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Image Credits: http://th04.devianta...ons-d665c4i.jpg
Intent: To create a mcguffin device for Coryth's journey and story THAT is destroyed and or vaporized in the end. This will never again appear.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Murr
Model: Lok-narr
Affiliation: Sith Splinter group based in Rishi Maze
Modularity: None
Production: Unique
  • Turadium
  • Durasteel
  • Dark'chyld crystal
Description: Forged in the Rishi maze by a radical splinter group of the sith and made from alchemically enhanced metal. The box has an unknown and sinister purpose drawing out the darkside energies of a person using old magics. The crystal at the center of it is much like the Dark'chyld a sentient crystal that can judge and after feeding off the dark energy of the metal has kept itself alive and powerful.

It was later found by the infected jedi master Coryth who while stricken found herself having visions of the box and unknowingly brought it to herself through the depths of space. The exact methods of which are unknown but it has almost become obsessed with driving her made and to the breaking point. Able to pulse with the darkside of the force and draw at her sickness.

it isn't much it is irrelevant only serving the purpose to get people involved. Which is a Mcguffin's purpose/