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Mission Control

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
Operation Thunder Haven
*Accept Mission*
*Mission Briefing Programing Started*

Hello men and women of the Imperial Militant, as of yesterday at 0600 Imperial Capital Standard Time, UTC cargo caravan was intercepted by Unknown Forces. The only transmission we received was that the ships captain stated the ships that attacked them had symbols of the One Sith.

If you so accept this mission, you will follow the information that was captured by the Imperium Protectorate Agency and go to the planet of Rakatta Prime in search of the forces that attacked our supply lines. This mission will be commanded by Admiral Tankoran, a One Sith Veteran and member of High Command Naval Branch. He will transport you to the planet and provide whatever transportation support available. As this is an Unknown Force, the High Moff Council has dictated that the Naval Fleet can not provided Orbital Support.

-- Find the Forces that attacked the UTC Caravan.
-- Execute all those that stand in your way.
-- Report back to High Com of those that attacked
-- (Secondary) Destroy Supply Cash and/or Warehouse

Reward for Finishing:
-- Art Request from yours Truly, Jaster Awaud
-- Unique Equipment personally made by Staff for those participating
-- Specialized Signature Tag created for completion of Thread.
---- Completion of Secondary Objective will receive a specialized Title Banner

*No Admin will be GMing this mission, once accepted writers will be given free rain to run and produce the story to their liking*