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  • [SIZE=9pt]Intent:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] To create a Dathomiri healing potion. [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Image Source: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]None[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Restricted Missions:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] None[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt] Primary Source[/SIZE]: [SIZE=9pt]Wookieepedia Blackroot Potion[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Name: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Minerva’s Blackroot Potion[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Manufacturer: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]The Blushing Boots, Minerva[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Homeworld (optional):[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Is not found naturally occurring but the orginally is from Dathomir. [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Production[/SIZE]: Limited [SIZE=9pt], [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Minerva can’t make hundreds of these at one time. She could make up to ten for each purchase. [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Affiliation:[/SIZE] [SIZE=9pt] Closed-Market (Any character can use this if they have explicit permission through, for example, a marketplace purchase)[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Modularity:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] '[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]No'[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Legal Status: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Legal in most systems. It is a healing potion but it is made through the Force. There is a chance some systems may have laws forbidding the use of the Force. [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Ingredients:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Dathomiri Magical Ichor[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Classification: [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Magical Beverage[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Method of Consumption:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] Orally, you drink it and you consume the whole potion.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Average Life:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] The potion functions for two posts. During that time it heals and rejuvenates the body. Average shelf life is one standard galactic year.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt] Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose:[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] No known nutritional value. There has been known Allergies. The purpose of this potion is to heal and rejuvenate. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]The Blackroot Potion traditionally is summoned by use of the magical spirit ichor. Traditionally even the goblet that hold the green glowing beverage is summoned. Through careful practice Minerva has discovered a way to substitute the goblet for a metal type flask.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]When the user drinks the green glowing liquid contained within their body begins to heal rapidly for two posts. After wards they feel like lost energy levels are replenished. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Once the potion is consumed the metal flask will disappear. [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Strengths[/SIZE]:
  • [SIZE=9pt]For two posts the users wounds, broken bones, and energy levels will regenerate at a fast pace. (Near Death wounds will not fully heal. Instead it will just stabilize the user.) [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=9pt]Weaknesses[/SIZE]:
  • [SIZE=9pt]Burst of lightsided energy can destroy the potions.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]There is a waiting period after you drink a potion where you can take a drink from another potion and receive its healing. The cool down period reflects the time it takes for the potion healing effects. After four posts after drinking the potion can the user drink another one and receive its healing.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=9pt]Limited Shelf Life. The Magics will fade over a period of one [/SIZE]galactic[SIZE=9pt] standard year. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]The Blackroot potion is one of the better known uses of the Dathomir Magical Ichor. Through the practice of dark Darhomiri magic a Nightsister can summon the magical ichor from the depths of Dathomir. This luminescent green mist has many issues. The Blackroot potion is normally fashioned out of the green mist to create a goblet. Contained within the goblet is a bubbling green brew. Once an individual drinks the green liquid they just are not healed….they’re rejuvenated, their energy levels resorted.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Minerva’s version of the Blackroot potion makes it easier for one to bring the potion on their travels. Contained it a corked metal flask you can bring it with you while gathered rare herbs or on holidays aboard. It also makes this potion more available for sale as it does not have to be consumed right away. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]As long as it remains sealed it will have a shelf life of up to one galactic standard year. If opened it must be consumed within fifteen minutes. If not consumed within the fifteen minutes the magical ichor will disevaporate as will disappear….thus the potion will no longer be of any use. [/SIZE]

Alric Kuhn

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I'd like you to drop this down to limited production please, it's just one person making them.

Otherwise this seems okay, the language isn't strong enough for a change so that should be fine.
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