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Meraal Vaun

Meraal Vaun

Heir to Clan Vaun
NAME: Meraal Vaun
FACTION: Clan Vaun
RANK: Exile
AGE: 31
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 1.84 Meters
WEIGHT: 173 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Caucasian.


- Stubborn: Meraal, like many mandalorians, can be very hard to dissuade from a cause, even if it is wrong.
- Civillian-Minded: Meraal may not order or carry out commands which would cause direct harm to the every-day civilian. Spice runners and drug dealers on the other hand...
- Slow to Trust: Meraal's time spent keeping track of his father's smugglers has made him more than cautious about trusting people he is just meeting.
- quasi-Alcoholic: Combat scenarios have taken a psychological toll on Meraal, and because of this he frequently hits the bottle before combat and before sleeping.
+ Military Focus: Meraal has spent three years serving Mandalore in combat theaters as a frontline soldier. Danger is thoroughly acquainted with Meraal.
+ Physically Fit: Meraal keeps himself in shape in order to fight effectively as a soldier and mercernary.
+ Loyalty/Determination: Once Meraal is bought off or has set a goal for himself it will not be easy to stop him from completing his task.
+ Hawkeye: Meraal has excellent eyesight.


Meraal shares many physical features with his brother Mereel. Strangers might confuse the two brothers. Meraal is slightly more bulky than Mereel and unlike his brother, Meraal keeps his hair short and stays shaved.


Meraal was born on Mandalore into the Vaun family as the first born son. Meraal has only one sibling which is his brother named Mereel Vaun(Yay for original parents). Clan Vaun was not a typical Mandalorian clan. Meraal's parent's did not have the mindset of contributing warriors to the cause of Mandalore, instead they were focused on increasing their own wealth. Meraal's parents succeeded in their quest for material wealth, but they often did it through illegal methods. Over time, clan Vaun started becoming less of a true Mandalorian clan, and more of a crime syndicate. The family became so wealthy through their illegal dealings that they were known throughout several neutral systems near Mandalore.

Clan Vaun's criminal reputation eventually lead to a confrontation with Mandalorian authorities, which lead to the clan fleeing to Glacies Domum in the Unknown Regions when Meraal was only eight years old. It was on this planet that Meraal was truly raised. Meraal was trained to fight in order to keep his father's spice runners in check. The first time he had to kill one of his father's spice runners was on his sixteenth birthday.

During one of his missions to return a rogue spice runner to his father's estate, Meraal came into contact with a Jedi master who sensed Meraal's connection to the force. Upon meeting the Jedi master, Meraal was promptly informed that he was force sensitive, and that he could leave behind his family ties and join the Jedi order as a padawan learner. Meraal initially ignored the master's offer, but he eventually joined the Jedi order at the age of 23.

Meraal was a Jedi Padawan for less than a week, and in this week he made very little progress in his ability to use the force in any sense. However, Meraal's time with the Jedi was not pointless, while in the Jedi order Meraal learned more about himself than he ever did while working for his father. Meraal realized that he hated the practices of his father upon reaching Coruscant. Then the Republic fell to the One Sith, and Meraal's plans of training were thrown out the airlock.

After the fall of the Republic, Meraal fell away from the order, and began following in the path of his younger brother by becoming a mercenary. At the age of 29, Meraal returned to Mandalore and fought in many battles on the front-lines alongside his kinsmen. After seeing the bond of Mandalorian warriors, Meraal hopes to return to his father's estate one day in order to reestablish the Mandalorian roots of clan Vaun.

Meraal has lived the life of a nomad ever since the fall of the Republic. Meraal's only possessions are a retro-fitted ARC-170 starfighter which was given to him by his father to hunt a spice runner, his armor, and his arsenal of weaponry.

WEAPONS: Flamethrower, DC-15AB, vibro-blade gauntlets (2), thermal detonator(1), Wrist Rocket (1), Restraining Wire (launches from wrist)(1), and a Verpine Shattergun.


ARC-170 + Hyperdrive. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Arc-170_Starfighter

None(yet, I'll be looking for you ewoks, I still remember the Mustafar incident.)



Following a Brother's Footsteps: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/21156-following-in-a-brothers-footsteps-auri-vesta/ -Meraal begins searching for a trail that will lead him to his brother, Mereel Vaun [Mission failed. We'll get 'em next time]

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