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Meeting of like minds?

Jairdain had heard there were other Jedi compounds and temples. Being a Knight now, she was allowed a little more freedom to come and go, both on her own and on missions with other Jedi. Different locations sometimes had different ideals and she would know more of her fellow Jedi.

Today, she was visiting one of these other temples and was walking through the library. Her little reading device held ready to vocalize what she asked it to look at for her.

Gathering up a few items to look over, Jairdain took a seat at the side of the room, away from the heaviest traffic. She picked one at random and sat listening to her reader as it translated what was on the pages before her.

[member="Soryn Solimar"]
Soryn walked in total silence through the temple grounds. Even has he passed other Padawans, a few Knights, and even a Master or two he never said a word. It was a well known fact he was not much for casual conversation or socializing in general. To his fellow Padawans Soryn had been relegated to almost myth like status. Partially because of his universal silence and partially because of his skills and ability.

Soryn dominated the dueling circle. He was a fixture in the archives. One may even question why he had not been snatched up by a Master or even had a few jockeying for selecting him as an Apprentice. When it came to Soryn their were just as many questions as answers. None of which bothered Soryn in the least. All he need was the code. The code was law and the law was all that mattered.

Dressed in his normal black robes and white cloak he made his way towards the archives. He had been focusing on the history of the Jedi as of late. It was a topic that gave him great pause considering rumors of resent events. He spent many an hour pouring over a combination of older texts and more current holovids.

Pushing his way through the final door Soryn made his way over to where the Jedi Master in charge of the archives was helping another Padawan. Once down without a word the Master extended a stack of texts towards Soryn as if she had read his mind. Moving over Soryn took a seat off to the side not far away from an unfamiliar face to begin pouring over the information contained.

Jairdain was a strange face in this temple and while the Master in charge helped and assisted others that showed up, she seemed to hover nearby the young knight. She heard her hand off more texts and works to others, but she didn't leave. Letting out a mental sigh, she tuned out the woman and concentrated on the book in front of her.

When there was silence around her, Jairdain took a moment to stretch slightly and reach out around her. The Master was gone to another area of the library, but she could still be heard. Libraries should be kept more quiet, in her opinion, but the Master just didn't seem to understand or care.

Turning her attention back the book, her solitude wouldn't last long. Somebody else came and sat down near, silently read whatever text the Master had handed him. After only a few moment, Jardain turned her head his direction.

"Let me know if my reader bothers you."

She didn't think it would, but one never knew.

[member="Soryn Solimar"]
Soryn didn't even bother to look up from his reading. For a few minutes he didn't even speak. When he did it was only a single comment.

"Am I supposed to know who you are to be bothered by you?"

He kept reading for a few more minutes before he looked up at her. The look on his face scream who are you and why are you in my archives though his thoughts were not given voice. The few Padawans around that were within ear shot seemed to scurry off as if getting out of dodge expecting something bad to happen. A nearby Knight just looked at Soryn and shook his head but said nothing. After all [member="Jairdain"] was a stranger to the Temple and as such nobody really knew how to react.

So the ones who didn't scurry off at Soryn's comment chose discretion for the moment. Just watching the two of them passively just in case something happened.
Seeing her reader didn't disturb him, Jairdain turned her attention back to the little device as it continued on. It wasn't for another few minutes that he spoke in answer to her statement. She wasn't known here, so they really didn't surprise her too much.

"No, but I find it only polite since I use something to read that might bother people that are nearby."

Being blind, she was unable to see the look on his face and he kept his emotions closed off, she couldn't read them either. Others that were nearby either ran off or just started watching the two of them.

It was almost as if she herself had broken an unspoken rule in talking, but others chatted so she didn't think that was the case.

[member="Soryn Solimar"]
Soryn continued reading through the stuff in front of him. Devoid of expression it was again a long few moments before he spoken again.

"You are a stranger walking around our Temple and more specifically using our archives unescorted and it is reading out loud that you feel the need to potentially apologize for?"

Soryn continued reading for another minute as if finishing up the small section he was reading before setting the material down and looking at [member="Jairdain"] with a look of indifferent suspicion.

"Perhaps the guards and guardians are getting lax again in their duties. Or perhaps not. Maybe you just believe getting in the front door absolves you of any need to explain or introduce yourself?"

Soryn paused.

"Either way it is cause for concern."

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