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Mayhaps Some Bountyhunting?

Ozora Vizol

New Member
Hello there!

I'm brand spanking new to this website! My character, Ozora, is a bounty hunter! They've got other stuff in store, but for now I'd love to just warm back up into RPing and test out how this site functions with partnerships and such.

If someone would like to be a bounty as well, that'd be lit, but if not, I'm looking to do a group haul with a few folks. I just need a little help understanding how we create and RP NPCs appropriately in the case of no player bounty, if that's cool.

Thanks guys!

~ Six


Ozora Vizol Ozora Vizol What kind of story you looking for? I have other bounty hunters you maybe could rp with of varying skill levels and moralities. As far as potential bounties, that's a little harder to determine. As fara s characters who might have bounties on them, I'm not entirely sure i have one. I know I don't have one that has officially gotten a bounty put on them, to my knowledge at least.