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Minerva Vessia 2.0

Name: Minerva Vessia​
Faction: Witches of Dathomir / CIS​
Rank: Witch Elder​
Species: Human (Mostly Dathomiri)​
Age: 18​
Height:(5ft 6in)​
Weight: (106lb)​
Eyes: Hazel​
Hair: Raven Black​
Skin: Light Tan-ish Bronze​
Physical Appearance: (Click here to View)

Strengths & Weakness:​
{+} Arcane Prodigy{+} Mini’s main strength is her knowledge of the Force. She is a natural with Spell casting. Because of her physical limitations she spent more time studying then performing physical activities. (Force Skills, Sorcery , Alchemy )

{+}Glass Cannon{+} Minerva can summon great feats of Force Energies. Her magic is potent. When called upon it can be very destructive or beneficial.

{-}Glass Cannon {-} Minerva has never been a very athletic individual. She is a bit frail and bruises easily.

{-} Lightsaber Combat} Due to her physical limitations her knowledge of lightsaber combat is limited. At best she just uses her intuition to block with the saber. She hardly ever uses it to attack.

1. Hyperactive​
2. Overly Happy​
3. Blunt​
4. Slightly Egotistical​
5. Prone to Rash Behavior​