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Freya Grogner


Adelaide hadn't been home for quite awhile now. Even though it had been over two years she still considered this home. It would always be home and one day she may actually come home permanently. Today was not that day however it was nice to be back even if it was only for a few days. Even through the bitter sweet memories she had to admit though now that she had missed it here. It was actually a little overwhelming to be truthful which was something she didn't like. Adelaide had always been the strong one and now here she was wanting to cry.

The reason that the woman had returned was to visit her family. They had been asking to see her so instead of making a fuss about it again she just gave into their wishes. It had been a long time and even if they were annoying at times she did miss her brothers. Adelaide was also aware that if she didn't visit soon they would come track her down. Yes, she knew her brothers well enough that they would do that.

She had purposely told them that she would be in that later that night. It gave her the chance to relax a little and take a walk around the city before arriving. Adelaide wasn't sure how being here would affect her so she wanted time to compose herself.
Jerrick was a bit lost, quite unsure of where he was on Mandalore. He had hardly entered the cities and towns. He was trying to dodge other Mandos left and right, suddently bumping into a woman. "Uh...excuse me...my apologies." He offered. Great he had already disrespected a fellow Mandalorian, and he had been here for but what? Six hours?