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Meta Jedi (Master Needed)

Meta Jedi

Meta deh Chief
NAME: Meta
FACTION: Republic
SPECIES: Augmented Human Synthetic
AGE: 341 (Physically 20-30)
SEX: Male Eunuch
EYES: Black, Cyan Pupil
HAIR: Bald
SKIN: Pale



  • Increased Strength.
  • Increased Endurance.
  • Decreased Mental-stability.
  • Increased Reflexes.
  • Increased Brain power.
  • Increased Willpower.
  • Immunity to force lightning, this only empowers augmentations.
  • Decreased resistance to mental attacks.
Personality and Other, ect:

  • Natural Quick thinker.
  • Takes pride in his past.
  • Quick to aggression.
  • Easily fooled.
  • Thinks himself to be often infallible.
  • Highly advanced and practiced intimidation technique.
  • Sensitive regarding his scars.
  • Untrained, leaving all untapped force abilities locked away.

Meta's body is a jungle of war. Scars featured all across the great landscape of muscle, meat and metal. The three main components that form to create the startling site of this hairless, stern and square jawed ogre. Both eyes darting out like beams. His face constantly contorted and twisted into a look of confusion, anguish and absolute detestment for those seeking to inflict pain upon the innocent. This all of course is hidden under the robust selection of various armour components he wears.



Doctor Salva Khan Journal Entry... 2143
Project: Meta Stasis
Day: 792
Subject 25 has passed all of our previous expectations. Of all 30 of the subjects, himself and Subject 8 are the most promising. However, Darth Nexus wishes for all subjects who failed the exams to be terminated. None of our subjects have succeeded in completing these tests. The project has been a failure and all subjects must be terminated, I fear our new orders may not be completed. Our chances of terminating any subjects without 8 being able to sense it is highly unlikely. Extreme measures must be put in place, every percussion must be made.

Day: 798
The Subjects have gone rampant, after Subjects 3 and 6 were terminated they started a riot. Most of the subjects have been killed. But I assume Subjects 8 and 25 have gone on a rampage throughout the facility. This chaos was not worth any sort of "War Effort" ...I'm bleeding out, the wound to my abdomen has caused internal and external bleeding. This may be my last entry. But the percussions have been put in place, and I must condemn every single soul on this station. "LamberOnyx12" The self destruct sequence has been activated, this base will cease to exist. Along with all the monstrosities that were committed here...

Force Abilities:

  • Untrained Force Speed
  • Untrained Force Repulse


  • Expert in several Martial arts and Street Fighting.
  • Highly Experienced in the use of a Glaive.

Valuable Possessions/Gear:

  • Meta's Collection of Armour creating his battle suit.
  • His cortosis glaive.
(Jedi Hunter being his combat suite and the Glaive well, being his Glaive obviously.)


Eater of the Dead
I would recommend consulting an RPJ about Immunity to lightning, immunity to anything is usually questionable. Still it looks nice I can't wait to eat him

Meta Jedi

Meta deh Chief
Shinjū Aÿasha said:
I would recommend consulting an RPJ about Immunity to lightning, immunity to anything is usually questionable. Still it looks nice I can't wait to eat him
Eat him...?
@Shinjū Aÿasha