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Character Max Darksun

** BIO WIP**

NAME: Max Darksun
FACTION: Republic
RANK/OCCUPATION: Pilot, Mercenary former Farmer

SPECIES: Human; Chandrilan
AGE: Upper twenties
GENDER: Male; Heterosexual

HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 175 lb
BUILD: Tall, lean, and muscular
EYES: Dark brown
HAIR: Dark Brown and wavy; kept in a short crop with facial hair from time to time.
TATTOOS: Yes; across back, shoulders, neck



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  • Max was born on the agriworld of Chandrila to Mazen and Alexis Darksun. His first name is derived by a combination of his parents; corny, but a true story.
  • Mazen or "Farmboy" was a renowned starfighter pilot for the Republic during its hay day. After Commander Darksun's active duty tenure was over, he returned to his homeworld and joined the Chandrilan Defense Fleet as a reservist while taking a position as a flight instructor at the Brionelle Memorial Military Academy.
  • Alexis was a member of the Diplomatic Corps and served as an administrative assistant to the Governor, and later as a special envoy for Chandrilan House.
  • The Darksun family (grandfather and uncle) operated a considerable 'cereal grass' farm not far from the Gladean State Parks system in the Emita Providence that is on the Ananta continent.
  • As a youth when Max wasn't working on the farm, he volunteered as a junior park ranger where the Chandrilan learned valuable skills from the scouts, hunters, and survivalists that regulated the parks and kept the tourists safe.
  • Of course, like his father before him, Max developed a love of flying. When of age, he attended the military academy and received his navy wings. "Reaper" was the callsign his fellow squadmates gave him because of the type of farming his family did. He was assigned to one of the Chandrilan Air Defense Squadrons (CADS) and stationed out of the Emita spaceport where the military had a small base.
  • After securing his military career, he married Cela Davies, his hometown sweetheart, and they started a family soon after; settling down on a small piece of farming land given to them by his beloved grandfather as a wedding present. This was about the time that Chandrila joined the Galactic Alliance after the faction came to their aid to help rid the last of the remaining One Sith from the Bormea sector.
  • Max and his ever-growing family were happy until the day the Alliance fell...
  • The Sith Empire unleashed their dark beasts upon the small blue-green planet of farms, calm seas, and rolling hills leaving nothing but devastation and heartache. Max was on duty that day, patrolling the outer edge of the system rimward along the Perlemian Trade Route. By the time his squadron was recalled to defend Chandrila, it was too late. His pregnant wife and two-year-old son Jakob had taken the local shuttle service that crosses the Emerald Ocean to Hanna City that day. They were killed as the capital was hit hard not only by the beasts but their Sith masters too.
  • Max just couldn't stay after losing everything dear to him so he left his destroyed world behind and lost himself to drink and club fighting to numb his pain; taking jobs flying escort for various shipping companies from time to time to keep his pockets filled with credits in the meantime.
  • A friend of his fathers stumbled across the younger Darksun loitering on Corellia; he was literally lying in a gutter face down on Treasure Ship Row in Coronet. She sobered the Chandrilan up knowing herself how easy it was to lose oneself to overwhelming grief and survivor's guilt, then encouraged the starfighter pilot to get back into the cockpit and find his purpose once again...

A young Max pictured as a flight cadet.
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