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Intent: Create a new world to be enjoyed via roleplay with an emphasis on thriller/horror (while still keeping it PG13)
Image Credit: Carnival of Rust by [SIZE=11pt]KristinaToxicpanda[/SIZE]
Canon: n/a
Links: n/a

Planet Name: Miranda
Demonym: Carnies
Region: Outer Rim
System Name: DE001
System Features:
  • Miranda - the planet
  • The Joker Moon - the name given to the moon of the planet
  • Asteroid Belt
Coordinates: Q48
Major Imports: n/a
Major Exports: n/a

Gravity: Standard
Climate: Frozen
Primary Terrain: Ice & Rock
Major Locations:
  • The Carnival - where the carnival ships unloaded their carnival rides. It’s a feast for the eyes, with swirly shapes of black, white, and red, and includes a Ferris wheel (that can’t be operated), a small carousel, and a few more minor rides.
  • The Bone Pit - the area in which all the crashed ships were moved to. The Bone Pit usually refers to where the sleeping quarters in a carnival are.
  • The Graves - Just outside of the bubble, this is where bodies are tossed to. There are many bodies.

Native Species: n/a
Immigrated Species: Human
Population: An estimated 1,500 people.
Demographics: The vast majority of the population is made up of humans who are anywhere between late teens and early 60’s. There are a sparse few children, and even less seniors.
Primary Languages: Galactic Basic
Culture: The people on Miranda mostly try to busy themselves to keep their minds off the thought that they have no food. They work out, they plan rides, they put up shows together. There is nothing else they can do.

Government: Sort of Communism
Affiliation: none
Wealth: None. Clothes and ships mean little when you can’t leave the planet (see historical information) and the only thing that matters is food and water, which is extremely limited for all.
Stability: The people stuck on Miranda are about to explode. Tensions are high. No one trusts anyone, food and water is limited, escape is impossible, and it looks like most if not all are going to die of starvation. “Stability” is a fairytale word.
Freedom & Oppression: What is freedom? They can’t leave the planet, their social rights don’t really matter when they can’t make food, and time is ticking.

Military: Regular carnie guards, nothing that can be considered even on militia-level
Technology: n/a

In the beginning, there was nothing. And then there was still nothing. No, really, the planet was a barren lump of ice and rocks, and there was nothing on it throughout all of history.

Until recently.

It all began two years ago, when Corner & Sons, a carnival ship, crashed on Miranda. Thankfully, their air systems were uninjured, but they couldn’t send a signal to anywhere. Food was limited to the rations they had on board - enough for six months of travel, but not beyond that. A month after they crashed, rations were cut in half so they could sustain themselves for a longer amount of time. But it didn’t matter.

Three months after that, another carnival ship crashed nearby. This one had a bigger crew of technical people, and they were able to use parts of the ships to build a little air bubble so that people would be able to move around with a tiny bit more freedom. This air bubble is limited to about three square kilometers. Anything outside of that, and breathing is not an option.

Trying to sustain some semblance of normalcy, both carnival ships began to unpack their equipment, filling the little bubble with carnival rides.

Eventually, the people realized that something was strange. Only carnival ships seemed to crash on Miranda, the name they had given the planet, and with food being limited by whatever rations the crashed ships had, the sense of dread took over.

Currently, there are about two thousands people in the bubble, place is limited, and bodies (some die due to starvation, some in fights that regularly break out), the result of a total of 9 crashed ships that carried performers, maintenance crews, cooks, families, and more. The survivors managed to build hydroponic farms, but these are extremely limited and cannot provide enough food for everyone.

Neri Rashal

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]

Okay, so for a planet that it looks like you intend to include on the map, this is very bare bones. It sets up a single story on a planet with nothing else to recommend it as useful once that story is resolved- planets that will end up on the map for use by the player base need to have more than this. I'm going to need you to flesh this out with stuff that would give this planet a reason for map inclusion even if/when the story being set up here is resolved.

Neri Rashal

[member="Scherezade deWinter"]

Sounds good. I'm going to move this to pre-codex in that case and you can tag [member="Allyson Locke"] or [member="Zeradias Mant"] when you are ready to bring it back for judging!
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