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Meet the Imani


We are not Broken
The Dathomir System.

All eyes were on the Mandalorians because of what happened here, and not in a good way. Off in the distance he could see the planet Dathomir, a huge green marble. It was so strange to him how a planet like Dathomir had stayed so...stagnant in its ways. No technological growth had been see for thousands, if not millions of years and still no one besides the Mandalorians seemed stupid enough to even set foot on the planet, let alone try to reason with the local witch clans.

And not even a full hyperspace jump away in the same system was Zanj. A planet touched by what was probably the first and last attempt of the Witches of Dathomir to join the Galaxy. The people here had instead become innovators. While they themselves weren't the most advanced species out there, they had access to two things: Impressive ancient technology and natural kyber crystal. These two things had finally brought them to par with the rest of the Galaxy after the Gulag Plague had brought about a dark age for the Galaxy and they were thriving. It was here that some of the best and most exotic shield tech was developed and their work on Droid intelligence was impressive.

And he was going there.

Albeit with Kaine of MandalArms. After their arguably messy assault on Utapau that would change how the Mandalorian Empire was run the Mandalorians quickly squandered their kyber crystals with the supply split between MandalArms and MandalMotors for use in experiments and research. The two companies had developed new war ships that utilized the crystals in their turbolasers but without a steady supply those ships would soon become liabilities rather than wonders. A local by the name of Njau Imani had reached out to Mandalore after their assault on Dathomir. It had only taken this long to make their way to Zanj because of the reconstruction effort.

Zeke was excited to get his hands on the droid and shield tech even if their first mission was to secure Kyber Crystals for the Empire.

To help our Mando companies get a head start on this new Company Ruleset Change I've started a thread that can be used for a variety of the requirements. Zanj is a planet ripe for startups and meeting NPC organizations that can give your tech an edge in Shield, droid part, and droid brain (maybe even Ai?) development. Go nuts!


The King of Ergonomic Assessments
Location: Commenor -> Dathomir
Objective: Peddle ergonomic assessments
Company: Sith Inquisitor

While remaining mindful that peddling ergonomic assessments involved a lot of cold-calling, he saw an opportunity to service a client he had never heard about before: Imani Corp. After trying to get factions to buy ergonomic assessments from them, it was probably going to be a more routine kind of sale he may be able to clinch. Even if it meant selling ergonomic assessments in exchange for free items rather than cash as was the case with the last few sales. Now, he would probably like to learn more about the catalog before he could even start thinking about putting a revenue value for those assessments. He would be most interested in the Way'ego, although there were a handful of clients for whom a LH-Kufu would be helpful in servicing, when going in areas that are too dangerous for sentients to inspect. In which case he and red-skinned Tiffany would soon be arriving at the designated point of contact to meet with [member="Njau Imani"] with a brochure containing frequently asked questions about ergonomic assessments and their respective answers. And, of course, [member="Zeke Farthen"] may also be there, too.

"I am Klesta, and I would like to meet with Njau Imani regarding the purchase of patrol droids please..."
Coopers Cooler
Zanj - Dathomir System

Kaine's fighter came out of hyperspace after the microhop from Dathomir to Zanj.

He'd checked in at the construction site on Dathomir, and was now making a side trip to Zanj for corporatic reasons. He'd also lost the bet to Yomaget, meaning this job was his to deal with. Kaine had to secure regular supplies of Kyber crystals for MandalArms and other ME companies that needed them, like MandalMotors.

Kaine commed Jamel port and recieved landing coordinates. He flicked the fighter over to autopilot for the descent to Zanj's principal spaceport, and admired the view.

This was his first visit to Zanj, and the old General always enjoyed new experiences, not knowing what you'd find.

[member="Zeke Farthen"] [member="Klesta"]

Gilamar Skirata

Life before death. Journey before destination.
The two starships landed and deposited the Mandalorians who were then escorted through the building to Njau's office at one of the higher floors. Njau was sitting in his office waiting for them. When the pair entered he stood and removed the glasses and slipped them into a breast pocket and offered the two a warm smile.

"Welcome to Zanj Kaine Australis and Zeke Farthen...I hear this is your first visit to our modest city. May I offer you two anything to drink? I understand our planet is hotter than the one you hail from. Humidity and all of that."

Outside of his office a tall Zanj woman with locked hair trailing down to just below her waist met the Jawa and nodded to him.
"Mr. Imani has asked me to meet with you for your requested meeting. Unfortunately with your timing as you must have just seen Mr. Imani is a very busy man, but I have been trusted to negotiate the terms of your contract with our company Mr. Klesta." The name felt strange in her mouth. Basic often did that, but she wasn't even sure if the Jawa could speak basic...They were rare outside of Tatooine that much she knew. To be honest, she never expected to meet one ever. A protocol droid blinked at the pair waiting to follow them to another room.

[member="Kaine Australis"] @Klesta
Coopers Cooler
Kaine greeted Zeke briefly as they were ushered into the building. He made his way along with the small party through the building to the office, and found a chair and got comfortable, sitting and removing his buy'ce before addressing their host.

Thankyou for the invite. On behalf of MandalArms, I hope we can come to a satisfactory arrangement.

Kaine looked to Zeke.

MandalMotors too, if i'm not mistaken.

Then his eyes went back to their host.

I trust you can be discreet, friend. It wouldn't do to have unfriendly ears hearing of large shipments of kyber crystals making their way to Manda'yaim.

That to Kaine wasn't an expression of distrust or a lack of faith in their host, simply plain talk to avoid any complications, smooth through the negotiations, lay their cards on the table early, and clearly.

[member="Zeke Farthen"] [member="Njau Imani"] [member="Klesta"]

Gilamar Skirata

Life before death. Journey before destination.
No drinks then.

He shrugged and poured himself a glass of pink liquid from a bottle shaped like some sort of exotic melon and took a sip of the sweet, cool fermented nectar of one of his planet's native flora.

He raised an eyebrow at the Mandalorian's cutthroat, to the point attitude. Not graceful at all. "Discretion is part of any shipping deal, no one wants their shipments raided by pirates." He sighed and finished his drink in two big swigs and set the glass down on the ebony table before walking past the two of them. When they didn't follow he paused and cocked his head as if in shock and thought for a moment before turning around.

"Are you two coming?"

[member="Kaine Australis"]


The King of Ergonomic Assessments
"I'm Klesta, of the Sith Inquisitor, and you are?" he asked the Zanj woman entrusted by [member="Njau Imani"].

No biggie. Before she screams Utinni, I hope the Zanj woman understands the implications of purchasing ergonomic assessments, what they are, what the benefits are. But I understand that Njau is busy, and it's likely he didn't see any more Jawas than she did, he thought, while he had to be cautious around this woman. Not that he didn't trust her, just that he should get underway and present what is it that he has to sell Imani Corp in exchange for these patrol droids. Now, it is true that no Sith would think of ergonomic assessors as threats, but neither did they perceive them as a boon. And only the most desperate of criminals would go attack the headquarters in the middle of the Caldera while risking the wrath of the Sith - the main threat to the Ziost headquarters would target the place would come from anarchists that perceived the company as mostly a puppet of the Empire (especially since the Sith Inquisitor started out as a media company, rather than as an ergonomic assessment company). For the time being, he had to focus on the number of workstations to assess, which will, in turn, determine how many droids he could hope to obtain.

"To the extent I'm willing to buy Way'ego patrol droids for our security, I would like to explain what ergonomic assessments are and what they can do for you. A proper ergonomic assessment of the workplace can prevent injuries and work accidents from happening and hence save you workers' comp expenses, and also improve productivity. Ergonomic assessments are availavble in group and bulk discounts. If you go that route, how many work stations would be assessed? There's always advertising space in CSA and Sith space if you don't feel ergonomic assessments are useful to your company's workplace health and safety"
Coopers Cooler
Kaine was surprised, he had thought they were here for a chat, but he was willing to go with it. He hadn't seen much of Zanj on the holos, and this was his first visit, so whatever the fellow wanted to presumably show them would probably be somewhat interesting.

He rocked forward and came up onto his feet as Njau led the way out of the room. Kaine raised an eyebrow at Zeke that said "what, no booze?" then he moved to follow Njau out of the room.

Lead the way then.

[member="Zeke Farthen"] [member="Njau Imani"] [member="Zeke Farthen"] [member="Klesta"]