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Approved Species Maverick

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Designation: Sentient
Home Planet: Mavericka
Language: Basic
Average Height: 1.5 to 2 meters
Skin: White
Hair: natural, known to dye them crazy colors
Breaths: Type I
Intelligence- having a high IQ, their near genius. Capable of speech at very young ages and the such.
Resourceful- nothing is wasted with what they use. Trash left over can always be used after a project. Recycling is a big thing to them.
Independent- they don't need help from other planets, and governments, were here to help is their moto.
Charismatic- friendly to the bone, they'll walk up to total strangers and start a conversation.

Frail- they are not warriors, incapable lifting no more then 150lbs.
Droid Reliant for Warfare- droids are their backbone of their army. This also has a pro meaning less Mavericks killed in war. And droids are only as smart as programmed.
OCD- they always have to clean up things. Washing hands constantly and such.

Lifespan: 120 years at most

Race: Near Humans

Diet: Fruits, Vegetables, Fish

Culture: Extremely Social, no poverty, no middle class separation. They're composed of many Doctors, And Engineers. Trustful, there are not many who would back stab another. They do not frown upon either races visiting, nor of their intelligence. They are very cheritible people, giving a lot for nothing. Respectful people, though they don't shake hands, but bow. this is because of their ocd . They need details to function in a converstation, usually asking many questions before being satisfied. They enjoy scenery, and art. They adopt others children if needed be, ie parents die.

History: As a young species only two small wars exist in their history. The Killik Invasion, where the bugs thought them the true heirs of the planet. The Droid Army easily fought them off world, and out of the system, the Hunters Skirmish. Many animals were killed in this fight to preserve the life of the animal species here against hunters. When the Empire fell, they began to plan on expansion of their presence in the galaxy. Thus creating the Maverickal Legals. Being near genius, the beginning of their time seems to always have been up to date with tech. No earlier history of primitive evolution appears in their written documents. Creating the central metropolis island showed them that the animals are very protective of the planet, as the sea serpent attacked the structure during early building, into which caused them ti become very resourceful people, and recycling became a way of life. In the years before the fall of Empire, they were near farmers, small time scientist, and engineers, in fear that the empire would invade them, and thrall them as slaves. It wasn't till the fall? They quickly began traverse expansion in tech, the ability was always there, but the fear of the empire held them back. they've vowed never again to be fearful of empires.

Tech Level: Other then being master doctors, their tech is the equal to any other major planet, its only now they chose to show face, and present their knowledge, and medicine

Personality: Its very common among them to be clean, never grudging against others, and always working together. They see no black and white. With a smile on their face they do not fall to the quakes of a problem. Though finding a 'bad' Maverick would be fatal to o e as they would quickly gai. Your trust to kill you the instant you hugged one. Though this is highly rare, but not impossible., Their ocd causes them to be stingy on being touched by outside people, they don't seem to be very shrew , but are only cautious, and just like to know all the details .

Important PCs: Cresan Dexir ( if approved I'll be making this character has the Head in the Legals under the Galactic Representative who will then begin to conduct businesses with the Senate and Sixth, and any other big name faction to a treaty.)

Intention: These people are a neutral people, intended to be a high tech medical provider of Kolto and Bacta. Their droid army will be lead by Mavericks. As well as the droid fleet. Their the equivalent of Chiss and Arkanians, but have the nice personality to back them up.

Deferintation: Other then crazy hair colors they dye it, they look and appear human. Only difference is on the inside. They do not dream. They a less acidic stomach acid. They hearts beat twice both ways.
The Admiralty
Sounds like an interesting race, but you will need to add some things to it before I can approve it on my end. The Strength/Weaknesses only have a single word per trait, you will have to elaborate a bit more. One or two sentences per trait should do it. Remember people might decide to RP as a Maverick, they will need as much information as possible to do that successfully. Tag me when you have finished the additions.

JerrickShado said:
having one of the highest IQs in the universe
Change this. You cannot deal in absolutes where species' are concerned - there will always be someone stronger, smarter, faster, etc than you/your race.

Increase Culture, History and General Behaviour (personality) sections, you're adding to the lore of the site through the completion of each submission you make, ensure that others have something to go by should they encounter one of your species.

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