the minimal alterations were required - minor heat-proofed seats being the one present in the speeder. After all, this was much less costly and time-exhausting. Still, the permanent fix is required, which was partly why they were here. Finally it stood before them, or they above it, the First Bank of Coruscant, perhaps the greatest still in existence in the Republic, with vaults loaded full of credit chips and valuables. Why take from the Empire? she had inquired when first formulating the plan, long before the Ashborn had been subjugated. No, it was her place to further the Sith, not hinder them.

"Deal with the guards" she said, as the speeder finally descended onto the rooftop "I'll take out surveillance." And so it was that the pair slipped out of the unmarked speeder. The rooftop cameras were immediately torn down with a forceful tug of Telekinesis on the child's part, she remaining covered through her Jedi-esque robes, those she had obtained years prior on a Mission for @[member='Daxton Bane']. Only when the cameras were taken care of did she gesture her weapon from the Speeder, so he could deal with the guards who were hurrying to their present location. Within the Bank itself no-one had yet to be alerted, the camera's seemed to have malfunctioned, nothing more and nothing less, and before the guards could even realise what was happening a volley of flames emitted from the young girl's Apprentice. There would be naught save ash in their place.
Once given the word, the Ashborn prepared himself for only a split-second, before jumping off the speeder. In mid-air his charred corpse-of-a-body bursted into flames, creating a fiery trail behind him as he landed onto the roof. The look of the guards were of pure shock intermixed with fear. Never had they seen anything in their lives, and now they would not live to see anything but their beating hearts melt before their eyes. When a few of them rushed him, Thyrian extended his arms as waves of flames erupted from his open palms. Nothing but ashes remained of the men after mere seconds. Those left had surrounded him, retaining some confidence in their abilities to subdue the creature, it seemed. A deafening roar was let loose from his non-existant lips, as a huge pillar of fire appeared from thin air, swirling about the roof, mainly to create confusion. The guards were forced to scatter themselves to not become roasted by its heat, making them easy targets to pick off one by one.

Towering above them all, the behemoth took out the guards one after the other, each in a different feat of raw strength and brutality. If the very touch of his fists did not leave them burned beyond measure, his brute force would crack their every bone he came into contact with. Never had he indulged himself so, wickedly grinning as he slaughtered the remaining guards. Once he used to feel remorse over being what he had become, but at this very moment of his miserable existance, he was in pure glee. This was his element; tearing apart his enemies, creating chaos across the battlefield. Once the last of the guards had his neck broken by the grip of his huge hand, falling to the ground no more than a mess of flesh and bone, the blood-splattered Ashborn turned to face his mistress, who had watched his performance from the shadows. "THE GUARDS ARE NO MORE, MISTRESS", he said in a somewhat gleeful tone.

Thankfully, Coruscant was a very noisy place, so the roar did not go further than the hearing of those on the rooftop. All the same she turned and glared in his direction, they had to be inconspicuous... If that was possible when leading such a fiery behemoth. "Burn the bodies, scatter the ashes, and wait for my signal." And with that the young girl slipped through the door, having taken one of the key-cards from one of the few not-yet-burnt-up bodies. The moment she stepped inside the young girl halted, and listened... But there were no alarms, no sound of hurried footsteps. Infact she could hear two guards down the hall talking about a Twi'lek they had seen the night before. Ashborn could deal with them, too, when Saeldar had dealt with the CCTV.

Raising a hand she silently tugged one of the cameras around, the wires internally snapping to the point where the screen they were being monitored from simply fuzzed with static, looking like a furtherance of the rooftop disruption. For now they would be non-the-wiser, but it would not last. Saeldar fully intended to be gone by that point. Backtracking silently she breathed in and focused, allowing herself to become immersed in the Current so that she was rendered unseen. Then she made her way further down in order to get at the remaining CCTV, again rendering the wires obsolete. Not for her sake, but for Ashborns. When this was finished she worked her way back up to the door, so that she could summon her subordinate to take out the only two guards this hallway had to offer...

@[member="Thyrian Ashborn"]
With a snap of his fingers, the bodies bursted into flames, leaving nothing but piles of ashes in their place. He then remained on the roof, kicking around the piles of ashes to scatter the remains, letting it rain down the roof onto the empty streets below. Nobody would be able to discern where the bodies had gone to, nor how they died. There were no traces whatsoever. Once his mistress reappeared from the doorway, he was told to follow. He only needed to take a few steps to be at her side, his steps being twice the size of an ordinary person. Making their way to the hallway, the two guards still stood talking to one another. Surprisingly limber and discreet in his movements, the Ashborn managed to get in close before revealing himself. Once discovered, the two men could do nothing but watch as their hearts were ripped out of their chests simultaniously, before the two still beating hearts melted before their eyes. They both slumped to the floor, rendered lifeless and little else than bags of meat. Thyrian then signaled to his mistress that the coast was clear. Now for the vault itself...

With a wave of her hand she gestured to the two hallway guards. "They, too, will need disposing of" she murmured. "Take them to the roof and incinerate their bodies... Return to me immediately after." There would be further surveillance for her to take out before they had a clear shot at the vault in question. Both Saeldar and Ashborn had done their homework, and had chosen the specific vault very carefully... But that would come later, once the rest was dealt with. Pressing onwards she kept her ears open for the sound of other guards. They were always paired up, if not in larger groups than even that, and were reluctant to spend their days in stoic silence, so they were easy to detect. All the while the young lady counted her steps, she had been very thorough when going over their plans for this place. 1257 steps from the rooftop entrance - that would bring her to the vault door that they sought out. Somewhere along the way more cameras flickered into view, and the shadow-walker disposed of their signals as she had with the others, malfunctioning their wires. No guards were in this section, so she halted and waited for Thyrian to catch her up. Time was of the essence, especially considering that was several CCTV camera's now down...

@[member="Thyrian Ashborn"]
Effortlessly picking up the two bodies and letting them by the waist onto his shoulder, the giant rushed up to the roof to dispose of them as he had the others. Having incinerated the remains, their ashes were caught by a breeze and whisked away into the midnight sky. Looking up he could see faint stars glimmering across the wall of darkness looming high up above him. It made him feel so small in comparison, but the moment did not last long. He soon remembered his duties and why they were here, and proceeded as instructed. Back down the stairs into the building he went, catching up to his mistress. The sense of being small vanished once he set eyes on @[member="Kära Vi'dreya"], as he yet again towered above the mere fourteen-year-old girl. So young, and already such a deadly force to be reckoned with; it caused the fire within Thyrian to burn ever brighter in her prescence, as he too wished to learn the ways of becoming powerful, as was the Sith way, he had been told innumerous times before. Yet he did not truly believe it 'til now. "THE BODIES HAVE BEEN DISPOSED OF, MISTRESS" he spoke with the smallest possible words for one such as him. His entire being felt out-of-place, as this was an operation requiring stealth, mastery of the shadows, and subtlety; none of which he possessed. What he majored in was brute force, raw power, as he tore his enemies apart. It was what fueled his fire, harnessed his rage.
Without a word she set off again when he caught up to her, and together they strode down the hall to the corner. Around the next bend, she knew, they would find their target. "Get ready, there will be guards here who need to be dealt with immediately. Then you are to burn through the vault. We need to do this all swiftly, do not fail me." Having spoken into his mind she made it clear that they needed to be quiet for this... After all a lot rested on it. Thankfully they were in the only hallway which led to the roof, and they had cleared the path back. All they had to worry about were the guards around the corner and anyone who might come to investigate the 'faulty' cameras. Finally she stepped forth, with Ashborn at her heels, and immediately pulled at the CCTV to knock off its signal. The bank was blind, but it wouldn't be long before they realised something was up... No, they had to act "Now!" she said into his mind, giving him no further urging to do his thing. There were three guards here, all stood before the vault. So far they had not seen the pair on the edge of their vision, but... Then one turned, eyes wide, face paled upon seeing the living-fire...

@[member="Thyrian Ashborn"]
Immidietly responding to her command, he lashed out against the guards at an incredible speed, full of rage and flames. Positioning himself right in the middle of the grouped together men, he made a sudden arching gesture with both his arms, emanating an aura of more than a hundred degrees celsius. Thus he successfully managed to make the guards surrounding him choke to death, as their lungs were litterally being cooked and melted inside of them. A synchronised breath of steam could be seen leaving the gaping mouths of them all, before falling dead to the ground. No sound was heard, save for the heavy breathing of the Ashborn. Turning around to give the all-clear to his mistress, he couldn't help but grin slightly at his newfound ability. He then set his focus on the metre-thick doors standing between them and the riches of the vault. This would require a tremendous effort to melt through the set of steel doors, and enormous quantities of heat to boot. Grasping the large metal handles at the side of the door, he braced himself before putting all his strength into one, mighty pull. In one motion, he had managed to melt away the hinges tightly fastened into the wall, as well as channeling enough heat into the locking mechanism, effectively loosening it, as he tore the door open using his raw strength. Tossing the huge door to the ground beside him, he stepped aside to make room for his mistress, remaining alert of any witnesses.

@[member="Kära Vi'dreya"]
With a nod of her head the young girl stepped over the bodies and into the vault. Without hesitation she used the Force to guide the credit chips from their stacks and into the carrier she wore on her back. Trusting in Ashborn to keep watch she did the process as quickly as she could, taking care not to touch the credits herself. Only when she was done did she turn around to face him. The valuables were left, as were half of the chips themselves. In a flurry of robes she began to stride out, breathing in slowly now that it was almost over. "Seal up the vault using the old door... And dispose of the bodies. I'll be on the rooftop." She trusted that he could hold his own should anyone come to investigate. It was time that they left, after all she had other places to be. Climbing the stairs to the empty roof she wandered to the unmarked speeder and waited beside it. From here they would have to venture to BlasTech Industries, where a very specific order was waiting on her to be picked up.

@[member="Thyrian Ashborn"]
Bowing his head to her commands, he picked up the huge door lying at his feet, pressed it against the opening, and used his index finger as a blowtorch, effectively sealing it up as if nothing had ever happened to it in the first place. Then the Ashborn began scorching the bodies around his feet, one by one turning into ashes like the other ones did. With a turn on his heel, he wandered down the isle and proceeded up the stairs to the rooftop. "IT HAS BEEN DONE, MY MISTRESS." In his clenched fist he'd saved the last of the ashes from the corpses, which he then blew out of his open palm and into the nightsky, watching it disappear into nothingness. Getting on the speeder, he was ready to leave Coruscant, with all its denizens of "sheep", just like on Dromund Kaas. As he sat down, he could finally calm himself somewhat, ebbing out the otherwise frenzied flames eminating from his whole body.

@[member="Kära Vi'dreya"]

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