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The Admiralty
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[*]Tier: 3

Meridian Dynamics aims to fill certain gaps in the supply of certain demands within the greater Galaxy. From sturdy ships to reliable hunting gear every piece of equipment constructed by Meridian is known for its quality, easy maintenance and long periods of use. Its expertise cultivated through long term study and practical experience.

Zygerria - The main bulwark of the corporation resides on Zygerria. As a high-ranking admiral of the increasingly autonomous navy of Zygerria Taggart has managed to turn that into large benefits for Meridian. From elaborate holdings in the foundry regions to privileged placing in the capital’s administrative sector, Meridian has a lot to offer.

Raxus Prime - A world of salvage and industry Raxus was perfect as a secondary industrial zone for Meridian. Many of its factories and garbage yards can be found on Raxus Prime.

Makem Te - What Meridian can't get from the salvage yards of Raxus it mines in the mines of Makem Te. Valuable ore and gases are won from large fields and deep mountains and then refined on-site, before shipped out elsewhere.


Meridian Dynamics was initially owned by a different Zygerrian. All was well, until they spoke out of turn in a setting that was less private than they thought it was and their criticism against slavery reached the ears of certain individuals. It didn't take long for this certain Zygerrian to wind up dead in an alleyway of Zygerria’s capital one night.

Admiral Verse Taggart was brought in to, metaphorically, steer the ship right and ensure that everything remained steady. In the next couple of months Verse either bullied, bribed or removed the other shareholders out of the equation.

This left her in complete control over the corporation.

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