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Approved Vehicle MAVw FI-90M7T Mobile Support Headquarters

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Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command

Intent: A Mobile Headquarters to augment First Order forces, and provide a HQ unit for the SA-900C Mobile Battery.
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Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A

Manufacturer: FOCIE (First Order Corp of Imperial Engineers)
Model: xxx Mobile Support Headquarters
Affiliation: The First Order
Modularity: N/A
Production: Limited
Material: Durasteel, Doonium, etc.

Classification:: Wheeled/Tracked Support Vehicle
Role: Mobile Headquarters and Battlefield Support
Size: Approximately 27m per section.
Weight: 21 tonnes per section.
Minimum Crew: 1, driver.
Optimal Crew: 25 (3 in command cabin, 3 crew engineers, 11 equipment operators and technicians, 8 support engineers).
Propulsion: Wheels, Tracks
Speed: 70km/h
Maneuverability: Very Low
  • 2 x Rotary AA Blaster Cannons (Command Trailer)
  • 2 x Repeating Anti-Personnel Blaster Cannons (Shield Generator Trailer)
  • 1 x Rapid-Fire Variable Warhead Missile Launcher (Support Trailer)
  • Area Dispersal Dome Shield Generator
  • Advanced Electronic Warfare Support Center
Squadron Count: 1
Passenger Capacity: 15 additional ops crew plus up to 40 passengers or troops.
Cargo Capacity: Many tonnes.

  • Area Dispersal Dome Shield Generator
  • Battlefield Command and Control Facility
  • Advanced Electronic Warfare Support Center
  • Advanced Tactical Interface Network
  • Battlefield Support
  • On-scene Command and Control
  • Area Shield Generator
  • Lightly Armed
  • Immobile when active
  • Critical to defend
The MAVw FI-90M7T Mobile Support Headquarters is the latest in the First Order's attempt to bring order and control to the natural chaos of the battlefield. Designed to coordinate entire legions (or whole armies if necessary) and provide direct support to combat units, it is a dedicated rear echelon support system with incredible versatility.

The MAVw consists of three large trailers, each of which must be detached and deployed in order to function at full capacity. The first trailer is known as the 'Command section', and consists of the main drive unit, primary defense guns, and a battlefield ops center in the back. The second trailer is the 'Support section' and consist primarily of a vehicle and troop support center, capable of providing maintenance, simple repairs, restocking, medical services, and so on. The last trailer features only the large shield array, the main power supply, and a pair of anti-personnel turrets. The three trailers are normally deployed in a loose semi-circle, with additional facilities set up outside the trailers.

Though not designed strictly for it (the Hussar Command Speeder is a much more effective frontline C2 vehicle) the MAVw is capable of being used as direct support system. Being rather durable (and featuring the dome shield) one could use the MAVw as the anchor for an offensive operation, with earthworks and defenses set up in the shadow of the large trailers. It has proven very effective in this role and can often be seen as the bulwark behind an entrenched position. The MAVw is also often seen as the command center for a division of SA-900C mobile battery systems, where it's advanced sensor suite and dome shield provide both target acquisition and defense for the vulnerable missile systems.

Armament is fairly light and focused on defense. This is bolstered by a large projecting area shield emitter, which can push a variable sized shield out to a max radius of 1km. At max range this shield is rather limited, capable of deflecting small arms and a limited barrage of unfocused heavier fire. The shield can be dialed in, reducing the radius of the shield but gradually increasing its strength. At 100m it can withstand an artillery barrage, albeit only temporarily. It is not capable of defending against an orbital bombardment of any real severity. During sustained combat operations the power generator must be carefully managed lest it overload, disabling the shield in its entirety.

The Command section also sports an extensive sensor array and very capable ECM package, capable of jamming, counter-targeting, and confusion techniques in a wide area. Finally it features a standard set of tactical network links, allowing the MAVw to interface with and coordinate troop and operational movements across the battlespace. The MAVw can also interface directly with orbiting spacecraft, allowing for pinpoint orbital bombardment or the relaying of information acquired by warship sensors.

The MAVw is very expensive to produce and is made on a limited basis. Additionally it tends to quickly assume a very key role in the command structure of any unit, and its protection is of the highest priority on any battlefield.
<p>Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.</p>
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