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Approved Location Minerva Colony

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Gilamar Skirata

Life before death. Journey before destination.

[*]Accessibility: Open and Easy to access
[*]Description: Minerva Colony is one of several "local" shipyards that sees frequent use by the loosely organized Outer Rim Coalition. At a massive 10km it is part of a collective effort to support and maintain of member planets that can afford to support the station. Minerva hosts millions of transient dock workers every cycle and doubles as a sort of life colony for the Mandalorian Exiles of Echoylir as a refueling, repair, and transport hub to the world of Manas where they spend "land shifts" so that everyone can have real solid ground every once in a while. On top of housing the workers, transient ship workers, and Mandalorian Exiles, it also houses some number of other peoples and their families. Because the storage space originally meant for materials has been taken up by these makeshift living quarters, the station churns things out at a slower rate than most shipyards, but the slow methodical work means steady work for many and that means food in their bellies.
  • Production: Starfighters, Battlecruiser Parts, Capital Ships, Civilian Ships, Freighters
  • Specialty: Mandalorian-Mon Cal fusion; Uglies
  • Output: Low-Medium
  • Market: Outer Rim Coalition and Silvia Shipyards

The station is frequented by Judges of the Outer Rim Coalition as well as Echoylir. Besides them, a small contingent of the Manasi Air Force have added it to their patrols. The hangars meant for hoarding under construction starfighters has been converted to hold a small force to fend off pirates and a duo of old Kandosii dreadnoughts float aimlessly to either side, threatening all who would do harm to Manas or Minerva. Transient mercenaries like the Vicks and other merc groups act as security on station.

Colony: Where the workers and other civilians live. Built around a small shopping district that sells local goods and exotic, strange things from across the galaxy. Ironclad Guild smiths work here too.
ORC Shipyard: A large swath of the station is actually owned and operated by ORC Member planets that can afford it. This is where many of the crude battleships they utilize are made, modified, and maintained.
Silvia Shipyards: A small portion of the station is owned and operated by Gilamar Skirata's Silvia Shipyards. They make whatever items Silvia Shipyards uses and occasionally aid in construction of ORC ships.

The station was a secret gift from MandalMotors CFO Zeke Farthen to Gilamar Skirata once the former heard of Gil's small ship building venture in the Outer Rim. Gilamar subsequently gifted the station to the Outer Rim Coalition which allowed him to keep a substantial portion of the station while also hiring out various groups of mercenaries to defend it. The station was placed over Manas, a desert world struggling to get a foothold in the Galaxy. The planet had been Zeke and Gilamar's smuggling rendezvous to move MandalMotors products as well as Mandalorian comforts to the people of Echoylir but the friendly people there welcomed the people of Echoylir making Manas the perfect place to start a shipyard. It would prove to provide work for thousands of Manasi people as well as exposing the desert world to the people of the Outer Rim.

Jairus Starvald

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We usually want folks to stick to the specific templates and not edit them, but adding things for more information is not an issue for me.

Two things before I can stamp it-

I need you to add a security rating in the security section.

Space Station Name: Minerva Colony
Need you to change this to Shipyards Name, so people aren't confused.

Jairus Starvald

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Oh no, I think it is fine. We are a bit more relaxed when it comes to adding fields because that usually only adds lore and information to your submission.

Which is definitely the thing here.

Second shipyard of the Codex, nicely done! Pending secondary approval.
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