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Mini-Story Campaign (Sign-Ups Wanted)

Hello all, I’m looking to run a small campaign based on a small team being sent to investigate something, and then the scenarios resulting from that.
I’d prefer if I get applicants of knight rank or less (for Force users) and lower rank officers and operators. This is a chance for the small player to shine.

Preferably we’ll get people on the neutral/light side of the equation on one side, and perhaps some neutral/dark side people launching their own search.

Things will happen which may force both groups to work together…or kill each other and ride their enemy’s bodies down the mountain. Either or!

So taking sign-ups for A and B team, A being neutral/light side, B being neutral/dark side.

I’ll act (with a second alt if needed) as a sort of storyteller, but mainly I want this tale to develop naturally without me having to do much prodding at all.

So…anyone interested?

Sir Hammerlock

Preliat Mantis said:

who pays me more?
Surely Good Sir you would take after a Gentleman such as myself and take the Glorious Team A

after all, Team A will have myself and the glorious hat that sits upon my head.