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Merchant Republic Interest Check

Yoru Shakou

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Not to long ago I create a write up for a faction that has promise, however it was unable to get the members it needed. Mainly due in part to the original world used being deep in the CIS. I had put the idea on a back burner and was testing it on another site. I believe though that it would do well. The faction is named The Most Serene Republic; and takes a great deal of inspiration from the Merchant Republics of the Mediterranean.

The Most Serene Republic is inspired by the historical real world Mediterranean Republics that had arisen during the Middle Ages through the power of securing and forming trade routes. Likewise, the Most Serene Republic is focused on the essential core fundamentals of these real world Merchant Republics. Focusing primarily on Mercantilism with the mandate of expansion through peaceful means by the expansion and establishment of new trade routes and trading ports.

With their primary focus on legal means of commerce, they seek to maintain a neutral stance throughout the Galaxy. It is their view that by maintaining Neutrality during the course of conflict between other factions, they will ensure their continued security and safety by not choosing a side. Likewise this should not be seen as a means for one to bully their way into prosperity and wealth as the Most Serene Republic is more than capable of defending itself. Be it through its own fielding of armed merchant vessels or the hiring of mercenaries.
I had put a lot of work into the write up; and it would need the most minimal of all edits to shift it from its original intended use world. Would there be any whom would have interest in, or show interested to see a Merchant Republic as a faction on the board?