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Meditation (Open to all)

Jairdain had recently noticed that so many of the Jedi just didn't have the ability to meditate easily. It was something that she learned when she was very young and could find the inner peace needed to fall into a meditative state quickly.

There were also certain abilities that could be done while in a meditative state. These were skills she was unsure that others knew, but would gladly share her knowledge.

Taking the initiative, Jairdain had a note made for her to place on the classes board, stating the time and place as well as what the class would be about. She also arranged for a few simple supplies to be handy for the class after securing a location for it to be held.

Her experiences here before indicated there would likely only be a few people that actually showed up to attend. However, she hoped it would at least draw a handful.

She wore her most comfortable robes and sat in the middle of the room on the floor. Around her were cushions and chairs as well as a few blankets. This way any participants could choose how they wanted to sit and be comfortable. At the side of the wall would be a case holding water as part of what Jairdain wished to teach may cause them to get thirsty. The blankets were there due to another exercise that may make them chilled. If people looked, there were also several covered bowls filled with what appeared to ants collected from the garden.

The expression on her face would be one of welcoming to people as they approached, saw her or looked in the room.
Ever hungry for knowledge, one of the newest additions to the Silver Jedi, Kaden, made his way to the classroom. He had some experience in meditation, though it was mostly self taught as a way to cope with his inner turmoil. He decided it would be good for him to refine these skills.

And so, he strolled into the classroom. Only Jairdain, today's teacher, was present at the moment. He'd had a couple of encounters with this woman and found her amicable, though her seemingly constant state of content filled him with a sliver of envy.

"Hello, Jairdain," he uttered quietly after assessing the room.

The pureblood fetched a glass of water before taking a seat on a chair near the woman. There, he waited, sipping periodically.

Meditation. A class on meditation, should be relaxing. Yuroic thought to himself as he checked out the notice on the board.

He walked down the hall to where the class was meant to be. He poked his head inside and saw Kaden and Jairdain both in there. He wasn't sure if Jairdain was the teacher or here to learn, though he knew Kaden was here to learn like he was. He looked around the room was comfortable and noticed the chairs and other furniture.

Hey Kaden, didn't think you were one for meditation? He greeted the Sith as he approached the water and glasses.

He didn't take any water, he decided to take a sit on the floor and enjoyed the feel of the hard ground. Looking around, he waited patiently for the class to start.

[member="Kaden"] | [member="Jairdain"]
[member="Jairdain"] | [member="Kaden"] | [member="Yuroic Xeraic"]​
And so it seems after spending some time learning under different Master one of which was Master Syn to improve his fighting skills. Ronin couldn't help but feel the change in him grow good or bad he could somehow feel bits and piece of him come back. And with it came the dark dreams he assumes came from what he came to call as his " Lost years". Dreams which haunted him so that he feared what would happen if or when being as unprepared as he was. So he opted to take some time off from his training to think things thru. And when he return he finds out that Master Syn had gone which only lead to feeding his fear.

For even thought he had learned much from him there was the small fact he had little to fairly incomplete training. When it came to controlling or tempering that part of himself ....finding that bit of peace...the calm within the storm so to speak. So when he caught wind of a certain class starting he became intrigued. So with a bit of curiosity and hope, he came looking to check it out. And he soon came find himself not alone with two other individuals in the room with whom he assumed to be the one conducting the class. As he could no less sense the calm aura from her along with her welcoming look on her face as he entered.
Jairdain was early to her own class, so as people walked past and they didn't come in, she wasn't too surprised. She wondered how many were going to show up and when Kaden walked in she was pleased.

"Good morning, Kaden."

He went and got himself a drink and sat down in one of the chairs near her. She gave him a warm smile. They had run into each other a few times and had gotten along.

"I will wait a few more minutes before getting started."

About a minute later, Yuroic walked in and she gave him a familiar smile to, but one that would indicate she was here as a teacher and not a student. He sat down on the floor next to her. It seemed they both preferred minimal tools and she would have to remember this.

She didn't say anything to him and was about to start speaking about the lesson when another person walked through the door. Jairdain had never met him and wondered who he was. She could feel he was almost a lost soul, not dark though, just lost and confused. Within him, he was curious about the class and what it could provide for him.

"Hello, welcome, I am Jairdain. Please take a seat."

Jairdain did not include she was a knight as she didn't feel it right to ​display that sort of ego with these fellow Jedi. Once Ronin had picked his spot she would begin.

"As each of you know meditation is sometimes the key to learning about the Force. If you are unable to find the inner peace within yourself through meditation, the use of the Force can prove fruitless."

As she spoke, her gaze would touch them all, her voice calm and secure in her knowledge.

"So to start the exercise I would like each of you to attempt a simple meditation."

She smiled after speaking, "it will get much more interesting as each of your progress through the day."

[member="Ronin Wendigo"] [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Kaden"]
The pureblood's gaze passed by the entrance as Yuroic strode in. A slight smile graced his red lips in response to his fellow padawan's quip, to which he responded, "I have my reasons... Didn't think you were one to show up on time!"

His smile grew larger for a brief moment before it disappeared into Kaden's natural stoicism. He took another sip of water and watched as another Jedi walked in. This one seemed to be searching for something; carrying heavy baggage. The pureblood shrugged to himself and offered a friendly nod to the new addition.

And then the lesson began in earnest.

At the request of Jairdain, Kaden closed his eyes and began his fall into a meditative state. This involved clearing his mind of every thought, which was a difficult process for the young Sith, and focusing on himself and his surroundings through the force.

He had self taught himself this technique as a coping mechanism for the inner conflict he dealt with daily. It was far from perfect, but it was better than a complete novice.

[member="Jairdain"] | [member="Ronin Wendigo"] | [member="Yuroic Xeraic"]​
Yuroic chuckled at the quip of his lateness to another class they had attended. He looked over the newcomer, someone he had not met before but offered a friendly smile to. He knew how daunting it could be as an outsider. Hell, he was sure that all three of them would consider themselves outsiders. Which if one thought about, made them not as outside the fold as they think.

This gave him a momentary chuckle, his thinking had become more in depth during his days with the Jedi Order. He noticed that Jairdain was taking charge of the lesson, there was a sense of pride that would ebb from him, he was glad to see that his friend was being more involved in the Order.

He followed Kaden's suit, he closed his eyes and his mind. Focusing on himself and the Force within him at first before extending to the outside Force. He hadn't started every well with meditation but found himself getting better with each attempt. Currently he was still attempting to empty his mind, he was finding it difficult with thoughts of his friends swirling around in his mind.

[member="Jairdain"] | [member="Kaden"] | [member="Ronin Wendigo"]
[member="Jairdain"] | [member="Kaden"] | [member="Yuroic Xeraic"]​
It then seemed to walk in the room elicited a sort feel of uncertainty in him. One which thought heavy was not one rooted in darkness just an overwhelming sense of loss or confusion. That he froze where stood and seemed torn to either stay or leave but then again came her words.

"Hello, welcome, I am Jairdain. Please take a seat."

Calm and seem non-judgemental as such he paused to listen and with a nod replied.

" Thanks ...Jairdain."

He then moved off to the side and took a seat at the far side of the others. Figured to with faint sigh sit things out and maybe give this a shot ....listen to her word as she spoke.

"As each of you know meditation is sometimes the key to learning about the Force. If you are unable to find the inner peace within yourself through meditation, the use of the Force can prove fruitless."

Then with a slight look of curiosity as he took in her words and did his best to follow thru although peace to him was fleeting and at best elusive but then again. It was something he'd hope work in achieving as he joins in alongside with them. Thought he felt it hard,,,,,,, be gave them from the side one the other student he presume give Ron slight nod which he felt oblige return if only blend in, Which for some reason was residual cope mechanism he had during his life on his own. Make good not stand out and take in what one could of any given situation but this time instead of find way to exploit things for his own advantage. He was doing it hopefully better himself and for once trust rather that not...

Then from the sideline, the other came to mind as he woke up out his initial attempt on the exercise.
Jairdain watched as Ronin took a spot separate from Kaden and Yuroic, when he was comfortable and they were all starting to go into a meditative state, she would sense how far progressed each of them were.

Kaden's method was different, but it still achieved what she was after and she let him be for now.

It would take Yuroic longer to reach a meditative state, but he had learned from her how to do it and she could tell it was becoming easier for him every time. Patience was needed and she would provide that for him.

Ronin on the other hand appeared to have already reached a full meditative state. Something within him though brought him out.

She turned her head to him and looked in his direction, "try again, you were almost there."

The calm assurance in her voice would hopefully prompt him to try again and have the knowledge that even if he failed, Jairdain was not going to give up on him.

"Kaden, even in meditation you can still speak. I'm going to try something, just stay here.
"Yuroic never introduced yourself", she said this with a small humorous voice. "I will return, please continue your meditation practices."

Jairdain did not actually walk far, just outside of the room and around a corner. She had a connection with Kaden and used that in her attempt to teach this lesson.

Can you hear me?

She herself was telepathic and wanted to see if this skill could be taught and would wait to see if he answered her back before reentering the classroom.

[member="Ronin Wendigo"] [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Kaden"]
Arisa had no particular need for training in meditation techniques, but since her days as a Knight, she had always made it a policy to check in with other Knights and Master to observe their teaching methods. Her latest apprentice, Yuroic, would also be in attendance, so it would be a nice time to observe how he took to the training from Jairdain, and see if she would need to provide any additional guidance post-session.

As Jairdain had begun addressing her the other Jedi in attendance, Arisa would quietly slip into the room and take her place with the group. In contrast with Jairdain, she wore more modern and trendy looking black and gray sweats that she liked to use when training. In fact, she had just come off of her daily hike and jog around the valley below the Academy.

It looked like
Jairdain was already working with everyone else, so she did not initially speak in greeting so as to not interrupt her instruction. She would let Jairdain finish with whatever she was doing before saying anything.

[member="Jairdain"] [member="Ronin Wendigo"] [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Kaden"]
@Arisa Yune [member="Jairdain"] | [member="Kaden"] | [member="Yuroic Xeraic"]

And so it was that once the instruction had been handed down to those few present that he began to follow thru with it. Which at first seem easy enough for him do give that with quite few session he'd had or done with Masters. One which had been Master Coci who'd had been helping him piece together his past as well muddle thru the shadows behind his disappearance. Till time came that she had to take her leave being with child and shift her focus. As had he when the dark dream started and he had broken away for a while no sooner had he'd been knighted.

And it was with these thought that somehow disrupted his concentration knock him out of the meditative state. Which sort discourage him a bit feeling a bit embarrassed especially when Jardain gazes turn towards his direction. But then again came her words calm and non-judgemental.....

"try again, you were almost there."

To which he nods and began yet again till he was able to get back once but then from corner his eye. He couldn't help note another come into the room.....someone whom he had to admit not see or know before. Which no less peak his curiosity and bit his attention as old habit seem so hard to break kick in. Enough distract him somewhat being that grow on the streets alone he felt he'd as well brown eyes behind his head. With danger that surrounded him.....the unknowns......
The pureblood remained in a trance whilst the activity of others hustled and bustled around him. When he was focused, it was difficult to break it. He had heard Jairdain's words before the woman left, though offered no confirmation that he had. He was deep within himself by this point, though the others in the room were drawing the attention of his inquisitive, meditative, mind.

Especially the man, unknown to Kaden, who'd joined them.

His aura was uncertain, almost frightened. He shared a similar inner turmoil that the Pureblood had to deal with on a daily basis. A common ground that made the individual easy to read. Kaden registered his reaction to Arisa entering the room, which confirmed the man's uncertainty.

Within, a flicker of a thought; one that wasn't his -- blossomed. Someone was in his mind; talking to him.

Can you hear me? It whispered from the depths of his subconscious.

Now it was his turn to be frightened. His only other experience with someone talking directly into his brain was on Kaas, which was not a good one. Kaden locked down his mind - shutting the door on whoever was inside it with force - and withdrew behind barred doors. Nobody would be able to infiltrate his mind again, not now.

Amber eyes opened, narrowly, and he looked around the room for the suspect.

"Who did that," he hissed. "Who tried to get in my head."

It wasn't so much a question, rather a statement of personal insult.

[member="Ronin Wendigo"] | [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] | [member="Arisa Yune"] | [member="Jairdain"]​
He listened to what Jairdain had to say. He opened his eyes and scratched the back of his head innocently. He had been so focused on entering the meditative state that he hadn't realised that someone else had entered. He felt terrible but it was too late to greet now, they were meant to be practising their meditation skills. He sighed as he closed his eyes once more and attempted to empty his mind.

He felt his connection float around inside him, as if it was a bubble in the centre of his being. He allowed his mind to extend outwards, to sense all that was around him. Through this he felt his Master enter the room, she was moving quietly, watching the class. Perhaps she was here to see how he was progressing or assess his skills. Perhaps she was even here to assess Jairdain and not there for him at all. It was hard for him to know how people reacted to things. He had never been the best judge of character.

He heard Kaden's hiss. The Sith was upset, clearly something had happened that he did not like. Yuroic opened his eyes and looked at the man. He knew the timing was wrong to make a sarcastic remark or joke so he took the matter seriously.

Enter someone's mind? We can do that? Wow... yeah that doesn't seem nice. I have no clue Kaden but it wasn't me.

[member="Jairdain"] | [member="Kaden"] | [member="Arisa Yune"] | [member="Ronin Wendigo"]
As she spoke, Master Arisa entered the room and took a seat with the others and this alone almost surprised Jairdain out of her speech about the importance of meditation. She only gave the master the slightest of nods as she continued.

After the others tried and failed, she addressed Kaden and left the room. She gave him half a minute to respond or so before mentally shrugging her shoulders and returning.

When she did, he was not meditating and she could feel his fear and would look at him calmly.

"Kaden, that was me. In a state of meditation like that you can reach out and communicate easier with your mind using the Force. I did not intrude in your thoughts or your mind, just sent a message. It is called telepathy and can be quite a useful skill."

Perhaps her earlier statement hadn't been clear enough, but Jairdain had not wanted to fully reveal what she was going to do. She would remember that in any future classes she held.

Taking a look around the room, she sadly realized none of them were meditating anymore and she sat down in the middle again, same spot she had been in before.

"Take a deep breath everyone and try again to just simply meditate."

She would stay in the room this time and make sure they all progressed as much as possible at the same pace, telling them all what she intended to do.

[member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Kaden"] [member="Ronin Wendigo"] [member="Arisa Yune"]
He sighed as he got off the transport looking at the time, he had hoped to have catch the class that day but it seemed that he would be late, he looked at his dirty clothes and sighed again, he couldn't change in time as he was already late so he began to make his way towards where the class was supposed to be taking place.

Karl walked to the class and saw the arangment before him, the Padawans [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] and [member="Kaden"] where here along with the Knight [member="Ronin Wendigo"] along with Master [member="Arisa Yune"]. He bowed as he came close and looked towards [member="Jairdain"] as this was her scheduled class.

"Sorry I am late, my shuttle had just arrived and I was off on other business, I hope I do not intrude on your lovely session."

His voice held a certain calmness no matter how low the voice was. He made his way to the end of the group and took a spot sitting on the mat and sat down and prepared himself making sure he had everything he needed before looking up and glancing at the others.
A frown fell onto the pureblood's face at Jairdain's explanation. He felt rather embarrassed and was thankful in that moment that Sith couldn't blush. His tendrils did ruffle slightly, though.

"I am sorry," Kaden announced, "I... I've had bad experiences with this sort of thing. My first instinct was to shut you out."

He released his frustration in a heavy sigh, before nodding at Jairdain and falling slowly back into a meditative state. Before he'd recaptured his calmness, a man entered. Kaden didn't know him, though he figured it was another student. The Sith offered him a nod in greeting, before returning to his attempts to meditate.

This time around, it was his turn. As calmness descended on the pureblood, he focused on the sensation he'd felt when receiving Jairdain's words. He used this, learned from it, and reached out through the force. Focusing on Jairdain's own mind, he tried to send forth his own thoughts in a simple message to the woman;

'I heard you.'

[member="Karl J. Winters"] | [member="Jairdain"] | [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] | [member="Ronin Wendigo"] | [member="Arisa Yune"]​
@Arisa Yune | [member="Karl J. Winters"] [member="Jairdain"] | [member="Kaden"] | [member="Yuroic Xeraic"]

It had been at best seem much easier for Ronin to try slip back to a meditative state this time round knowing with her reassuring words from Jairdain. At which time turn his attention back to the task at hand and the reasoning behind his coming here. Using things he'd learn in the company of other Masters such as Master Coci or such. That the arrival of the new strangers one of which who spoke had hopefully not bothered him as much.

"Sorry I am late, my shuttle had just arrived and I was off on other business, I hope I do not intrude on your lovely session."

That is until an outburst from another and the wave or shift in the force came to his attention. He then calmly at best he could shift out to glance over at he who spoke. To which he seem tempted to reply back to that is until anther beat him to the punch.

"Enter someone's mind? We can do that? Wow... yeah that doesn't seem nice. I have no clue Kaden but it wasn't me."

And made him slightly chuckle under his breath upon hear as he sort thought his quip funny. But then not wanting to garner the ire of the stranger he tried to hold it in before a glance at him and shake his head slightly to indicate it wasn't him either. Which was no sooner Jardain replied and seem calm the stranger ire for a bit before the stranger calms down and resume back to the exercises as did he. Thought in the back his mind the deeper he went into the meditative state he sort felt guilty. Not giving or make an attempt make any formal or informal introduction to the one lead this class. As he been taught or learn from prior Master he'd been under. To which under breath one he'd settled in that nudge to try to connect to the voice who spoke earlier with his own reply. Though unsure if it would work or not as seem at best though his memory seems to return. His command of quite a few of the other Force skill such as the subtle idea speak thru it was unreliable. But he none the less tried...directing the message back to her

'I appreciate the talk been a while the way name Ronin.....'
When Karl walked in the room and she heard what he had to say to his tardiness, she gave a friendly smile and wink. Their roles were reversed here and instead of him guiding her, she would guide him.

"Have a seat, Karl. Did something happen to your ship?"

They had met when she stole aboard his ship and he had discovered her soon after takeoff. She had gotten lucky in that he hadn't turned around and dropped her back on Voss. He sat down on the mat with her and Yuroic.

"Please start meditating and this time, I'll warn each of you before I attempt to communicate through our connection."

With that, though she didn't need to close her eyes to meditate, it was sometimes creepy to others, so Jairdain did it anyway. Even with the bustle of people in the room, she was able to fall into meditation quickly.

[member="Kaden"] "It's ok. I should have warned you."

[member="Ronin Wendigo"] "You can speak to me any time."

While she was good at communication with one person at a time, Jairdain had no idea if she could do it with more than once all at once. Ever day she tried to learn something new and wanted to put this to the test. There were little connections she had to all the people here, including Ronin.

"I'm sending this to all of you or least trying to. Use the Force to forge a connection and speak back to me."

[member="Karl J. Winters"] [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Arisa Yune"]
He nodded back to the girl with a sly wink and just shook his head remembering that, the roles were truly reversed but he didn't mind he hadn't done this in a long time and he really needed to. "No she's doing just fine, but I heard some lovely lady was doing a meditation session so I wanted to come, I didn't expect it to be you though, if I had half a brain I'd run away now." He said to her teasingly before they began.

He shut his eyes and slipped into a meditation state, feeling the force flow through him and around him, feeling the connection he had and the one that he used on a day to day biases, it was a little weird but it was always a calming feeling to meditate and be reassured of that bond you hold with this unseen power. He slowly reached out and touched [member="Jairdain"]'s mind.

"Good job, just make sure you don't have to teach them anything to do with fighting."

[member="Ronin Wendigo"] | [member="Kaden"] | [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] | [member="Arisa Yune"]
So, one could communicate to another just through the power of thought. Yuroic seemed skeptical of this, until he heard the words of Jairdain ringing in his mind. Not passing through his ears, her lips not moving but her voice, her words were in his head. He couldn't believe it, it felt bizarre, should be protecting his mind better. How does one prevent another from doing damage to the mind. Yuroic felt a full wave of new questions that he knew meant that there was more studying to do. He wondered at times if he would ever be ready to be a true Jedi.

He needed to respond, but he wasn't sure how. It had to start with meditation, he could tell that was how others were in position. Even the newcomers seemed to get into meditation quickly and respond to Jairdain, at least, he figured they would have. So he closed his eyes and placed his hands by his knees. He took a deep breath and emptied his mind of the endless questions that tried flooding it.

It took him longer than usual but he was finally able to free himself. He controlled his breathing, slow measured thoughts, it helped empty his mind if he focused on it. From there he extended his mind eye, attempting to link his mind with Jairdain. Once he found her through his mind he then pushed his thoughts out towards her, hoping they would connect within her mind.

This is weird. So very weird. Can you hear me? Testing, one two three, testing.

[member="Jairdain"] | [member="Kaden"] | [member="Arisa Yune"] | [member="Ronin Wendigo"] | [member="Karl J. Winters"]

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